2018 Big Idea Award finalists


Amanda Ramsay – Secrets from a Beauty Insider

Amanda is an experienced professional Makeup Artist on a mission to help women over 40 feel damn fabulous about themselves using a little genuine insider beauty know-how and a big pile of beauty tips and makeup tricks. Secrets from a Beauty Insider was created for busy superwomen, who aren’t quite ready to embrace mid-life. Secrets from a Beauty Insider is all about helping women refresh their look, rekindle their love for makeup or inspire a new interest in makeup. It exists to help women feel just that little bit better about taking on the World at large whatever the circumstances. Amanda runs Makeup Masterclasses, beauty advice via her blog, face to face education plus guest speaking. Just professional, genuine and honest advice – with some simple, doable step by step makeup tips, age relevant makeup advice, insights and guidance. Amanda’s a loving mother of two little scoundrels, Will and Charlie.



Grace Kim – Sensory Concerts

Sensory Concerts is created by Grace Kim, a professional classical pianist, mother, and educator. It is a series of high quality classical music concert for families with sensory/special needs, commonly associated with Autism Spectrum Disorder. People with sensory needs are easily overwhelmed by crowd, noise, light, smell, and touch. Young children are especially sensitive to their surroundings, and tend to react in certain ways (eg. moving, making noise) to cope. That’s why families with children tend to shy away from traditional concerts in fear of disrupting others. We all know that music is one of the best things for the brain development, and these families miss out on the crucial time when their brain are developing. Sensory Concerts differs from the traditional concert expectations, a more relaxed atmosphere, giving the audience opportunities to self regulate – with small numbers, various seating options, retreat space, and on-site therapist support.



Jade Wood – Little Woods

Jade is a full time Mum, teacher turned mumpreneur and is the founder of Little Woods – a home based and family run business specialising in exclusive teething toys, Mama jewellery and accessories. Little Woods was established in 2017 with the intention of creating safe and stylish designs for Mums and their babies. The safety of every baby is top priority and every toy is independently laboratory tested and meets Mandatory Toy Safety Standards. Little Woods has seen expediential growth in its first year of operation and Jade is focused on growing her business to new heights along with continuing to be a full time Mum.



Jenny Wynter – Jenny Wynter

Jenny is an award-winning comedian, cabaret artist and mother of six (three she made herself and three she outsourced). As well as performing her award-winning comedy shows nationally and internationally – her accolades include Best Variety Show at United Solo Festival NYC, the Award for Excellence in Cabaret at Melbourne Fringe Festival and a Green Room Award nomination for Best Cabaret Writing – she works as a corporate MC and is a TedX speaker. After winning the ABC iView Pitch Perfect Award at Melbourne Web Fest in 2016, Jenny completed a Writers Residency at Marseille Web Fest which inspired a
complete overhaul of her business direction: focusing on creating comedy content for the web. In early 2018 she launched her debut web series, “How Me Parent Good: And You Can Too!”



Kristy Forbes – inTune Pathways

As both a parent and step parent to four; all at varying ages, stages and abilities, Kristy has an abundance of emotional and practical experience both working with and raising children with unique social, emotional and/or behavioural differences. She has an extensive background in Early Childhood Education and Psychology, Primary and Secondary Teaching and working as an Early Childhood behavioural and family specialist. Kristy is passionate about radical acceptance-assisting others to find the courage and humility to totally accept, understand and celebrate ourselves and others as we are, without the need or intention to fix, change or cure-particularly in regard to children.



Lauren Oliver – Mums Who Wine

Mums Who Wine is a company that is passionate and dedicated to creating an avenue for mothers to invest time in themselves and their own self-care, outside of their role as “mum”. Founded by Lauren Oliver, Lauren recognised the importance of self-care in her own life, so she passionate about creating an easy avenue for mums to take time out for themselves. Partnering with 100+ businesses nationally, Mums Who Wine has created this avenue via an annual VIP membership where members receive VIP treatment and discounts at places that will “fill their cup”. Mums Who Wine also hosts monthly events and annual retreats to ensure that every mother has time out to connect with other mums in their community.



Naomi Fryers – Fryers’ Freelance Services

Naomi Fryers is a writer, blogger, editor and content producer who has been published by a number of celebrated Australian and U.S media publications. These have included Eureka Street, New Matilda, The Huffington Post, YourTango, Elephant Journal and across the Mamamia Network. At Monash University she was an elected editor of the student newspaper and in 2016 she also served as an editor for the illustrious U.S Social justice based publication The Good Men Project. Naomi writes about lifestyle and specialises in mental health and wellbeing, lifestyle and social commentary (with a side of politics).



Nicole Gibson – Söka Australia

Söka Australia, a Brisbane based company created by Nicole Gibson has brought organisation and sanity back to laundries with the new innovation of Söka. The Söka bucket allows delicate, soiled and coloured clothing to be separately soaked in different laundry solutions whilst housed in the one bucket.

The Söka bucket is space saving, practical, water and detergent saving and the stackable design can fit easily in the laundry sink or look stylish on any bench. With 3 removable compartments, a large main tub, 3 draining lids and a main lid, this is not only compact in size but has the ability to soak a wide variety of items. Perfect for the great outdoors it has infinite uses in and around the home.



Priscilla Skippington – Love Beauty Co 

Priscilla is the founder of LOVE BEAUTY Co, an online beauty community offering product and teaching women to build their own online businesses. She is also the creator of Sisters Stepping Up, a Brisbane based networking event focused on bringing savvy, stylish and driven women together for an experience to remember. Events include grand fashion shows, pamper stations, pop-up shops and experienced guest speakers to educate, motivate and inspire our women.



Raya du Plooy – Oh Flossy

PND survivor, exceptionally average parent, mumpreneur… Raya du Plooy wears as many hats as she has children. Instead of running away to join the circus, she started one, with three clowns believing they are the ringmaster.

A high risk pregnancy meant Raya temporarily stopped her degree, but it didn’t stop her. As the saying goes – when life gives you lemons, make lemonade – or in Raya’s case, when life gives you a high risk pregnancy, create the world’s first naturally derived clear lipstick designed specifically for children’s play. At eight months pregnant, Raya birthed Oh Flossy, and like a newborn, Oh Flossy grew at an amazing rate. In five weeks Oh Flossy amassed over $10,000 in revenue, fulfilled hundreds of orders and made international news.



Rebecca Jenkins – The Mum Source

I’m 39 yr old Mum of 2 children, wife and entrepreneur, with the superhero powers of multitasking.

The Mum Source is very relevant for now. We are all so very busy and over whelmed in our lives. The Mum Source is here to provide home help for mums across Australia, done by caring and house proud women, who are wanting to work. It is empowering to help and motivate other women and women are empowered when they are supported. By helping out in the home, we are not just providing a clean home, the kids babysat or the errands ran. We are providing piece of mind.



Sveti Williams – Sveti Williams the Sleepologist

Sveti Williams, author of ‘Fix My Sleep’ and official delegate of World Sleep Day, is a renowned sleepologist and leading sleep advocate, who helps clients to target sleep disrupters and replace them with sleep enhancing behaviours. She engages with subconscious psychology to identify and resolve the root causes of insomnia, and other symptoms of people’s physical and emotional struggles. Sveti’s clients around the world experience her as ‘intelligent, genuine and passionate – a natural healer.’ Her works draws on complementary medicine, and her teaching covers areas both scientific and spiritual, proving a holistic approach to sleep health



Tracey Hall – Ethical Direct Selling Group

Tracey started Ethical Direct Selling Group as a social enterprise to help others in the industry, strive for ethics and integrity.  She is using a percentage of her profits to start a foundation for foster children aged 12 to 19 called Heroes of Today.

Tracey has been in the industry nearly 30 years and has seen the good, the bad and ugly. She is on a mission to change the perception that Direct Selling / Network Marketing has in the community. Tracey has over 30 years’ experience in sales, showing her clients ways to build their business without burning their friends and family. Her clients are kicking goals with her mentoring and training in an ethical way.



Vikki Friedman – METreat – Retreats for Mums

Vikki Friedman is a mother of three boys, who started METreats – Retreats for Mums in January 2018. Vikki is passionate about bringing mums together on a retreat to relax, restore, connect, network and most importantly to have fun. METreats runs regular retreats at two stunning Victorian retreat locations –Hepburn Springs and the Yarra Valley. Activities include yoga, bush walking, arts and crafts and dancing and mums are served delicious food and wine with dinner. Most importantly, mums return home relaxed and recharged, having had the opportunity to connect and have fun with other like-minded mums.