2017 Handmade Business Award finalists

Jamin Gillman, Love Jamin Creations

My name is Jamin, I am a wife and a mother of one very adorable (almost) two year old boy. Love Jamin Creations is a handmade business selling mostly children’s gifts and decor. It is constantly growing and changing as I continue to be inspired by my son. My whole life I was made to believe that being a mother would limit me and that I would be placed into a metaphorical boxed labelled “just a mum”. However being a mother has had the opposite effect, it has unlocked my niche and grown my creative ability.



Amy McGlade & Lee-Marie Paxton, Baby Bee Hummingbirds

The creation, nurturing & ultimate birth of Baby Bee Hummingbirds has been achieved by two Mums with a passion for handmade jewellery that truly makes a difference to the lives of those who commission its creation.

We come from two amazing & complimentary backgrounds Amy (a passionate Midwife & Breastfeeding advocate) & Lee-Marie (a phenomenal expert in small business creation & management). Together we have created an elite handmade business empire with a innovative product range. Baby Bee Hummingbirds was born with one mission to take a special memory & turn it into a tangible piece of artisan handmade jewellery – so it lives on forever. Using BreastMilk, babys cord stump, a first curl, tooth or even families loved ones ashes or Embryos, mums just like us can treasure these moments that only come once in a lifetime.


Anja Letz, Immeryours

My name is Anja. I am a professional business woman with a hint of modern boho, and my family and business are based in Townsville, Queensland.
I am an artist with a very unique difference: I create bespoke keepsake jewellry and paintings that connects my customers personally to their individualized piece, in the design elements and in the creation process.


Elisa Reeves, ONE.CHEW.THREE

ONE.CHEW.THREE creates a unique, modern range of boutique, handmade teething toys and silicone accessories. In just over 12 months, I have single-handedly grown a business from scratch to one that turned over $32,000 last month (May 2017). We wholesale to over 125 baby stores Australia wide and internationally, including partnerships with the likes of Pottery Barn Kids and Bardot Junior and international distributor agreements in Dubai and South Korea. And all this while holding down a corporate marketing job and raising two boys – aged 4 and 2 years. In the past month I have given up the day job (something has to give and quitting the kids or business wasn’t an option) and are genuinely excited by the future potential of ONE.CHEW.THREE!


Meredith West, Dough Re Mi

Dough Re Mi – a baked from scratch cookie business based and run in Wagga Wagga since July 2016. I create deluxe cookies for events, parties and an out of the box marketing idea for businesses and corporate functions. The cookies are all handmade with recipes that have been tested multiple times and tweaked before they hit the Dough Re Mi online store or market.  Co Founded by two close friends, Dough Re Mi is now run solely by me – Meredith, I grew up on a farm near Wagga Wagga and that is where the love of baking began, in the family kitchen with my Mum. I love to bake and wanted to create a business that I could do that along with creating a job that would give me the flexibility that I wanted with my family.


Sarah Textor, Clive Street

Clive Street is a Brisbane based brand that creates Bags and accessories from reclaimed textiles. I use innertube tyre, seat-belt webbing and billboard skins to make unique sustainable and eco friendly bags.