2017 AusMumpreneur Network Award finalists

Anasua Roy, Mum Ok Baby Ok

I am a Founder, Psychologist, wife, mum to my 4 year old son. I launched Mum Ok Baby Ok in August 2014. Mum Ok Baby Ok strongly believes in giving bubs the most joyful, happy and safe babyhood possible.

Mum Ok Baby Ok gives mums confidence & comfort in experiencing beautiful, organic, 100% toxic FREE daily essentials for their baby, with carefully selected, premium eco brands that are safe, affordable and grounded in nature.

We are helping parents raise babies who are happier, healthier and more settled, reducing stress & worry with soothing natural nourishment for their precious bub via our online store.


Glenys Rillie, Petite Princess Parlour

I am the owner of Petite Princess Parlour, a Princess beauty salon and birthday party venue. I have been married to my husband Grant for 16 years, and we have 5 beautiful children ranging in ages from 9-19 years old. I am passionate about teaching women the importance of self-care, and believe the best time to start this is with our beautiful daughters. Too many mums in particular feel guilty about putting themselves first, but I believe that when you nurture yourself, you are more able to be nurturing to others around you.


Jeanette Lees, Rosy Lees Design

I am a cheerful, positive and colourful artist who loves to laugh and see the joy in life. I run Rosy Lees Designs: an illustration business creating bright, joyful patterns applied to fabrics and children’s home wares and sold online, wholesale, and at local markets. I founded my business after realising that there weren’t many unique, colourful or cheerful designs on children’s clothes or home wares, so I went about designing my own ranges. I also work one on one with clients to design bespoke fabrics and home wares. I have recently applied my illustrations to a range of children’s books, with the first three published in the last few weeks. This was accomplished very quickly through a wonderful alliance with fellow Mumpreneur and publicist Karen McDermott, with six more books in the pipeline. I get an immense amount of happiness from seeing the reactions to my work: children love it and immediately spot the humour and joy. I love the innocence of childhood and I can let my quirky and fun side be on full display!


Katharine Rattray, Kat & Fox

I am a busy rural Victorian mum to three.  Creativity is ‘my thrive’ area, my ‘Super Power’. Over the past fifteen years I have carved out a career in the creative arts and through the loss of my father I was inspired to build my own creative business. I went from hand drawing and selling whimsical names for little ones as ‘Doodlebugs’, to co-writing and illustrating a vibrant children’s book. Turning the motifs into patterns then printing them onto brightly coloured bed linen, cushions and colouring books as my new brand ‘Kat & Fox’…my maiden name with a nod to my late father. Kat & Fox was started in August 2015 and commenced trading in December 2016.


Laura Klein, Snotty Noses

My online store – snottynoses.com.au – began from my kitchen table in 2013, while I was a stay-at-home Mum on leave from primary teaching, with 3 children under 4 years of age. I started with 1 product, no website or Facebook page, but a dream of creating a helpful, product-based business with excellent customer service and super-speedy dispatch processes, providing families in Australia with gadgets for good health and good sleep. The business has grown steadily and I have been able to give up my job school teaching job to work in my newly created business fulltime. I am proud to now operate a successful e-commerce business, selling a niche range of 15 products for good health and good sleep.


Lisa Westcott, Tea at Henry’s

I am a Mum to a beautiful 2-year old boy, Henry. I am on the cusp of launching my gorgeous online tea boutique, Tea at Henry’s. In practical terms, Tea at Henry’s has been almost one year in the making. It is a business that will specialise in stunning loose-leaf, pure and creative hand-blended teas as well as a carefully curated selection of beautiful teawares. Additionally, I provide a custom tea blending service as well as advice on tea menu creation. Tea at Henry’s is all about creating moments of beauty, serenity, calmness, tranquillity, ritual and connection through tea including through both its preparation and also in its service.


Sally Hams, Balance Books

I live in Adelaide with my daughter Mia who’s 8 years old, our two dogs, Max and Sam and our new kitten, Romeo.  I fell in love with numbers and reconciliation at the age of 31, but once I found it, I couldn’t get enough of it. My Business, Balance Books is a cloud based bookkeeping practice focusing on automation, efficiency and compliance.  To engage and educate our valued clients so they receive more knowledge about their business and get more time back to spend on future growth or have a better work life balance.