2017 Business Excellence Award finalists

Belinda Agostino, Priscilla Severino, Jade Barnes, Natalie Ettingshausen & Glenda Yee, Ready Set Dance

Ready Set Dance began in 2015 when 5 Dance Studio Owners/Mumpreneurs brought their collective knowledge and skills together to develop a preschool performing arts program.  It was trialled in our own successful dance schools for a year before it grew to 20 locations in NSW.  Word quickly spread about the success of the program and how it transformed dance studios in enrolments and financial success.  In 2017, the program runs in over 80 locations throughout NSW, QLD, ACT, VIC, SA, WA and NZ.



Caroline Africh, Attipas Australia

I’m Caroline, mum of three kids under 6 and founder of Attipas Australia. We distribute ergonomic toddler shoes and other products across the nation through a network of bricks and mortar stores, and Avon-style consultants that work from home.


Cindy Hobbs, Breastmilk Jewellery ~Heart Infused Keepsakes

I am a work at home Mother of 2 Children, 8 and 3 years old, I started my business in 2014, it was quite accidental, I began crafting DNA keepsakes for myself to honour our little boy that passed away, friends started wanting keepsakes also, word got around and orders start flowing in,

In 2016 a similar Business, Breastmilk Jewellery, came along for sale, since I was doing this style of work I decided to purchase the Business, I had a hard time convincing my husband that the purchase was worth it and that I could turn a dying business into a success. I feel like I am well on my way to achieving that goal.



Danni Price, My Fit Tribe

I teach women how to love their bodies and empower their lives. I’m a qualified personal trainer, a health and wellness coach and a mindset mentor. I build bodies for a living, yes, but more importantly, I build positive, kick-ass, run-the-world attitudes. Because a positive mindset is everything. In fact, it’s a game-changer.

My Fit Tribe is not just another PT company, we are a community of like-minded women supporting each other not just in health but in life.  I am extremely proud of the loving and supporting environment in MFT.  The women of MFT learn how to lose fat and keep it off for life while building a strong and positive mindset at the same time.

By offering free babysitting, online support and a safe environment, the women in my tribe continue to grow stronger every session in mind, body and soul.


Helle Warming, Lucas loves cars

I’m Helle Warming; mum and owner of a gorgeous online toy store called Lucas loves cars. At www.lucaslovescars.com.au  we specialise in quality, beautiful gifts and toys for little boys from babyhood to 5 years. As the name suggests, there are loads of car toys; we also stock fire engines, trucks, dinosaurs, clothing, home decor and more. We love toys that look good on the shelf, but don’t stay there long because the kids keep coming back to play with it again.


Kaye Waterhouse, Vital Beat

In late 2015 I completed my yoga teacher training – 6 months later in June 2016, I opened the doors to Vital Beat Yoga, a community-focussed Hip Hop Yoga studio where we integrate the joy of yoga with the joy of music. Our classes are sassy, fun, uplifting, and inclusive, with a variety of class styles and close to 40 playlists currently on rotation. We also offer Pregnancy Yoga, Mums n Bubs, Parents Yoga (where parents practice with their kids), and Kids Yoga. We have 13 incredible teachers on staff, and run 29 classes 7 days a week.


Kym Brown, Getaways SA

Kym Brown here, feeling fabulous at fifty, five frenetic foster kids, 22 years in business, 50 business awards with fantastic team of 35 delivering life changing experiences to our ever-expanding clientele. Wife to my amazing husband Steve for 26 years caring for 13,12,6,2, boys and precious 1 year old girl. Owning an exciting selection of leisure options including; 13 properties in Barossa, 1 property in Glenelg, 11 tour vehicles and a reservation service booking tourism product throughout South Australia. My business is Getaways SA, I am Director of Fun and Experiences, I have the most enjoyable business in the world.


Mel Jacobs, Sweet Dreams and Goodnight

Sweet Dreams and Goodnight is Australia’s original and best slumber party provider. We create the ultimate sleep-over experience for children and their friends, while removing the stress for parents.

Our parties include the hire of individual tents, mattresses, bedding, bed trays, lanterns and decorations for styling. We offer a range of kits and activities to keep everyone entertained and create memories that will last a lifetime.

Sweet Dreams and Goodnight commenced operating in Perth, February 2016 and franchised to Melbourne in April 2017.


Rachel Chappell, North Shore Mums

I’m a mum to three girls (aged 7, 5 and 2), live on Sydney’s North Shore – and run the hugely popular North Shore Mums website. The website has been going for almost four years, and shows strong growth every year – now attracting over 100,000 monthly visitors. The website aims to provide all the information a parent might want – trusted local businesses (Directory), lots of local event listings (What’s On), family-friendly jobs (Job Board) as well as inspiring articles. We also have a very active Facebook community of 25,000 members, which is used for advice, recommendations and support.


Sarah Greig, Vixen Painting & Decorating

I am 30 years old, I am a single mother. I fell pregnant at 17 and for years my daughter (scarlett) and I lived in and out of my fathers’ home and spent some time living in my car. Times were really tough, there were many times when I would go hungry so my daughter could eat.  These days I run a very successful Painting and Decorating Company. It’s just over two years old. When I started my business I had minus $7 in my bank and nothing to lose. Just over two years later, my company turns over up to $210,000 per quarter and I have 6 sub-contractors working for me. My company is unique in that it’s one of the only (and may be the only) female owned and run business within this male dominated industry. We also specialise in painting styles that aren’t commonly practiced any more. So we have that point of difference.