2017 Social Impact Award finalists

Christie Lyons and Lauren Kelly, White Light Universal

White Light Universal was created as a parent company to unite all branches of the White Light family, which include White Light for the Soul, White Light Publishing House and White Light for Humanity.

We recognise the need for writers and artists to see their publishing dreams realised whilst maintaining rights to their work, and creative control over their vision. Our spiritual guidance and healing helps people to live an empowered and authentic life. Our business creates a ripple effect of love, happiness and compassion, which helps to heal humanity.



Heba Shaheed, The Pelvic Expert

I am a physiotherapist and nutritionist working in women’s health, and a new mum. Over the last 7 years, I have helped over 2000 women with chronic pelvic pain, pregnant women and mothers with pelvic floor problems overcome their pain and complications, and have instructed over 1200 physiotherapy-based exercise classes.

The Pelvic Expert is a digital platform providing high-quality, affordable and accessible women’s health physiotherapy education, nutrition and exercise programs. Women can be part of an online community of women with similar issues, and receive access to round-the-clock support from women’s health physiotherapists and an advisory board of medical specialists.


Judith Treanor, Temples and Markets

I am the Founder of curated store Temples and Markets. My online store showcases artisan made Accessories and Home Wares from S.E Asia, a region I’ve loved for 20 years.

Travel, Motherhood and Breast Cancer at aged 36 have shaped who I am today. 10 years on I feel lucky to have found my life’s purpose: to make a positive change in the world via my ethical business.

By working with Social Enterprises and Artisan Groups in S.E Asia I am helping to trade women, empowered through training and fair work practices, into a better life, a win-win for everyone.


Kim Oakhill, Helpful Love

My name is Kim Oakhill, and I am a single Mum to little legends, Conway (4yrs) and Dusty Mae (2yrs) from regional NSW. I am free spirited yet commercially savvy with a fierce passion for creating positive change in our world.

I am the founder of a beautiful heart centred start up and movement, Helpful Love – a useful, practical gift alternative to flowers during times of tragic loss: www.helpfullove.com.au

We sell the Helpful Love Gift Voucher, which can be redeemed with any vendor in our caring community (eg. cleaners, lawn maintenance, home cooked meals, mobile massage, counselling.)



Kitsa Yanniotis, Emporio Organico

I’m an ex lawyer and psychotherapist turned nutrition consultant specialising in gut health. I started my store Emporio Organico which is housed in a 2 storey, heritage listed terrace just on 2 years ago. We are an organic and ecofriendly family lifestyle store. We cover Children’s Health & Food Based Solutions, Eco Home & Eco Beauty, Digestive Health, Cultured & Traditional Foods, Allergy Friendly & Gluten Free, Chemical & Additive Free as well as more specific diets like Paleo, GAPS & Body Ecology. I wanted to create a one stop shop to make the transition to a healthier lifestyle more easily achievable.



Kylie Lowe, Joining Hands

I am a tenacious, energised short haired cancer survivor and thriver, the founder of successful social enterprise ‘Joining Hands’, a mother of 2 beautiful daughters, a mad surfer, psychology graduate and a Nia dancer.  I am wildly passionate about social justice, youth homelessness, healing, health and wellbeing for all.

Joining Hands is an innovative and sustainable social enterprise. We generate revenue through 4 income streams and pay our profits forward.  To date Joining Hands has given back over 2700 health and wellness sessions to vulnerable and homeless  young people in local communities. These services include haircuts, massage, fitness, reiki, nutrition, acupuncture, Bowen Therapy, yoga, dance, mindfulness and much more.



Lyly Greca, Miei Fiori

I am a mother to 2 beautiful children, wife to an amazingly supportive husband and co-founder of an online floral and gift social enterprise. My business is an online floral and gift social enterprise specialising in servicing the Corporate market with weekly flowers/plants, events flowers and corporate gifting. We work closely with our Charity partner on programs that resinate with our values and vision to provide financial support. We do this by donating 100% of the businesses’ net profit and sharing financials with our customers.


Nadia Pessarossi, Tara Costigan Foundation

I am a driven, happy single Mumpreneur of one. Tara Costigan was a young Canberra Mum; murdered by her ex-partner infront of her two young sons while holding her eight-day old baby daughter. From tragedy, we bring hope. The Tara Costigan Foundation is a non-for-profit raising awareness and breaking the cycle of violence through our Tara’s Angels Service. The service is unique in Australia and provides free long-term holistic, personalised support post-crisis. The service rebuilds lives; breaking the cycle of violence by preventing the client from going back to the abuser; offering better options and building their self-esteem.


Rachelle Panitz, So Brave Ltd.

At 32, in the middle of an amazing career, with a 3 year-old daughter and a 6 week old son, I was diagnosed with breast cancer. In 2016, I founded the nationwide initiative empowering young women (most are young mums) who have survived breast cancer. The So Brave Project, now in its second year, has empowered dozens of young breast cancer survivors and brought together photographers, a documentary crew, bodypaint artists, graphic artists and their networks and communities to both raise awareness that #youngwomengetbreastcancertoo so that all women should be #breastaware and raise lots of money for breast cancer research.


Shaye Woodhouse, Charlee’s Basket

I’m Shaye Woodhouse. I am a full-time stay at home mother to two young children and Not-For-Profit Founder and Director – Charlee’s Basket Bereavement Hampers INC. – Trading as Charlee’s Basket. There is no other provider of gifts for grieving parents in Australia, as detailed as Charlee’s Basket. Charlee’s Basket is led by myself, a mother who has experienced first-hand what it is like to lose a baby. The basket has been designed around this authentic experience and knowledge. Providing a care hamper to women and their families who have suffered, from the trauma of a birth experience ending in tragedy.

www.charleesbasket.org.au (website being developed)

Sonya Karras and Sacha Kaluri, Australian Teenage Expo

For 17 years we’ve been professional speakers to Secondary, Uni students, parents, teachers and companies on the topics of drugs, alcohol, bullying, careers, self esteem and many more. In 2010 we created The Australian Teenage Expo – the largest educational event of its kind in Australia, aimed at providing teens with information and access to essential support services (wrapped in as much fun as we could possibly produce!) We created a tv show for parents – giving a “lighter look” at the toughest job in the world! A book for parents will be released soon called ‘The two worlds of your teenager.’