Congratulations to all of our AusMumpreneur Awards winners!

AusMumpreneur of the Year –

Nikki Horovitz & Toni Joel of Tonic

Tonic is the creation of Toni Joel and Nikki Horovitz: two Melbourne-based style aficionados with an ambition to make beautiful, elegant and timeless pieces for the bath, body and home. We pride ourselves on turning everyday things that are often considered mundane, into magnificent items for the home -”essentials” that become fabulous. Our philosophy at tonic has always been to adopt a fashion approach by identifying trends in colour, design and style, which are then introduced in a contemporary, affordable, yet luxurious way for home fragrance and body products.

Rising Star AusMumpreneur –

Tina Harris of Lah- Lah

I’m a Mum of two beautiful little girls. I’m married to a crazy musician. I’m turning 40 soon and I’ve finally found my dream job.

My business, has four areas. The school I started four years ago, Lah-Lah’s Music Place, teaching music appreciation to children and their families.

Lah-Lah, the band, performing live shows all around Australia (including Sydney Festival, sold-out shows in the Sydney Opera House Concert Hall, Melbourne Recital Centre and this July we are playing the City Recital Hall Angel Place.

Lah-Lah on TV, we have 12 video clips on Nick Jr. Australia, Asia and NZ. We are currently developing a TV series with BBC.

We have a merchandising currently listing two CD’s, a DVD distributed by Roadshow, and Lah-Lah apparel.

Emerging AusMumpreneur –

Elise Easdown of What’s on 4 – Australia

I was the girl that wanted a career and couldn’t wait to be a mum due to my love of children. When I became a children’s paediatric occupational therapist I don’t think anyone was surprised.

They were however, very surprised when on maternity leave with my first child and pregnant with my second, I announced I was going to start my own business, work for myself and in a field worlds apart from the health profession!

My business has now become like a third child to me. It has needed nurturing and attention in its infancy but now it has become more established I am able to stand back, have faith and watch it grow!

Product Innovation –

Dyna Predebon of Adoorabear

I am a mum of 3 energetic boys + a Graphic Designer + inventor = Mumpreneur. I have been a Graphic Designer for over 20 years, and opened my own Design Service Business when I was 22yrs old.  Moving into motherhood bought many interesting lessons, and one particular parenting issue led me to the invention of the Adoorabear and Adoordecor concept.

After years of going through patenting, trademarking and the manufacturing process I joined forces with a close friend of mine, Leonie Wheeler, to establish Adoorable Toy Company and launched Adoorabear to the marketplace last year in 2011.

Service Business of the Year –

Kristen Semmens of Nitpro & Ziggetty Snipits Robina

Nitpro & Ziggetty Snipits is a refreshing new concept in the children’s hairdressing industry and a rapidly growing franchise model. We are a combination of services; a specialised head lice treatment salon within a full function kids hair salon fully decked out with kids in mind… we’re the salon where kids can be kids and come see how much fun a haircut can be, and where parents can bring their family to end their head lice woes!

Favourite Blog –

Jasmine Boothey of Bargain Mums

Jasmine is a busy work-at-home-mum to a 21 month old girl, with a background in accounting and finance. She has always had an interest in helping others save money. Bargain Mums does just that, finding and displaying the best bargains each week in a searchable format, whilst also allowing people to share any bargains they find. They offer advice and tips on all topics to do with budgeting and saving money.

Favourite Boutique –

Amanda Edwards & Simone Norris of InviteMe

A highly motivated mother of two young girls, I co-own inviteme with another mum made of the same stuff.17 years in marketing, public relations and events working for corporate companies (Myer, Adidas, Ansett, Laminex) has taught me to look at the bigger picture – which we do on a daily basis at inviteme.

With retail and personalized arms to our business as well as wholesale (Little Party Paper People), the new partnership of inviteme was created July, 2011 with the retail online store opening three months later, September 2011. Just nine months in the game and in a tricky retail market, we continue to exceed our forecasts and are growing at a rate of knots

Favourite Product –

Kelly Northey of Bamboo Bubby: sleeping bags for babies with eczema

My son was diagnosed with severe eczema at the same time he learned to roll and could no longer be wrapped or swaddled safely to protect his skin. We then resorted to baby one-suit outfits with hand-covers, but these also stop being made with this most useful feature at size 00-0.

Distraught and sleep-deprived from being kept awake night after night from incessant scratching and skin damage, I designed the first Bamboo Bubby sleeping bag and it gave us all peace of mind and a goodnight sleep!

Favourite Eco-friendly –

Dalal Ozdemir of EarthyMamma

Dalal was introduced to eco-friendly, organic products by her health conscious husband. She source products mainly made in Australia, and work hard to support fellow mums in business. She only stock products tested on her own friends and family and that she is happy to promote. She not only stocks the best products on the market that comply with her strict criteria, she also shares her experience and research too.

Favourite Handmade –

Michelle Jeanes of Wicked Soy Candles & Melts

Michelle has 4 awesome boys and a wonderful husband. She started making soy candle melts from home, for herself initially needing a natural product that would be safe to burn around her boys. Wicked Soy Candles now offers an assortment of Dessert Themed Soy Candles such as Milkshakes, Cappuccino’s, Cupcakes, Ice-Cream Sundae’s and Fruit Salads, just to name a few.

Customer Service –

Katrina McCarter of Bubbler Deals

Katrina is a mum of three young children with a background in sales and marketing and a good eye for a bargain. Bubbler Deals came about after seeing firsthand the challenges school parent committee’s face in raising funds for much needed resources for our kids. Bubbler Deals saves your family money on gourmet foods, family friendly dining, holidays, kids activities and more. They donate 5% of purchases to the local primary school, kindergarten or playgroup you nominate.

Making a difference – Nicky Johnston of Happy Hero

Nicky Johnston: I am a mum to four boys, a primary teacher, an artist, make-up artist and author and illustrator. My bestselling children’s books “Go Away, Mr Worrythoughts!” and “Happythoughts are Everywhere…” have touched the lives of thousands little worriers and are a highly sought after resource. These books are extremely unique, as they are directly aimed at helping children manage anxiety. Based on my own experience supporting my eldest son’s battle with an anxiety disorder, I have created a business “Happy Hero” which offers hands-on resources and strategies for little worriers as well as educational presentations with the aim of building awareness and capability to support children, families and professionals dealing with little worriers.

We’re so excited for each of our winners and would like to congratulate them on all of their achievements! They are each fitting ambassadors for the Mumpreneur Industry.

Please leave your words of congratulation and support in the comments below!

Awards photography by Laura Hall of Nostalgia Photography

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