2018 Making a Difference Award (Business) finalists


Ali Villani – Ali the Shiny Sparkly Unicorn

Ali was only in school for a few short months before she realised she didn’t fit it. As in, not even a little bit. She felt completely alone, isolated and miserable, because she was teased daily for being “different” to everyone else. Ali’s mum told her back then, “Darling, being different is what makes you special – be brave enough to show everyone how special you are!” Ali followed that advice and those tough primary school years filled her with a resilience, grit and drive to empower others and lift other women to be their best and live their best life.

This philosophy is at the foundation of Ali’s business, Entrepreneurial Babes, an online community of 430 members – and Ali’s childhood experiences form the basis of her book, Ali the Shiny Sparkly Unicorn. It is a beautifully illustrated children’s book with an important message for little people to “Be Yourself”



Allison Davies – Brain Care Specialist

Allison Davies lives in rural Tasmania, is a Mother of 2, a wife, a Neurologic Music Therapist, a guest speaker and is autistic. For 12 years she ran a private music therapy practice before launching ‘Allison Davies, Brain Care Specialist’, an online platform for Brain Care education, in 2016. She now creates resources and runs nationwide workshops, educating parents and teachers about their child’s brain, how it functions, why it experiences anxiety and how to support it to function at it’s best. She is determined to spread the message that every child’s behaviours are a bi-product of what their brain is telling them to do, and that the sooner we support our children’s brain to function at their best, the sooner we will see a reduction of the problematic behaviours that are inundating our homes and classrooms.



Dr Anh Nguyen – Female Plastic Surgeon

Dr Anh is a mum of 3 and a Specialist Plastic Surgeon, who arrived in Australia as a refugee many years ago and is blessed to call Australia home. Dr Anh grew up in Melbourne and was always devoted becoming a doctor. When Dr Anh undertook the Plastic Surgery program only 3% of the world’s plastic surgeons were female. Dr Anh had to be extremely resilient to complete the program whilst carrying her first child, completing her exams with a young child and being one of few women in the country on the training program. Now in Perth, Dr Anh has grown a successful practice which is focused on changing lives, self-love and patient care. In Dr Anh’s spare time she devotes her time to philanthropy, inspiring other women, and mentoring training plastic surgeons.



Helen Marshall – Primal Alternative

At age 39 Helen Marshall faced a health crisis: she felt sick all of the time, was exhausted by life but couldn’t sleep, couldn’t poo, didn’t feel like sexy time (!) and suffered mental health problems including anxiety, depression plus weird phobias around flying and the kids getting sick.  She reclaimed her health by ditching grains, seed oils and sugar from her diet & qualified as a Health Coach to help others do the same.  But she got kick back!  Going without staples like bread is hard!  So Helen crated a range of Primal Alternatives to the foods we love to help make grain free easy!  Helen then franchised her successful baking business so that other Mums with a passion for clean living and a love of baking can create a business that serves them, and get to work from home.  Primal Alternative is a national network of local producers uniting women across Australia – think sisterhood!



Jes Jackson – Young Mums Unleashed

At the age of 16, Tasmanian rock n ’roll mama to 3, Jes Jackson, fell pregnant with her first child. Young Mums Unleashed was born from her desires to see young mothers supported, engaged, motivated and loved; free from the weight of societal stereotypes and alive with the light of new life.

Her aim is to create a movement of free thinking, strong and driven young mothers who are keen to blossom into their personal power and rid themselves of negativity in that new chapter of their lives. With the creation of unique & dynamic content that is easy to follow and even easier to love, Jes is creating safe spaces where young mothers are free to be themselves and grow under the guidance of an invested advocate in a global community of teen mothers.



Kate Proud – gatorMEDIA

Kate is a 38 mum and wife to 3 beautiful kids Harry 7, Lily-Jane 4 and Hunter 2 who absolutely loves her little business and being able to work from home.  gatorMEDIA provides personalised products, embroidery and business advertising material locally and internationally. Kate is heavily involved in the local community and giving back. She is a major sponsor for Keeley’s Cause that provides ipads to children with Autism or on the disability spectrum, which is something close to her heart.



Krissy Ballinger – The Inspired Little Pot

The Inspired Little Pot is on a mission to inspire people to live a natural life, free from unnecessary toxins. Recipes for do-it-yourself skin care and cleaning are plentiful online and within the pages of two beautiful recipe books.  Gorgeous, pure and raw ingredients are also available online, making DIY simple, achievable and fun.

Krissy Ballinger, the founder of The Inspired Little Pot, and former Health and Physical Education teacher, is passionate about education and empowering individuals to live a life less toxic, therefore improving their health and the health of the planet. She has made it her mission to spread the word that natural living is possible in this fast-paced and convenient world.



Lauren Oliver – Mums Who Wine

Mums Who Wine is a company that is passionate and dedicated to creating an avenue for mothers to invest time in themselves and their own self-care, outside of their role as “mum”. Founded by Lauren Oliver, Lauren recognised the importance of self-care in her own life, so she passionate about creating an easy avenue for mums to take time out for themselves.

Partnering with 100+ businesses nationally, Mums Who Wine has created this avenue via an annual VIP membership where members receive VIP treatment and discounts at places that will “fill their cup”. Mums Who Wine also hosts monthly events and annual retreats to ensure that every mother has time out to connect with other mums in their community.



Lucy Good – Beanstalk

Beanstalk is an online sanctuary of light-hearted conversation, practical advice and targeted resources, designed to reach out and empower the lives of Australian single mothers and their children.

Founder, Lucy Good, discovered a unique position in the market as there was no other resource which inspires single mums whilst giving them knowledge to navigate every stage of single motherhood. Lucy says ‘We reinvent the status of single mum and take you to a positive, empowering place. Even though your path has changed, we provide the tools to help you live happily ever after.’ Through her commitment to Beanstalk and her desire to help single mothers, Lucy sits at the centre of the think-tank of modern-day single motherhood. She is a social commentator on single parent issues and has appeared several times on national television, speaks on national and local radio and writes articles for parenting, news, lifestyle and business communities.



Sophie Walker – Australian Birth Stories

Despite plans for a drug-free, birth centre birth with her first child, Sophie ended up having a 36-hour labour with numerous interventions. The second time around she tried to equip herself with as much information as possible.

With a two-year-old toddler and a part-time job Sophie found herself listening to birth podcasts. She was listening to American Birth Stories as she couldn’t find a podcast which detailed Australian women’s experiences in the Australian healthcare setting. Sophie has a Masters in Public Health and it felt like a natural progression for her to create Australian Birth Stories. Her podcast now serves as a library of women’s birth stories from right across Australia.