2017 Product Innovation Award finalists

Annaliese Allen, Honeybell Waterwear

I am a Melbourne mother of two preschool-aged children, a corporate accountant turned entrepreneur and founder of Honeybell Waterwear. Honeybell Waterwear is a boutique sun protection clothing label for women that is redefining sun protection for Aussie women, with fashion-focused UPF50+ “rashie” designs. Honeybell Waterwear offers a stylish feminine alternative to unflattering and unfashionable surf-branded rash vests. Our designs are made to make women feel confident, beautiful and protected. Honeybell Waterwear launched in September 2016 and is truly making a splash!


Cherie Thompson, Native Secrets

My Name is Cherie Thompson and I am a proud Wailan woman from Dubbo, Central NSW. I also have traditional links to the Wiradjuri people through my father’s family. I am a mum to two beautiful little girls. I have a Bachelor of Education and I have been a teacher in the Early Childhood industry for the past 7 years.  I am also the delighted co-founder of Native Secrets. Native Secrets is a new and exciting venture bringing exposure to Australian Aboriginal Artists and creative industries. We predominantly produce our own authentic skincare products using medical plants, as well as manufacturing our own essential oils, natural soy candles and a textile range.


Cinzia Cozzolino, Nutrition Darling Pty Ltd

I’m a qualified nutritionist, single mum and creator of The Smoothie Bombs. Not long before I started my business, I had just completed my Bachelor of Health Science (Nutritional Medicine). I had undertaken this degree at 42 years old and hoped to get started on a career that combined my love of food and my need to continuously learn. After raising my two daughters on an income less than $30,000, I was keen to start helping my community make better food choices.


Eileen Calodoukas, Sleepy Bub

Hi, I’m Eileen Calodoukas, a Sydney based Mumpreneur and mother of two beautiful girls and another on the way – due mid September. Sleepy Bub was created while struggling to settle my own babies to sleep.  That’s when I designed a swaddle with zip-down arms to help babies sleep and remain swaddled all night long. Sleepy Bub also mimics traditional swaddling by gently holding a baby’s arms down with only one layer of lightweight fabric.  Our patented and design registered swaddles are available for purchase online at www.sleepybub.com.au


Lyndsey Bramble, Mumma’s Little Helpers

I am a single mother of two toddlers. I started Mumma’s Little Helpers over two years ago from creating the high chair Food Catcher. At least three meals a day food, lovingly made, is everywhere except your child’s mouth. With the Food Catcher, the mess is contained. The parent simply needs to pick up the dropped food and give it back to their child. No stress during meal time, food is not wasted or on the floor. The Food Catcher is waterproof, washable, wipeable, and made of food-grade safe materials that have been specifically made for Mumma’s Little Helpers.


Jade Kuhn, ThermoBrush

Hi, I’m Jade, and I am the inventor of the ThermoBrush. I have a husband and 3 young children. I would love to give up full time paid work to focus 100% on ThermoBrush………. but, when to do that is another question. ThermoBrush is the perfect brush to clean the small gap, on your Thermomix blades! It is the most hygienic and easy to use brush on the market.


Jennifer Holland, Throat Scope

I am Jennifer Holland CEO and Founder of Throat Scope Pty Ltd & Holland Healthcare Inc. I invented, designed and developed Throat Scope; the world’s first all-in-one light and tongue depressor. Through determination and perseverance, Throat Scope was launched in 2015. With four small children and a team of four, Throat Scope is distributing into 150 countries including distribution with CVS (big box retailer in US) and working with the US Oral Cancer Foundation to educate and demonstrate on the early signs of oral cancer.


Nikki McLennan, Lion & Cub Photography

I’m Nikki McLennan, and I’m crazy-passionate about life, love and capturing emotion & bottling it for safekeeping. My business, Lion & Cub Photography is all about photographing your families – the Lion’s pride – your babies, children, your unique celebrations and weddings, as different as you are. A second branch of my business is Lioness Photography, which focuses on the strong yet sleek, fierce female who priorities fitness and wants to be photographed to showcase her glamourous femininity. Finally, Lionhead photography covers the proud and brave corporate aspects of photography such as professional headshots, gala events and tertiary graduation ceremonies.


Paulla Taylor, KySienn Accessories

I started the business in September 2013. $1000 bought me jewellery from Aliexpress, by December 2013 I had found good quality hairnets. I sold to 30 friends, just for fun. In February 2014 another 30 friends asked me. I then thought I could do something with this and started preparing to sell the hairnets. April 2014 I advertised on  Facebook and received an order within 1 minute. 12 hours later I had 200 plus orders! Six months later I was approached for wholesale. Three years on now Trademarked and creating my own line of hair accessories.


Sara Freeman, ME&MY

Hi! My name is Sara and first and foremost I am a proud mum of 2 beautiful daughters (aged 14 and 11). It’s my passion to create beautiful yet affordable hair products for the professional and consumer market. After 13 years of working for major hair care brands I was driven to create a company that focused on ethics, honesty and integrity. ME&MY Hair Care was the brainchild and is a company with products that have my very heart and soul put into them, and as a result Silky Soul was the first range to be launched.