2017 Sustainability Award finalists

Amanda Delalat, Organics2you

I am a single mum of 2 wonderful kids, they are my reason for getting up everyday. I am passionate, motivated, and determined to make every day count. I have travelled extensively, & will travel more. Grateful for every day, and acknowledge those days that just seem harder than every other. For the past 5 years I have run an Organic home delivery service, recently I opened a boutique Organic wholefoods retail store, where, with the help of other amazing mums & other like minded business mums I am creating a space where educational seminars, workshops & supporting local charity events are held.


Amanda Healy, Dusty Road Apparel

Our vision is to create beautiful and unique clothing with a strong connection to Australian culture and the earth, their products have been ethically and sustainably produced. All Artwork is hand-drawn and each unique character and design are inspired by the imagination of their own children. Founded by two mothers, Dusty Road Apparel is the combined concept of long term friends Amanda and Bessie. Amanda and Bessie grew up together in a small coastal town called Moruya in NSW. It is here that they both fostered their love for the Australian bush, growing up together on rural properties along a long Dusty Road. Much time was spent together in the outdoors and it seemed only fitting to reflect this within the character style of their clothing.


Narelle McDonald, Healthy Living Spaces

I have 2 children and their overall health is extremely important to me. I was overwhelmed when I began studying Building Biology and realised the sheer amount of environmental toxins that our children are exposed to. As a Building Biologist we view our homes as living organisms and refer to them as our third skin. In feng shui homes are considered a reflection of ourselves. My business enables my clients to create a home that supports their health and wellbeing. We look at building design & material choices, mould & moisture problems, electromagnetic fields, drinking water quality and product choices.


Ruchika Rawat, Roo and Joey

I am a Physiotherapist with 9 years of Clinical experience and a mother of two. I left my job with Department of Health and Family Welfare in India when my husband & me decided to pursue Our Great Australian dream. And we are loving every moment of it here. I launched “Roo and Joey” with a vision – “Blossoming Mums and Bubs!” The highlight of Roo and Joey is the Eco fashion nappies and Eco toilet training pants. I am passionate about Environment. I believe in Sustainability to the core from Environment to Social to Economic. Roo and Joey is not just an online retail store, it’s more like a community built on these three pillars of Sustainability, creating awareness and ever evolving. Our ethical and ecofriendly products are sourced from developing world mainly India. Ethically sourced, without any workforce violation and providing economic support to families in the developing world.


Susanna Heiskanen, Tuutu

I am a mother of two boys and originally from Finland living in Australia since 2008. We launched Tuutu via our website and online store in August 2016. We produce an Australian version of the traditional Finnish Baby Box. This box, full of baby essentials, also doubles as a bed and the lid doubles as a change table. We use Australian cardboard on the box and all the products are Australian brands with the majority made in Australia.


Veronica Sherman, Happily Made

I’m a solo mum with four kids so my juggling act is intense. I am thrilled to be able to provide jobs for marginalised women in Cambodia through our community project where we teach them how to knit and crochet. Our most popular product is a magnetic monkey that is loved by people of all ages.  I then sell the monkeys here in Australia through markets and a few ethical shops and cafes.