2018 Digital Innovation finalists


Amberley Harris – Maternal Instincts by Amberley

Amberley is a co-producer of two darling humans and a Melbourne based Midwife in private practice with her own breastfeeding consultancy business. After working in the hospital setting (both public and private) for over 10 years, Amberley longed to do more. Her move to entrepreneurship was for two reasons. Firstly, because it is where she knew she could make significant, impactful change to the world’s breastfeeding statistics and, secondly, she could be philanthropic every step of the way. Amberley has a mission to create a movement. A movement which aligns with key aspects of the World Health Organisation Guidelines. Amberley’s movement involves her playing a fundamental role in supporting women to learn how to successfully breastfeed over the first 6 weeks, so they can go on to exclusively breastfeed for 6 months and complementary feed (breastfeeding and food) until their child turns 2 years of age or beyond; and so her hashtag 662 (#662) was created.



Angela Gallo – Angela Gallo Education & Training

Angela Gallo is a fiercely passionate birth professional who has successfully grown her Doula and birth photography business to a 6-figure empire built on social justice, women’s empowerment and the desire to see maternal outcomes and experiences improved worldwide. Angela is especially enthusiastic about inspiring women to reclaim their personal powers in order to seize every opportunity in childbirth, their businesses and in the depths of their sensuality. Her initial business as a boutique birth Doula evolved into an industry first business program she designed exclusively for birth professionals, and more recently launching a dynamic Doula training program that is entirely aligned to her personal philosophies & values.



April Whiston – Cabin Connect

April Whiston, 34 years old, wife and a mum to 3 children, 7,5 & 18 months. She is a Clinical Nurse Specialist who has branched out into the digital world of online business after discovering a gap in the Caravan Park Industry. This gap was discovered when she was working in her in-law’s caravan park. April created Cabin Connect from an idea and has grown it to where it is today.

Today Cabin Connect has Premium Partners, Industry Partners and offers single listings, with 8 destinations using the platform. This number is growing each week. In Summary, Cabin Connect is an online connection platform for the Caravan Park Industry. It offers a professional service for people to sell and buy cabins and is a connection platform for trades and consumers to connect and do business.



Serena Ryan – Serena Dot Ryan®

Serena Dot Ryan® is a digital agency founded in 2014 by Serena Dorothy Ryan, a digital marketer who believes the key to your potential online is through education. With education, goals are clearer and so are results.

Serena’s passion for effective digital marketing has led her to document her knowledge in checklists, hire and train staff to develop her specialist Facebook Ads Strategy Agency. Serena attends and works at Social Media Marketing World in San Diego each year; is a contributing writer for Social Media Examiner (the largest global Social Media Education website); hosts the “See Digital Clearly” Podcast; and focuses on working with clients to optimise their digital marketing.



Heather Lindsay – Blissed Out Mums

Heather is a parenting coach whose life changed forever when she became a single mum and experienced severe peri-natal depression. Dissatisfied with the traditional model of psychotherapy and counselling during her recovery, she felt the need to develop a different method for mums to achieve parenting and motherhood goals and to regain their lost happiness. Heather noticed how mums were not really enjoying the experience of motherhood and how they often felt exhausted, overworked, resentful and unhappy.

Her training as a Life Coach and Master Neurolinguistic Programning Practitioner led her to create a coaching service for mums – Blissed Out Mums. Heather takes a holistic approach to improving family dynamics by teaching positive parenting strategies and personal development with an emphasis of the importance of self-care for mums.



Krystal Kovacs – Tutornova

Krystal Kovacs is the Founder and CEO of Australian digital tech education startup Tutornova and a YouTube content creator on entrepreneurship, self mastery and lifestyle design. Krystal founded Tutornova to disrupt an outdated tutoring industry, by bringing world-class private education to students around the world, no matter where they live.

Tutornova is the first company in the world to offer a 24/7 unlimited academic writing feedback service. Students all around the globe can get personalised writing feedback, editing and proofreading help, on-demand whenever they need it. With the power of an online marketplace and virtual classroom technology, Tutornova gives customers fast convenient access to trusted educators, literally at their fingertips.



Maggie Scott – Parachuute

Parachuute’s mission is to make it easier for parents to get through their week by giving them some time back.

After experiencing the havoc kids activities have on a parent’s life Maggie was always looking to ask and offer help with kid’s driving. She found it was often inefficient and awkward to ask, and thought there must be a better way. Taking learnings from her involvement in an ‘old-style’ babysitting club she created the Parachuute app; a 21st Century version of enabling a village to raise a child. It’s a safe, easy and guilt-free way for parents to ask and offer help amongst people they trust. It takes just 20 seconds to request/offer help, and parents exchange points for favours to keep everything fair.



Sally Wood & La Muxlow – The Mindful Mum

The Mindful Mum ™, (co-founded by Sally Wood and Lauren Muxlow), is on a mission to make mental wellbeing and self-care practices easy and accessible to mums so they can be the best versions of themselves for their families, their communities and society. Through a premium online subscription offering – The Sanctuary, it offers expertly delivered classes where mums can nurture their emotional, physical and mental wellbeing to find greater resilience, joy and ease throughout their journey of motherhood. The Mindful Mum ™ has partnered with a supportive sisterhood of wellbeing professionals, who all have first-hand experience of the ups and downs of motherhood, plus the knowledge, tools and expertise to make a genuine difference to mothers’ wellbeing. The classes are uniquely tailored to the needs of mums and cover a wide range of specialist areas including psychology, relationship & life coaching, meditation, mindfulness, nutrition, yoga, hypnobirthing, Pilates and fitness.