2018 Making a Difference Award (Non-Profit) finalists


Bridget Jarrad – Midnight Mums

Bridget Jarrad, is a 34 year old mother of two little boys with an events background who inadvertently created Midnight Mums; a private Facebook Group in 2012 during the wee hours while breastfeeding her first born.
The idea came to Bridget while she was juggling two seperate private conversations each night with two other first time mums. Bridget and her husband Luke were living away from family interstate in South Australia (originally both from Victoria). Bridget gained enormous amounts of support, guidance and strength from connecting with these two first time mums that she wanted them to share the same triangle of support so created a group at 2:15am and called it Midnight Mums. 6 years later thanks to the power of the snowball effect Midnight Mums now has more than 96,000 members from all around Australia and the world with a constant traffic flow of questions and answers being posted 24 hours per day.



Dr. Bailey Bosch – Mums who Study

Dr. Bailey Bosch is a psychologist, author, researcher and academic but her favourite and most treasured role is that of Mum to five children under 11. Bailey started Mums Who Study to address the lack of support women face when undertaking further studies in Australia. As part of this journey she has written a children’s book to help Mums explain to their kids more about what ‘Mum does’ and has started a Facebook community that now has over 2000 members. In addition, she provides pro-bono support and coaching to struggling Mums who Study.



Grace Kim – Sensory Concerts

Sensory Concerts is created by Grace Kim, a professional classical pianist, mother, and educator. It is a series of high quality classical music concert for families with sensory/special needs, commonly associated with Autism Spectrum Disorder. People with sensory needs are easily overwhelmed by crowd, noise, light, smell, and touch. Young children are especially sensitive to their surroundings, and tend to react in certain ways (eg. moving, making noise) to cope. That’s why families with children tend to shy away from traditional concerts in fear of disrupting others. We all know that music is one of the best things for the brain development, and these families miss out on the crucial time when their brain are developing.

Sensory Concerts differs from the traditional concert expectations, a more relaxed atmosphere, giving the audience opportunities to self regulate – with small numbers, various seating options, retreat space, and on-site therapist support.



Joanne Beedie – Helping Little Hands

Joanne co-founded and runs “helping little hands”, a charity supporting families of premature babies in Western Australia on their journey through the neonatal intensive care units at King Edward Memorial and Perth Children’s Hospital. Helping little hands provides practical, financial and emotional support to the 3,000 premie families per year who travel through King Eddies and PCH with the specific aim of enabling parents to spend time with and care for their babies.

Joanne is a passionate advocate for families of premies and sits on a number of hospital executive groups, committees and research projects ensuring that the parent voice is represented. All of Joanne’s work is voluntary and 100% of donations to helping little hands go directly to supporting families of premies.



Lexi Crouch

Lexi is a passionate Eating Disorder Advocate and change maker. Coming from a lived experienced of a serve 15 year battle of Anorexia Nervosa and spending a lot of her life in hospital, Lexi used her intense drive and turned her life around to make it work for her. Through her Yoga, blogging, nutrition and business background, Lexi vowed if she ever recovered she would give back and help others realise their potential as well. She is a mentor, hospital and conference key note speaker and facilitator as well as taking Eating Disorder clients for Yoga and lived experience consultations through personal branding. Lexi also works in Tech and is co-heading a company that is soon to realise and App to help carers support loved ones with Eating Disorders.  Lexi gets the message out recovery and life beyond Eating Disorders is possible.



Manuela Whitford – Friends With Dignity Ltd

Manuela is married and a mother of 3 beautiful children who works fulltime as a Clinical nurse at Queensland Health dealing with Alcohol, Drugs and Mental health issues.

Friends With Dignity is a NFP that works on a referral basis with organisations and services focused on Domestic Violence issues. They assist men, women and children successfully and sustainably restart their lives by collaborating and engaging with the local Community to make a difference. Practical support that provides immediate assistance to others and at the same time highlighting the prevalence of DV in their local areas. Their work is solely reliant on the donations, generosity and assistance from the Community.



Melanie Tate – Puddle Jumpers Incorporated

Melanie Tate is a loving wife and dedicated mum to three boys, as well as the CEO and Founder of a charitable organisation of approximately 500 volunteers and employees. Melanie and Puddle Jumpers provide services to children and young people in South Australia, primarily those who live away from their birth parents. Puddle Jumpers runs camps and activity days that give children who may never have been away for a holiday, and has expanded to providing free food, clothing and household items at their weekly Community Food Nights. Puddle Jumpers also has an op shop on South Road which boasts some of the lowest prices in South Australia. Melanie started Puddle Jumpers 6 years ago from her kitchen table and since then the organisation has moved into premises owned by the Department of Child Protection with support from the government and many other private and public sponsors, including Jayne Stinson MP.



Rachelle Panitz – So Brave – Australia’s Young Women’s Breast Cancer Charity

Rachelle Panitz is currently Managing Director of So Brave – Australia’s Young Women’s Breast Cancer Charity, which she founded in 2016 following her own breast cancer diagnosis at 32. So Brave: – empowers young women who’ve faced breast cancer; – raises awareness across Australia that young women need to be vigilant in their breast health and; – raises funds for research to better prevent, diagnose, treat and monitor breast cancer in young women. Rachelle has built the charity from an idea to empower young breast cancer survivors to proven concept and registered health promotion charity operating across Australia. In 2018, So Brave will launch its third flagship fundraising Calendar and is thrilled to launch its Research Grants Program to directly fund breast cancer research.



Wilhelmina Ford – ShareAbode

Willo is a single mum who created ShareAbode which is an online platform that connects single parents for affordable living by sharing a home and cutting rent and everday expenses and gaining support emotionally and logistically