2017 Emerging Award finalists

Kara Cook, Cook Legal

Domestic Violence has reached epidemic levels in Australian society. Cook Legal was established in December 2015 and is the first expert Domestic Violence Law Firm in Australia. We provide strong advocacy and assistance for our clients who are predominately women. We provide fixed fee and alternate fee structures for clients who often are not able to afford legal representation in a traditional law firm. We also provide Family Law advice and representation to our clients as required.


Kara Lauder, Kader Boot Co

I am married to a very supportive husband and a mum to a 2 year old little girl named Ally. I am also pregnant with a little boy who is due in October. My business is Kader Boot Co (a combination of Kara Lauder to form the word Kader), I design western boots and have them manufactured in Mexico.


Louise Moreland, Honey & Co Club

My name is Louise and I’m a Mum to one and our dog, Honey the Labrador. After having my little girl, it soon became apparent that my previous employment in major events was going to be a difficult balance. I decided, this was my opportunity to create my own business and flexibility. Honey & Co Club is a monthly kids gift subscription. We curate Play inspired kits for children aged 0-5 years.  We include quality toys, activities, books and colouring in pictures of Honey’s adventures. All included within our custom printed canvas bags, each month a different colour and design.


Natalee Anderson, Fat Burning Women

With tears slipping down my cheeks I see straight into the hearts of women I speak to, past the layers to the beauty inside. My heart crushes under their words each time they vulnerably describe themselves as disgusting, an embarrassment to their children. I gently peel back the layers, show them their destructive patterns and guide them back to their shining light through innovative nutrition, lifestyle and hormone balancing strategies as well as mindset intervention. I have empowered a community of mums to see their beauty, radiate confidence and gifted them unlimited energy to actively enjoy their family.


Rebecca Grainger, MamaHub

I’m Rebecca, an empowerment coach, career strategist, intuitive guide and Reiki Master who blends woo and strategy to support women transition from corporate to motherhood and beyond with confidence, clarity and connection. I founded Mama Hub to provide holistic support for corporate women to thrive on the working motherhood journey. Our philosophy is to build you up on the inside, so you can achieve what you want on the outside. Our belief is that to thrive, you must nourish your inner world to flourish in your outer world. Working in synergy, there are two channels to support women: SoulMama which focuses on doing the inner work, and CareerMama which focuses on the outer world, together they create a harmonious balance to support working mothers on their journey to thriving. As a mother with a career I understand the evolution from career woman to mother to working mother. My aim is for women to feel empowered, inspired, accepted and supported, as they step up to be the best they can be whilst navigating motherhood and careerhood, through one-to-one sessions, online programs and group workshops. I’m fiercely passionate about gender equality the working rights of women. I deeply hope that the work I do through MamaHub will create progress in removing inequality in the workforce, especially for working mothers, by encouraging women to stand up for their worth, be confident to seek their desired jobs, and through more women moving into leadership roles.


Sally Miles, Upswing Australia Pty Ltd

I’m Sally Miles, an ex-publisher, turned flexible-work-advocate since having children. My own difficult experiences navigating becoming a mum whilst trying to preserve my career propelled me to start Upswing – a company which provides flexible childcare solutions for working parents. We work with forward-thinking companies, provide pop-up childcare at events in Sydney and Melbourne (and Brisbane soon!) and run co-working + childcare sessions in local communities.


Sarah Willmott, Feel Better Box

I specialise in Get Well Soon gift boxes. I help you send your friends or loved ones a care package when you want them to know you are thinking of them. I help bridge the distance gap and also help answer the question of what to send someone in their time of need or a difficult circumstance.


Serena Gove, Caring Clothing

With over two decades of experience working in the aged and community care industry as a nurse, I saw a gap in the market for fashionable, comfortable, well-wearing adaptive clothing. Caring Clothing provides solutions for people who experience difficulty with dressing due to loss or limited mobility, allowing clients to maintain their independence and style. Our designs include discreet adaptions such as back and side openings for ease of dressing and cleverly disguised hook and clasps. I believe everyone deserves to be able to express themselves through their own style, in their own way regardless of their ailment or disability.



I’m Tori and I started my group fitness business in April 2016. I had an epiphany when I turned 40 and changed the course of my life from a corporate worker to a personal trainer and health coach. I took on The HIIT Factory franchise last year as an opportunity to reach as many people in my local area that needed help to get moving and life a fitter, healthier life…and I love it!!