2018 Multicultural Business Award finalists


Elaine Tang – Melvory Skincare

Elaine is a passionate & quirky mum of 2 girls, originally from Malaysia who, came to Australia when she was 18 after winning 2 Pharmacy scholarships. She is often an engrossed scientist in her home-based lab (when the kids are asleep), formulating a variety of natural & organic skin care products to address numerous skin concerns common to all ages.

Melvory Skincare was an accidental third baby of hers. She made a tub of cream for her bestie’s baby who had eczema, who then posted on Facebook about the amazing results, and pretty soon, Elaine was receiving hundreds of messages asking for the cream. That was how Melvory was born.



Antoinette Stonham – All About Style

Six years ago, Antoinette, mother of two adult children and grandmother was about to turn fifty, when she made the decision to pull away from the family business of twenty-five years to pursue her life’s passion. Armed with her background in pattern making and design she enrolled in a Personal Styling course and started her business All About Style. There were many sceptics as most people perceive personal styling as being for the rich and famous, however Antoinette’s hard work and determination has seen All About Style grow from an idea to a business serving clients across Australia.

Antoinette’s mission is to help women and men feel empowered and confident within themselves regardless of their age, body type, culture or status so they can achieve their goals.



Anuradha Sawhney – Bidiliia

Anu, is the designer and owner of Bidiliia. Anu has been in the design and manufacturing industry, working for various designers and brands in Australia and overseas for over 14 years and she’s taken her passion for a ride with Bidiliia. Other than being mum to a gorgeous and practically perfect 4 year old, she found her passion in designing jewellery and birthing and nurturing Bidiliia as a fashion jewellery brand. Bidiliia brings together her passion for beautiful designs and craftsmanship with her need to create a better environment and lives for the artisans who make the jewellery for brand Bidiliia. She’s out to bust the myth that exceptional design and ethical manufacturing equate unaffordable prices. Bidiliia jewellery takes shape in her Sydney apartment and is handmade ethically and we responsibility by a family of artisans in Spain.



Himanshi Munshaw Luhar – Foodie Trails

Foodie Trails was an idea sparked by Himanshi  in a home study in 2009. Often approached by others; with curiosity about her background and culture, Himanshi was trying to find unusual ways of promoting travel to India. She created a walking tour in Melbourne to take people on a 3 hour journey into India, it’s culture and its people. Visiting a number of cafes, restaurants and spice stores on the tour; guests were immersed through stories, food and smells in what the culture is all about. With popularity growing of the style or tour, Foodie Trails expanded into offering African & Turkish tours and then further into cooking classes, festivals and corporate events. In the heart of is all however is Himanshi’s passion for travel and cultures offering international travel experiences with local hosts to exotic destinations in the Southern hemisphere. Himanshi came to Melbourne as an international student and made it her home. The Mum of two kids loves the multicultural flavours Melbourne has to offer.



Jina Zheng – Studio Z Photography Melbourne

Jina left a 12 year career as an Architect and her teaching position at Melbourne University to start her photography business. She specialises in photographing babies and children up to 7 years of age. She provides photography sessions in her studio, at her clients home, as well as school photography services for kindergartens and Gymbaroos. She feels strongly against asking children to pose for pictures. All her sessions, including kindergarten photos, are un-posed. She created a play-based photographic style that relaxes and engages even the shyest child, and is able to then capture their natural expressions and the in the ‘everyone smiling and looking at the camera’ portrait that parents want.



Natasha Janssens – Women With Cents

Natasha Janssens wears many hats. She is a proud mum of two (a 4 year old and 7 month old) and a practicing accountant, financial planner and mortgage broker. At just 18 years of age she fled the NATO bombing of her hometown in Serbia, and arrived in Australia without her family. Having to fend for herself in a foreign country, she learned first-hand the complexities of navigating the Australian financial system and the challenges faced by Australian women. This experience and a passion for helping others ultimately led her to create Women With Cents (WWC), an award winning online financial education business. Founded in 2016, WWC assists Australian women across the country to take control of their finances and achieve financial independence. A regular contributor in the media, Natasha’s advice has featured in numerous media outlets such as Elle Magazine, SMH, ABC Radio, Mamamia, and Today Tonight.



Ruchika Rawat – Roo and Joey

Ruchika Rawat is the founder of Roo and Joey. She has an impressive community and health background as Physiotherapist before becoming an entrepreneur. She is actively involved in supporting women from CALD backgrounds. She strongly advocates the cause of gender equality and financial freedom for females and is actively involved in promotion and awareness as a member of United Nations National Women’s Committee. Besides her regular Physiotherapy job for VPHS (Victorian Public Health Services), she is the driver of Roo and Joey’s mission of Blossoming Mums and Bubs! She manages the operations of the business and guides the business culture of the collective as an inclusive, supportive and innovative group.



Sanja Tesic – Blue Gerbera

Sanja Tesic is an Author, Inspirational speaker, Career and Mindset coach and mother to twin 2 year old girls, Maja and Sophia. At age 8, Sanja became a child refugee. Sanja and her family sought refuge in various republics within the former Yugoslavia for five years. At age 13, Sanja immigrated to Australia. Sanja did not speak, write or understand English. Sanja is a certified linguistics practitioner and has a Bachelor Degree in Human Resources Management. In 2014 she founded Blue Gerbera, a coaching business which offers online, one on one coaching and group workshops.

Sanja is a wellness advocate and was recently the guest speaker at the International Women’s Day at Crown Towers in Perth. In 2017 Sanja’s book “Born To Bloom – From Hardship to Happiness” was published. An inspirational biography. A story of a war refugee who chooses a victor mentality to succeed.



Sarah & Maryam Mounajed – Halal Bubs 

Sarah & Maryam are two passionate sisters who embarked on the journey of creating their own halal baby food after they found there was a huge gap in the market after searching and failing to find any fresh, healthy and most importantly halal baby food. Maryam is a chef who has a wealth of experience working in the fine dining field and transferred this comprehensive knowledge of flavours into the recipes of baby food, thus creating not only healthy baby food but gourmet baby food. Sarah is a teacher who is very business minded and together with Maryam established and created the Halal Bubs Baby Food brand.



Sarifa Younes – Arndell Park Early Childhood Learning Centre  

Sarifa Younes comes from a background of international studies and involvement in many global projects in education and environment, which led her to settle in Australia and call into life the Arndell Park Early Childhood Learning Centre (15 years ago), the Training College of Australia (6 years ago) and the International Academy of Marawi 3 years ago, as through education people are given choices and doors are opened, and the future of our communities and environment can benefit for generations to come. In this way Sarifa is committed to changing many lives.