2018 Business Services Award finalists



Madeline Avery – Birdcage Marketing

Birdcage Marketing was founded by Madeline Avery in 2015. With years of experience working in marketing agencies and in-house Madeline wanted to make premium marketing services affordable to micro, small & medium sized businesses.

Having launched and grown a number of small businesses herself, and frustrated by the access startups, small & medium sized businesses had to marketing services, Madeline has worked to keep Birdcage Marketing’s overheads low, so we can deliver services and campaigns to all.



Nami Clarke – Prom Queen

Nami Clarke is a copywriter specialising in website content for women in small business.  The mum of two launched Prom Queen determined to create a business that incorporated her creativity, passion for small business and her young family’s lifestyle. Her clients – many them, mothers – share these same goals.

In a sea of cookie-cutter website copy, Prom Queen’s unique and engaging About pages, eBooks, blogs, and content coaching helps her clients tackle imposter syndrome head on.  Small business’ attempts to mimic big business can result in beige, faceless copy that overlooks a small business’ greatest asset: the owner behind the scenes. Consumers aren’t buying it, owners feel like they’re faking it, and businesses miss reaching their potential. Nami empowers small or home-based business owners and solopreneurs to stride into the spotlight, ‘own’ their achievements, ditch the so-called ‘professional’ mask, and create success on their own terms.



Tanya Rutherford – TMRutherford

Not everything follows a plan in life, but that doesn’t mean that your experiences are ever wasted. Originally wanting to work in education, solo-mumpreneur Tanya Rutherford has come full circle from studying and working in business accounting, management and now into adult education.  Tanya is well aware of the challenges other mums face – with balancing her own young family, employment (4 days per week to support the family) and working to develop and run her own business (and passion) on the side.

Through her business TMRutherford, Tanya works with teams and individuals to build confidence in their abilities, realise their potential and to excel in the opportunities in their future.  With expertise in coaching and facilitating learning experiences in leadership and personal development, Tanya has most recently developed an online program to assist students to develop their own learning skills for adapting to the unstructured learning environment of University.



Carmen Williams – Strategic Action Consulting

Carmen Williams is the Mummy of two beautiful kids, lover of fun and business woman. Carmen always has had a passion for making things happen, from learning Russian to increase her chances of becoming an Astronaut, buying a trampoline years before her kids were born (because she loves trampolines) and the implementation of many large scale, high risk projects.

Carmen now applies this extensive experience in the implementation of enterprise wide and high risk strategic initiatives and unrelenting passion for making things happen as the founder and CEO of Strategic Action Consulting. Carmen saw that many business leaders understood that having a clear direction for their business was essential, but often had difficulty making it a reality. Strategic Action Consulting support business leaders to take strategic action to achieve their strategic objectives contributing to the happiness of workplaces and society.



Emma Barr – iLEADS

After working in Real Estate for 4 years Emma decide she wanted to start her own business and combine her talents of Digital Marketing & Real Estate Sales to really shake up the industry. iLEADS was born with the idea that the Real Estate Industry was still stuck in the dark ages and that the prospecting tools such as cold calling, door knocking and letterbox dropper, are out-dated and not viable as the world of technology changes the industry.

iLEADS is a Lead Generation Funnel that can be implemented within any Real Estate Agency in Australia. Delivering warm/hot leads into our agents inboxes everyday!



Stacey Price – Healthy Business Finances Group

Stacey is a pure numbers nerd (loud and proud) and started Healthy Business Finances after two redundancies whilst on maternity leave.  By starting the business, she wanted to provide financial advice to business owners in a flexible way, without losing her personality and being able to make it fun.  Surely it couldn’t be that hard!

We provide Financial Coaching, Accounting software training, management accounting & bookkeeping services to business owners and entrepreneurs.  We want clients to understand their numbers, we don’t want client’s to be scared and we offer flexible appointments after hours for those that are still working full time to get their side hustle off the ground.



Andy Abey – Monkey Chatter

For as long as Andy can remember, she’s had a natural ability to see situations from various perspectives, and appreciate people’s motivations, needs and wants, while connecting with their feelings and emotions. And although she loves and has enjoyed a 20-year career in communications, in recent years, she realised that what she loves most is helping other people, and their businesses, succeed. Andy’s grit, ability to think laterally, and knack for finding solutions are all unique qualities that make her a great communications partner – serving as a strategic brand and communications catalyst for entrepreneurs, while calming their monkey minds, and being a shoulder to lean on when that’s what’s needed most.