2017 Influencer Award finalists

I used to be a magazine editor for my entire career but was faced with a redundancy after having my second child. I decided to branch out and venture into the digital world by writing for parenting websites including Babyology, Baby Hints & Tips and Mum Central. Writing for these websites opened my eyes and made me realise that I could build my own digital brand and essentially be in control of my own success.
I felt strongly that I wanted to create a website that helped other mums to find fun activities and places to visit, eat and have fun with their tribes. I had moved to the Blue Mountains from the Inner West and I had a toddler and a newborn and felt completely displaced. I didn’t even know where the local playgroup was. I had to go to Google to find all of the things we needed to have fun with our tribe.
That’s when I decided I wanted to create Entertain My Tribe – an online resource for parents to find and also share fun things to do with the family.
I wanted Entertain My Tribe to be completely different to what other mum bloggers were doing though. I didn’t want it to be solely driven by me and the experiences that my tribe was having. I wanted the tribes of Australia to contribute and share their ideas on fun places to go. This way I could make the website Australia wide rather than being limited to my own local area.

I’m Barbara, a fiercely independent 50 year old single parent of two daughters, Brooke (11) and Samantha (9), whom I Distance-Educate at home. We live in a small town in rural NSW between Sydney and Canberra.
I started up my first websites, singlemum.com.au and singlemotherforum.com and their respective Facebook Pages in 2009. These were followed by my Divorce Directory (divorceandfamilylawyers.com.au) and my single parent travel blog (letsgomum.com.au) in 2014. Over the years I have slowly increased my Australian parent reach to over 40 more social accounts – all created, started-up and maintained by myself (and a very small number of short-term admins from time-to-time).
singlemum.com.au & letsgomum.com.au

An unashamedly proud 40 year old women living a full and happy life encompassing a love of people, laughter, thought, learning, and achievement. Mum to two awesome daughters, 3 & 4, wife to my awesome husband Michael. Currently CEO and Founder of Real+, and its four sub businesses; Real+ Training, Real+ Consultancy, Real+ Recruitment and Real+ Outsourced. Leading a team of 12, supporting National and International Real Estate Businesses and their teams to Increase Profits, Reduce Stress, Find time and Improve Results. I share the values of my business, Transparency, 360° Health, Passion, Quality Relationships and Results.

Gillian Moody & Carolyn Tate, Champagne Cartel
Carolyn is a writer, a marathon runner and a single mum of three. Gillian is a digital strategist, beauty expert and mum of two boys. We are best mates with a mission: to convince every woman to ditch the guilt and treat herself with the love she deserves. We have built an engaged community of over 30,000 Australian women that look to us for inspiration on wellbeing, beauty and indulgence. We deliver through articles, social feeds, a private Facebook group and events. In August 2016, we launched an online giftstore, including our bespoke range of t-shirts for “grown-up girls”.

Kim Vespa, Pinky McKay & Sarah McKay, Boobie Bikkies
The concept and birth of Boobie Brands started back in 2012 when mother and daughter – Pinky and Sarah McKay, put their heads together and coined the idea and the term “Boobie Bikkies”.
In 2016, Kim Vespa joined the helm and together Pinky and Kim are joint Directors of Boobie Brands Pty Ltd whilst Sarah now lives abroad. With an active, loyal and growing customer base, Boobie Bikkies can now be found in over 115 retailers across Australia as well as servicing a large online community and our bikkies are seen as the “original” and “go to” options for breastfeeding mothers seeking help.
The Boobie Bikkies brand is all about supporting women and mothers in inclusive and accepting ways, providing an abundance of educational information through our various channels, always providing prompt and excellent customer service, and of course producing the highest of quality goods. All three of us come from varying backgrounds and have a diverse skill set, and together we really do have the winning formula for success.

Lena Wilkinson, Organik Babee
I had a great career, I married the man of my dreams, and we are blessed with two girls; Alexis,4 and Ivy,14months.  We live in Southern Adelaide; whilst on maternity leave I started my business, Organik Babee and it’s been an amazing roller coaster since! Organik Babee is a certified organic skincare range, specifically formulated for babies and children.  Our vision is to create a skincare range for our children that’s pure and organic, while promoting the benefits of using Australian botanicals in skincare, the way nature intended, as we believe every little soul deserves the best start in life.

Maya Anderson, House Nerd
My name is Maya Anderson, my business – a blog – is called House Nerd. I started it in 2012 after seeing a niche for a professional website focused on WA homes, architecture, renovation and interior design. The name House Nerd sums me up; obsessed with houses and I nerd out happily on all the details!
It is hard work, long hours, sacrifices. Many times I felt like quitting (especially pregnant, or with a baby!) But it is my dream job and worth it. House Nerd is now my primary source of income with other freelancers working in my small team.

Natalie Roberts-Mazzeo, Miracle Mama
I’m Natalie, a Melbourne based Mum and founder of Miracle Mama, an online sanctuary that empowers and inspires mothers with neurodiverse children. Through coaching, community and heart-centred collaborations, my mission is to create a space for women to reconnect with themselves and what is most important to them. I am a passionate writer, speaker and coach. I also have a background in both the corporate and wellness worlds, with experience in Sales & Marketing as well as being a yoga and meditation teacher.

Olivia White, House of White
My business is my blog and social platforms, which with a lot of hard work and a little luck I have been able to make into a successful enterprise. My blog is a parenting and lifestyle blog that follows the journey of our family, and the trials and tribulations of motherhood.

Rachel Chappell, North Shore Mums
I’m a mum to three girls (aged 7, 5 and 2), live on Sydney’s North Shore – and run the hugely popular North Shore Mums website. The website has been going for almost four years, and shows strong growth every year – now attracting over 100,000 monthly visitors. The website aims to provide all the information a parent might want – trusted local businesses (Directory), lots of local event listings (What’s On), family-friendly jobs (Job Board) as well as inspiring articles. We also have a very active Facebook community of 25,000 members, which is used for advice, recommendations and support.