2017 Big Idea Award finalists

Brylee Langley, Link Lock Learn

As a Mum of two dyslexic children, it has become my mission to help as many children and their families break through the very real barriers and hardships of dyslexia.  I have developed a unique teaching method and full learning system that enables dyslexic learners to swiftly and effectively learn to read. Leveraging the far reaching potential of digital technology, it is my vision that this system will incorporate several forms of delivery modes including interactive, educational and game based technologies. In addition, I have written a comprehensive self help book for parents of the dyslexic child to help them navigate the challenges associated with dyslexia.

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Cath Nolan, Gender Gap Gone

The gender gap needs work at corporate level and with individual women; we do both, in ways that haven’t been done before.

Corporates want diversity of thought, not just a gender focus. Women want programs outside of hours that speak to their needs. So our Diversity Collective events facilitate the corporate conversation, while our online Career & Leadership programs work directly with individual women.

Our entry product Career Design says Lets Not Be ARSD (at risk of self-doubt) and 25% of each sold goes to funding a program for DV victims. Because they’re even more arsd. https://vimeo.com/222281973



Dee Stearman & Claire Behrmann, SiliMama


Dee and Claire, the CEOs behind two already established global silicone jewellery businesses (Nibbly Bits and Jellystone Designs) have joined forces to form SiliMama.

SiliMama is a brand new business concept offering an original and complete range of products for DIY jewellery and accessory making including silicone beads, cords, clasps and accessories with the highest quality and unique designs. Combining this with a customer focused and friendly online group to support and encourage the dreamers, creators and magic makers. SiliMama will launch in 2017 across Australia, USA, UK, Europe and Canada and bring a philosophy of idea sharing and transparency.


Jacqueline Jones, Greatfulness®

I am a mum of two with a background in social work, education & training. I started practicing meditation approx. 5 years ago and it completely transformed my life.  I wanted to combine everything that I have learnt about the power of the mind into an engaging educational course for school students. Greatfulness® (Yellow Belt) is a 6-week program that directly links to the Australian PDHPE syllabus.   Essentially students learn how to build their mental fitness, develop resilience and are provided with many practical tools to help them feel confident in their own unique abilities. Our tagline is ‘BE YOUR OWN HERO’.


Katie Westcott, Sass and Babe

I’m Katie. Wife to a handsome devil and Mum to 3 adventurous young boys. Sass and Babe creates products that make life easier for mums. With all the research and development now complete, the first product to launch is ready! It’s a 3 in 1 fitted bed sheet. It’s 3 layers in 1 easy fitted sheet. It consists of a non plastic waterproof layer, a quilted bamboo fiber layer and a jersey cotton sheet as the top layer that is slept on. All package in a stylish jersey cotton drawstring bag. This means all that is needed on your child’s mattress is our fitted sheet. This is a big deal for mums who need to quickly change a bed.


Kristina Cornelius, The Simulation Company

I’m a Registered Nurse and mother to two young daughters, 2 and 4 years. In my role as a simulation technician in a university, I was frustrated that I couldn’t provide a more realistic learning environment for my nursing students. Smarties and Tic Tacs really just didn’t resemble anything the students would find in a real clinical environment.  The resources needed just weren’t available. The Simulation Company aims to provide simulated medications that look as close to the real medication as possible in order to create realism in simulated clinical education for health professionals.

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Natasha Morgan, My Home Watch

My name is Natasha Morgan and I am a proud Mumpreneur. I am a 42-year-old mother & wife and the Founder & CEO of My Home Watch. I have a 4-year-old toddler and recently found out I’m pregnant with our second child. I have an incredible husband, who is the BDM for My Home Watch, he does this on top of running his own successful business which sees him employ two fulltime staff. My Home Watch is the first business in Australia to provide professional Property / Pet Specialists for home owners. Our specialists provide quality home checks and in home pet visits for the home owner that is away on holidays, business, or for a vacant home (being sold /rented we work alongside real-estate agents) and holiday homes. We collect mail, water your plants, put your bins out, feed and play with your pets, we will even stock your fridge for you! My Home Watch is the first company in the world to partner with tech giants NETGEAR and offer a hire service of their new Arlo Pro Smart Home Security Cameras.