2017 AusMumpreneur of the Year award finalists

Deborah Brodie, Bop Along Buddies

Bop Along Buddies is an innovative range designed to assist with the development of essential motor skills in children. With applications within the special needs arena it offers a fun & easy way for parents & medical teams to help children to better develop skills for walking, running & posture.

I am a busy wife & a mum of 2 & the master of my own crazy universe. With a special interest in the medical industry my natural drive to help people and especially children with disabilities has seen me take this product into the specialised market of rehabilitation.


Irene Patsalides, Mirenesse Cosmetics

I’m Irene Patsalides, I’m 58 and I have been running Mirenesse Cosmetics for 17 years. Mirenesse wasn’t started with any financial backing, we grew everything from the ground up and I’m proud to say we have won over 60 awards for our range of anti-ageing makeup and skincare. 100% cruelty free, high-quality ingredients, combining the best of nature and science to empower every woman to feel confident every single day. Our products are designed for sensitive skin and we leave out the harmful things like parabens. We recently hit 400,000 fans on Facebook and sell 1 Mascara every 3 minutes.


Jessica Symes, Symes Group

I am a passionate thought leader with a focus on business transformation, diversity, creativity and the hard skills of human behavior to drive innovation, disruption, detonation and reinvention. My company, Symes Group are leaders of the imagination race by transforming organisations to be diverse, creative and super human to innovate, detonate and reinvent their industries.


Kim Vespa, Pinky McKay & Sarah McKay, Boobie BikkiesÒ

The concept and birth of Boobie Brands started back in 2012 when mother and daughter – Pinky and Sarah McKay, put their heads together and coined the idea and the term “Boobie Bikkies”.

In 2016, Kim Vespa joined the helm and together Pinky and Kim are joint Directors of Boobie Brands Pty Ltd whilst Sarah now lives abroad.

With an active, loyal and growing customer base, Boobie BikkiesÒ can now be found in over 115 retailers across Australia as well as servicing a large online community and our bikkies are seen as the “original” and “go to” options for breastfeeding mothers seeking help.

The Boobie BikkiesÒ brand is all about supporting women and mothers in inclusive and accepting ways, providing an abundance of educational information through our various channels, always providing prompt and excellent customer service, and of course producing the highest of quality goods.

All three of us come from varying backgrounds and have a diverse skill set, and together we really do have the winning formula for success.


Laura Furiosi, Rashoodz Swimwear

I am a mother three daughters. Founder and CEO of a children’s swimwear label called Rashoodz. We are sold internationally in China, Thailand, Taiwan, UK, USA. In Australia we are sold in David Jones, Bubs Baby Shop, Swimwear Galore, Chemist Warehouse and many others. Rashoodz has won awards for its design in the US, UK and Australia. Rashoodz is designed make a swim with baby an easy experience for parents. I have just purchased our own warehouse for expansion. I am also starting an additional company that does third party logistics for other brands and business coaching called “Bossy Mummy.”


Sonia Bestulic, Talking Heads Speech Pathology

My name is Sonia; a creative, energised woman, wife and mother of three children aged 4, 5 and 6, who is completely driven, and in love with making a positive difference.

A Speech Pathologist for 18 years, I have worked nationally and internationally in various settings, prior to embarking on fulfilling my vision to build an amazing Speech Pathology clinic, with an amazing team.

In 2006 I gave birth to the wonderful creation, Talking Heads Speech Pathology in Sydney’s South. It has grown steadily, successfully and gracefully, now spanning across three locations; and mini satellites within schools, childcares and preschools.


Stephanie Wilson, TFI Dentistry

I am a single mum of two daughters living in the Redlands,QLD. I am the founding owner and driving force behind TFI Dentistry which was conceptualised in 2004. I have carved a highly successful niche providing dentistry with a difference to clients young and old in South East Queensland. I have been working with children for over 25 years and am fondly known as the “Toothfairy.”  I am passionate about alleviating children’s dental fears and raising awareness of better dental hygiene.