2018 Customer Service Award finalists


Alison Theurillat – Bas Le Mode

Alison is a dedicated hard working mum of 3 kids Brooklyn 6, Isla 4 and Deacon 18 months old. She works 6 days a week, taking two of her children with her every day. Not only does Alison have a clothing Boutique, but she also has a coffee bar inside. On top of this Alison has launched her own label called Bas Boss, which has a range of Tees, Tanks and accessories in Mens, Women and Children. Alison has had her business for almost 5 years now and plays a big part in her community with fundraising, being the only Sole-Trading boutique in Innisfail (a small town in FNQ). She is a proud indigenous woman and her passion is supporting where she can. Alison never stops planning, helping and working and is about to launch her 2nd business in the next few months.



Amy McGlade – Baby Bee Hummingbirds

Amy McGlade is a mama of four, a passionate midwife and a globally renowned DNA & BreastMilk Jewellery artist – she turns special moments into tangible pieces of artisan handmade jewellery. Using breast milk, baby’s cord stump, a first curl, tooth or embryo ash* mums can wear these moments forever.

In April 2018 Amy launched The Baby Bee Hummingbirds DNA & BreastMilk Jewellery Academy; an online training program helping jewellers create profitable keepsake businesses.



Elaine Tang – Melvory Skincare

Elaine is a passionate & quirky mum of 2 girls, originally from Malaysia who, came to Australia when she was 18 after winning 2 Pharmacy scholarships. She is often an engrossed scientist in her home-based lab (when the kids are asleep), formulating a variety of natural & organic skin care products to address numerous skin concerns common to all ages.

Melvory Skincare was an accidental third baby of hers. She made a tub of cream for her bestie’s baby who had eczema, who then posted on Facebook about the amazing results, and pretty soon, Elaine was receiving hundreds of messages asking for the cream. That was how Melvory was born.



Eliza Olsen – Arabella + Autumn

Eliza is a mum of four who first began making children’s toys after the birth of her second daughter, Saffron. “I really liked minimalistic Scandinavian inspired décor” she says. “When my children were born, I couldn’t find anything for babies that was stimulating and fun and looked nice sitting on the loungeroom floor. Garish bright plastic toys just aren’t me”. Eliza found great enjoyment working with her hands and when the opportunity arose to turn her hobby into a business, Arabella + Autumn was born. Making independently laboratory safety tested timber play gyms and toys, teethers, rattles, pram toys and garlands, dummy clips and kid’s animal necklaces Arabella + Autumn is the place to go for the baby toy you won’t want to put away when guests arrive!



Jessica Leggatt – Little Leggs

Jessica Leggatt is a mum of two young children, Billy and Marigold and is married to her husband Stuart. They live in the Melbourne suburb of Elwood with their overly affectionate Golden Retriever called Lola. They love art, and their house in filled with visual reminders of friends and family, the places they’ve fallen in love with during their travels and the memories they’ve created.

As a new parent, Jessica wanted to find an interesting, personal way of remembering their firstborn’s first day. Launching Little Leggs in November 2017, she is now making these beautiful, modern illustrations of your baby’s length at birth available to everyone.



Laura Klein – snottynoses.com.au

Snottynoses.com.au is an online store (based in Brisbane) selling gadgets for good health and good sleep for babies and children. The business began in 2013 as a part-time venture while Laura was on maternity leave from teaching.

After using a brilliant product called the Snotty Nasal Aspirator to clear her sick baby’s nose, she decided every family in Australia needed one of these clever devices. She got in contact with the Gold Coast distributor to become a work from home rep, and her business was born with that 1 product.



Lisa Galea and Danielle Stearman – The Mibblers

Lisa and Dee are two busy, sleep deprived mamas with young children who thought that juggling kids wasn’t challenging enough, so decided to join forces to grow this super exciting new brand, The Mibblers.

The Mibblers are a super cute and quirky, original tribe of teething toys and babies just can’t get enough. They are made from all natural rubber, each one hand painted to make them extra cute, and have lots of sticky outtie chewy bits that babies go gaga over. The Mibblers are already a multi-award winning brand and are distributed across Australia, New Zealand, Asia, USA and Canada.



Mariana Boulos – The Well Store 

Mariana is a mother to three gorgeously mischievous boys who keep her on her toes whilst juggling The Well Store. By trade she is an Assistant Principal, taking leave to nurse both her terminally ill parents in 2008. During this time Mariana began to  research toxins and learnt our largest organ – the skin was by far a much more important part of our overall health and wellbeing just as much as food and water. Lists of toxin filled ingredients in daily products were impacting ones health and the environment, which led her to hunt for safer products for her family & friends, these were the humble beginnings of The Well Store. Launched in 2016, Mariana’s years of self-guided research & fierce passion for sharing safer and cruelty free alternatives led her down the path to educating consumers to safer products and choices packaged in sustainable & ecofriendly packaging.



Naomi Rohr – Avarcas Australia

For Naomi Rohr, it was love at first sight…with Avarcas that is [not her hubby].  Naomi launched the business in 2016 with one purpose: to share her love of Avarcas with the Nation. Naomi collaborates with a small family manufacturer in Menorca, Spain to ensure each pair is authentically crafted.

What started as a hobby has quickly become a movement with customers Australia-Wide gushing at the wonderful designs and overall functionality of the shoes. Naomi herself can be spotted in them 24/7.

Avarcas Australia now stocks Avarcas in every hue your heart could desire ranging from Neutrals, Prints, Metallics and Glitters.



Roslyn Rayias – RPR Talent Management

Roslyn Rayias is the founder of RPR Talent Management, which is a Melbourne-based Talent Agency established by a dedicated team, committed to providing the up-most quality of representation for our talent with a friendly, honest and down-to-earth approach. Representing a wide range of clients, RPR has talent featuring in a variety of Leading Dramas, TV Commercial’s, Catalogues as well as Feature Films. RPR is now representing talent Nationally & Internationally.

Roslyn is a driven individual, who always strives to achieve the best for her talent and employees. Roslyn has had the pleasure to work on many high level projects this year, including VAMFF events. Always looking for the next challenge, and opportunity, it is this attitude that keeps the agency going from strength to strength.