2018 Health & Wellbeing Services Award finalists


Anna Siebert – Anna Siebert (Pregnancy, Birth & Motherhood)

Anna is an educator and mentor, helping couples prepare for a connected birth in a way that makes sense to them, and supporting mums to overcome guilt and overwhelm.

She draws on her diverse background to help women undo the cultural, neurobiological, emotional, mental, physical and spiritual confines that stop us from birthing as we want to, and that contribute to modern motherhood stress. In her birth work, both as an educator and doula, she supports parents-to-be to be the best birth partnership they can be, buffers traumatic experiences for them and helps them heal on the other side. She facilitates a new perspective on birth and what we are capable of.



Carly Stewart – Beyond Boundaries Rehab

Beyond Boundaries Rehab is an innovative service, breaking through the challenges of traditional health and medical services, to provide a disability service that reflects the modern and current needs of families. Founded by Carly Stewart, mum to 3 young children, wife of 13 years and Occupational Therapist wanting more for the families she worked with.

BBR is proud to offer Australia’s ONLY private interdisciplinary rehab and tone management clinic, specialising in botulinum toxin injections managing spasticity in children with cerebral palsy and brain injury. Our team includes Paediatric Rehabilitation specialist, Occupational Therapist, Physiotherapist & Speech Pathologist, working together to allow families some escape from long waiting lists in the public system.



Jemma McMillan – Pink Buddha Meditation

Hi my name is Jem and I set up Little Buddha’s 2 years ago – teaching children mindfulness and growth mindset skills, this started at my home in Mt Martha and has now branched out to a large commercial space in Mornington. My intention is to gift every child with coping strategies and positive self talk to help them navigate their way through a new digital generation. In the group we focus breath work, helping them to better understand who they are, sharing feelings and weekly mindfulness training using the 5 senses. I personally have been involved in meditation and personal development for 20 years. I have a certificate in Life coaching and in Meditation Teacher Training. I absolutely love teaching the kids and making a difference to the lives if these primary aged children.



Kylianne Farrell – The Movement Room

The Movement Room’s mission is to integrate different therapy strategies over movement and nature based activities to create opportunities for powerful forces of growth to overcome physical, emotional and mental challenges. Guiding women to reconnect to self through play, community, movement, adventure and exploration. Creating and holding space for women to start LIVING not just surviving.

Kylianne is an Ecotherapist, counsellor, fitness industry educator and presenter, personal trainer, founder of the Move For Mental Health Initiative and The Gidget Foundation Ambassador.



Leah Rice-Levitt – Calming Concepts

Leah Rice-Levitt owns and operates Calming Concepts, a small but dedicated Massage and Pampering, servicing the North Side of Brisbane. Leah has been massaging for over ten years and prides herself on her perfect-pressure massages and decadent body treatments. Calming Concepts is a safe and private place to indulge and be pampered, with most clients being mums just like her, Leah understands the importance of them being heard and shown love. Leah is a friendly face, a kind heart and open ears and feels more like a friend than a business owner to her clients. Leah truly believes in the solidarity of women to build each other up and support one another in the community. As a wife, mother and a business woman, Leah is constantly learning and adapting, rolling with life’s challenges and smiling on the other side of the hurdles.



Mel Tempest – Ballarat Body & Soul 24/7 Gym and Group Fitness Super Club

Established in 2003, Ballarat Body & Soul 24/7 Gym & Group Fitness Super Club is fast-approaching its second decade of success, yet it stands firmly within the industry as an iconic fitness business and industry leader, largely due to its founder,
owner and manager, Mel Tempest who is globally reputed as an industry innovator and influencer, and one who’s not afraid to redefine the status quo. Thou Mel left school at 14 she has shown that thru pure determination all goals can be achieved.
Her autobiography and diagnosis with a benign brain tumour tell a story of passion and resilience. Mel besides working in her club everyday also influences and speaks on fitness business. Mel does this freely.



Melissa Duckmanton – Open Minds Psychological Services

Melissa is a mum to 5 children under 8, is completing her Masters in Applied Psychology (Community) and runs a unique community based psychology service that offers a no-cost service to over 150 people weekly.  In 2013, with 3 kids under 3, Melissa started her Masters and her business, which she managed on this side while also working part-time for Beyondblue.  Since then, she has added 2 more children to her family, is at the tail-end of her master’s and has grown the business to 10 locations with 19 employees. The service primarily uses funding from Medicare and non-government services to cover the full cost of counselling at a micro level for individuals.  At a macro level, Melissa works closely with community stakeholders and uses data from her work with individuals to inform primary and secondary interventions which is funded by the business profits.



Mhairi Mcshane – The HIIT Factory Bairnsdale

People seeking a place to establish an active and healthy lifestyle would be hard-pressed to find a more suitable and encouraging region than Bairnsdale in East Gippsland. One reason for this fast-developing reputation is the multi-award-winning group fitness business, The HIIT Factory Bairnsdale which has successfully changed 1000; s of lives via its fitness transformation programs. Constantly inspired to connect with as many locals as possible, Mhairi the owner has established other fitness activities & events for residents to enjoy, including parkrun Bairnsdale and the Colour Run. Also, regularly involved in other events such as the Metung Fun Run, Mother’s Day Classic, Tour de Cure & Australian Adventure Festival.

A family-focused business, kids are welcome at all sessions & under 16s can participate for free. Mhairi is a single mum of two teenagers and also a full-time carer from Scotland who migrated here as a single mum 10 years ago. She is also a Master trainer for a new workout concept HIIT Step.



Michelle Smith – Miss Spartan Group Fitness

Michelle Smith is a Mum of two with a passion to motivate and inspire. Her commitment to being an active and healthy role model for her children underpins the foundation of Miss Spartan. Miss Spartan promotes a family friendly environment, where children of all ages are welcomed to attend with their parents. Michelle has fostered and grown a community that inspires, supports, encourages, motivates and most importantly, welcomes. The 30 min HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) classes that are timetabled; attract busy Mums and Dads who are able to fit classes in around their childrens activities and routines. The need and demand for this business within the Community has seen it grow from one location to three in less than two years and to over three hundred clients who attend each week. Michelle is incredibly humbled by the Community that has grown as a result of Miss Spartan and just loves seeing the positive changes made within families and clients working to be the very best version of themselves that they can be.



Nat Russell – Glow With Nat Russell

Glow With Nat Russell was founded in 2015 from a passion in making health realistic for busy people. Glow With Nat Russelll creates and shares easy-to-follow whole food recipes with simple, delicious ingredients, lifestyle tips, products and recommendations in her blog and social media platforms.

Glow’s following has grown into a loyal and interactive fan base and she has worked and collaborated with dozens of high profile businesses to increase their exposure to the niche health market. Glow With Nat Russell also freelance writes for health and wellness businesses Green Goodness Co, Changing Habits and Bare & Wilde.



Renee Platt – Platinum Body

After a fulltime career in the Australian Regular Army, Mother of 3 Renee Platt was driven to inspire other women to live active healthy lives. Using her unique leadership skills and understanding of the female body she solved the problem of fitness for beginners. By removing the typical barriers, Renee drew in up to 200 women a week seeking her guidance on all things women’s fitness. Renee’s no excuse approach saw her remove men, mirrors and equipment which made it possible for many overweight women and timid new Mums begin their health and fitness journey. Her passion for women’s fitness has seen her business thrive and 1000’s of women’s lives change for the better.



Sabrina Smeaton – Carte Blanche Group

Sabrina is an ex military Veteran who served a nine and a half month tour in Afghanistan fighting the war against the Taliban and Isis. When she returned broken, she saw a need to create change and started a company that is providing health care to other wounded personal. Dealing heavily in the mental health sector she gives them a second chance at life. Although the veteran community is where her heart lies she has provide a safe space for everyone to heal and rehabilitate Sabrina is heavily integrated into the community to make sure that no one goes unheard. Her determination to make a difference sees her chasing a spot in parliament to make sure change is created. When not doing this is in the gym training hard for her international fitness modelling competitions and traveling with her three year old daughter.



Melanie Kilo – Phoenix Wings Wellness

Mel grew up in the Wagga and Albury/Wodonga regions, and loves the regional lifestyle it provides for her family. She believes in having access to prompt, local, and affordable services, especially after her own life experiences with trauma, grief, and loss, although this inspired her to study social work.

Mel states that creativity is one of the best ways to notice, experience, and express yourself, personally enjoys losing herself in reading and writing; learning and exploring in arts and crafts; experimenting in the kitchen; and getting her bare feet dirty in the garden. She is an enthusiast of pets as therapy, and has four adopted cats. She loves yoga, bodybalance, and swimming; and pursues the small pleasures in delicious coffee and tea, as well as in thunderstorms and dancing in the rain.