2017 Digital Innovation Award finalists

Eva Wintersberger, Tree Hut Village

I’m originally from Austria and have been inspired by the entrepreneurial spirit in Australia. I’ve loved the sense of community that motherhood brought me and wanted to help fellow parents in Australia to become mini entrepreneurs without the challenges of starting your own business. Tree Hut Village is a parent to parent baby gear hire platform. Parents can list their unused baby gear and others can hire it off a local mum when travelling. This means we will soon have the biggest range and the largest geographical spread of baby gear for hire in Australia.


Jessie Stott, Baby Sleep Guide

I am a 28 year old dedicated wife and mother of 2 toddlers. I had a typical country up bringing in rural South Australia and only ventured to the city after meeting my husband. I now help parents improve their baby’s sleep through an easy-to-use App that I developed titled Baby Sleep Guide. The app features three age categories detailing professional sleep solutions. Additionally I provide education on general environment, sleep, communication, diet, ‘out and about’ tips; and other useful links.


Kate Stagg, Parklife Graphics

In 2012 I created Parklife Graphics, a design. web, print and social agency. I have developed a very good reputation locally for my knowledge, support and quality. My expertise has included working direct with clients dealing with international brands, designing packaging for Targets and Coles, giftware for Disney to mobile app and web designs for Bunnings. With 14 years experience, I would describe myself as enthusiastic and passionate about my craft and the Parklife Graphics team. I have the ability to enhance a businesses image and reputation through my many skill sets.


Kristy Morton, Kristy Morton Consulting

Hello! I’m a mum of three crazy, but gorgeous girls (all under 4.5 years) and I run a WordPress Development Consultancy called (originally) “Kristy Morton Consulting”. I love spending time in the sunshine with family and friends, and I love a good coffee – I can often be found having “kiddie coffees” with my girls at our local cafe. I’m super passionate about showing people they don’t have to be “scared” about the technical side of their business, and that it doesn’t cost the earth to make a change to their website.


Nicole Montgomery, Trusted Surgeons

I am a mum of four children; 11, 7, 6 and 4, I am also a Registered Nurse. I have worked in the Cosmetic and Plastic Surgery industry for the last 4 years. Frustrated at the lack of education, awareness, and aesthetic health promotion I found Trusted Surgeons. Trusted Surgeons is the only online platform which connects consumers to Qualified Plastic and Cosmetic Surgeons. The website incorporates a user-friendly design, animated endorsed education, and news. The business is a subscription based model and utilises social media and SEO to promote safer patient choices. Cosmetic and Plastic surgery can have positive life changing impact on our wellbeing, confidence and ultimately quality of life. I however have witnessed the soul-destroying effects of surgery gone wrong. As well as a very specific directory, I personally help patients who are lost and unhappy or who are looking for a surgeon they can trust.


Roberta Fairbanks, Stylish Kids Austrália

Hi there! My name is Roberta Fairbanks and I’m the founder of Stylish Kids Australia. What started as an Instagram page as a directory for kids products and decoration inspiration made by Australian Mums @stylishkids_australia soon became an online market like event for mums business to come together monthly, having their business exposed to over 1 million people in their target market as well as being able to sell together over $100k every event (we run these events in the sister Instagram page @stylishkids_popupstore). With a combined over 66k followers in our pages, we have become a go to place for mums in business wanting exposure, to create brand awareness and help growing their business.