2018 Emerging AusMumpreneur finalists


Daina Lindsay – PONO Probiotics

Daina Lindsay began her career in Marketing in Sydney before making the jump over to radio sales. She then spent 10 years working across both Nova and ARN, and in this time won personal recognition as Agency Sales Rep of the year in SA in 2012. In July 2016 a career opportunity for her husband took the family to Brisbane.

It was in her first few months in Brisbane that an overnight hospital visit for her son Sands, followed by what seemed to be a miraculous recovery, that Daina discovered the impact of probiotics and gut health. After 6 months of research and development, PONO probiotics was born – a fun, family friendly probiotic range.



Eva Wintersberger – Tree Hut Village

Eva is a Melbourne-based mum to a 2.5 year old toddler who keeps her busy. In 2017, she launched Tree Hut Village which is the only platform in the world where parents can hire / buy / loan and sell baby equipment to each other. Tree Hut Village launched in New Zealand recently to enable easy trans-Tasman travel for families.

In 2017, Eva has hired her own 4 baby items to other families and made AUD$3000 on the side. Tree Hut Village truly makes travel easier for young families by having a wide selection of baby items for hire (and for sale). Tree Hut Village also helps parents make great purchasing decisions by trying before buying (e.g. is a Bugaboo right for me and my car / house / lifestyle or will my baby sleep in the Baby Bjorn Travel Cot).



Kylie Hughes – Stylkea

Described in the press as the “ultimate flat-pack hack”, Stylkea is the secret to creating luxury-look furniture on a flat-pack budget. Stylkea’s peel-and-stick Styl-Panels are designed to perfectly fit popular flat-pack pieces, including IKEA’s Malm, Kallax, Hemnes and Besta ranges, as well non flat-pack furniture. With Stylkea, you become a co-creator in the design process and are able to affordably express your personal style without breaking the bank on designer furniture.

Stylkea is the brain-child of Gold Coast mum, Kylie Hughes. As well as owning and running Stylkea, she’s mum to Oscar, a quick-witted six-year-old, and multiple fur and feather babies.



Leanne Papadopoulos – My Creative Box

Leanne has been a dedicated Kindergarten Teacher for most of her career and has a strong interest in early learning and the impact art has on young children’s education. She gained a strong passion for this area after witnessing first-hand the impact fun and engaging activities had in the kindergarten environment especially when teamed up with quality one-on-one interactions. She was often told by parents ‘I wish I could do these things at home with my kids’ and Leanne knew that parents had such a huge influence on their child’s early learning and really wanted to inspire parents to be their child’s first teacher and ignite creativity into their homes while bonding with their children while helping them learn and develop new skills.



Lisa Galea and Danielle Stearman – The Mibblers

Lisa and Dee are two busy, sleep deprived mamas with young children who thought that juggling kids wasn’t challenging enough, so decided to join forces to grow this super exciting new brand, The Mibblers.

The Mibblers are a super cute and quirky, original tribe of teething toys and babies just can’t get enough. They are made from all natural rubber, each one hand painted to make them extra cute, and have lots of sticky outtie chewy bits that babies go gaga over. The Mibblers are already a multi-award winning brand and are distributed across Australia, New Zealand, Asia, USA and Canada.



Melita Shirley – Mammojo

Melita Shirley is the founder of Mammojo. A mother of three gorgeous and ridiculously energetic boys aged five and under, she is passionate about supporting new mothers to “bounce forward” – not back, after birth.

Mammojo designs and produces stylish, breastfeeding-friendly and core supportive activewear (or Lactivewear® 😉) for nursing mothers and uses the proceeds to address global maternal and infant health initiatives. The range supports the normalisation of breastfeeding, empowers mothers through discrete nursing and removes breastfeeding as a barrier to living an active and connected life.



Tracey Seymour – MaterniTea

MaterniTea was founded in 2017 by Tracey Seymour, a Certified Australian Tea Master and Aussie Mum of two, who discovered a passion for the benefits of Herbal Tea remedies during her first pregnancy 8 years ago.

MaterniTea provide a range of trimester specific organic herbal tea blends to support women through fertility, pregnancy and breastfeeding. The range is caffeine free and professionally developed by the MaterniTea team of naturopaths, dietitians and of course Tracey – a certified tea master. MaterniTea is an online business, with a newly launched wholesale channel that is growing quickly both locally and internationally. MaterniTea’s mission is to help women around the world enjoy happy healthy pregnancies and beyond.



Naomi Rohr – Avarcas Australia

For Naomi Rohr, it was love at first sight…with Avarcas that is [not her hubby].  Naomi launched the business in 2016 with one purpose: to share her love of Avarcas with the Nation. Naomi collaborates with a small family manufacturer in Menorca, Spain to ensure each pair is authentically crafted. What started as a hobby has quickly become a movement with customers Australia-Wide gushing at the wonderful designs and overall functionality of the shoes. Naomi herself can be spotted in them 24/7.

Avarcas Australia now stocks Avarcas in every hue your heart could desire ranging from Neutrals, Prints, Metallics and Glitters.



Sophie Van Den Akker & Kate Benden – Vault Active

Sophie and Kate have been Life long best friends since the age of 5, They were the power duo always pushing the limits and aiming high. Envisioning a life of success and challenges they inspire make change and create a clear goal for them self’s.

The business Vault Active came about due to their creative nature and inspiration for the health and wellness/ fashion industry they are devoted to all things Active. Wanting to set fire in the fitness/fashion industry making a wow factor and incorporating the comfort and style.



Talissa Triffitt – Made to Milk

Made to Milk was born a little over one year ago because of a mother in the middle of a traumatic breastfeeding experience. Struggling with low milk supply and a multitude of other issues, Talissa Triffitt found solace in her kitchen baking lactation cookies; cookies that are known to support a breastfeeding mother’s milk supply. Seeing how incredible the results were for herself, Talissa then turned to the local mums in the community and continued to bake her butt off helping those who were experiencing similar low points know that there is help available and they can get through it. Less than a year later, Made to Milk was supplying lactation cookies to THOUSANDS of mums all over Australia and had built a wonderful, supportive community of pregnant, new and breastfeeding mothers around the country. Made to Milk has seen such fast growing success that it is soon to become an international brand as it launches over in the United States later this year.



Tiffany Droge – Puggle Baby Australia

Puggle Baby Australia creates baby gear for adventurous parents. Their products encourage and enable parents to enjoy the outdoors as a family.

Founded in 2016 after the birth of their first child, husband and wife team Tiffany and Nathan develop all of their products with their daughter Tanner in mind. Puggle’s products build on their family’s love of adventure, travel and the outdoors. Tiffany uses her training and experience as Health and Physical Education Teacher to help create her products. Their experience as parents and testing their own creations every day allow them to create highly functional products for real Australian parents.