2018 Product Innovation finalists


Amanda Rowe – Feeding Friend

Amanda noticed severe aches and pains in her wrists and arms when her second child was six months old. After visiting her GP, it was confirmed that Carpal Tunnel Syndrome was causing her pain and making it difficult to support her baby while breastfeeding. This could have been prevented if she used a suitable nursing pillow. Amanda needed a versatile pillow that she could easily take on-the-go and that also offered flexible levels of support to adapt along with her growing baby. Amanda soon discovered that all the nursing pillows she could find on the market were big, bulky, flat-levelled and impractical to travel with, so she designed her own called Feeding Friend – the ultimate travel, self-inflating, wedged-shaped nursing pillow.



Cherie Binstead – Juizbeggy Creations

Cherie has been creative for as long as anyone can remember. She is the Mother of two small children, wife of a “Fly in Fly Out” (FIFO) Husband and a creative artist at heart. Having spent 18 months travelling around Australia in a Caravan with her two small children, she was inspired to channel her creativity into writing and illustrating fun rhythmical children’s picture books. Her books are centred on the adventures of a family exploring Australia with a vision of inspiring others to do the same. The books are colourful reflections of the Australian landscape and includes an optional map and stickers, adding an interactive element to the books. While being a wonderful advertisement for Australian locations, they are also educational. Readers will be able to collect the series, learn about Australia’s history and culture and appreciate how amazing our beautiful country is.



Danielle Waller – Oly 4 Kids

Danielle is a coach and advocate of being fit and strong, and in particular the great benefits of Olympic Weightlifting. It is amazing for all ages, which has frustrated her that it has not taken off as a sporting activity for kids in Australia.  Because of this, Daniele created her own ten step programme for kids, which is structured and easy to follow – the purpose of this was teaching the fundamental principles of weightlifting. The best thing about this program – no weights or even bars are required to begin, the whole focus is fun, games and skill sessions. As part of the program, every child receives their own t-shirt and custom made training journal to track and enjoy their progress, along with stickers and progress photos to track their weekly progress.



Helen Druitt – BuggyCart

It was during the early months after Helen’s third baby “Lennox” was born, she found myself with the dilemma of not being able to do enough shopping at my local supermarket with the limited storage space in her stroller. She was unimpressed with the dirty, wonky wheeled trolleys on offer, so she began her quest to find a large enough bag to hold all her shopping, without ruining or causing my stroller to tip over. She discovered that if a bag had its own set of wheels, the weight of my shopping would not cause the stroller to tip. After securing a patent, and several prototypes later, the first Buggycart was born.



Helen Marshall – Primal Alternative

At age 39 Helen Marshall faced a health crisis: she felt sick all of the time, was exhausted by life but couldn’t sleep, couldn’t poo, didn’t feel like sexy time (!) and suffered mental health problems including anxiety, depression plus weird phobias around flying and the kids getting sick.  She reclaimed her health by ditching grains, seed oils and sugar from her diet & qualified as a Health Coach to help others do the same.  But she got kick back!  Going without staples like bread is hard!  So Helen crated a range of Primal Alternatives to the foods we love to help make grain free easy!  Helen then franchised her successful baking business so that other Mums with a passion for clean living and a love of baking can create a business that serves them, and get to work from home.  Primal Alternative is a national network of local producers uniting women across Australia – think sisterhood!



Julia Christie – Christie & Christie

Julia Christie – Mum of 3-under-5 – CEO – Inventor – Mumtrepeneur – Patent Holder – Big Innovation Award Winner – Australian Good Design Award Winner – Successful Crowdfunder – Public Speaker – International Product Seller – Distributor.



Kate Curry – inchargebox

Kate is a Melbourne Mum of 2. She designed and developed inchargebox in 2016 as was tired of looking at kids wasting time hunched over their phones and iPads and staring into screens while playing PS4 games. Inchargebox is a stylish lockable tech charging safe box that charges up to 10 devices at once. It really helps set boundaries with tech and brings more peace and harmony into family life!



Kelly Ferguson – Kooki U

Kelly has lived in Australia since she was 12 so proudly calls herself Australian. She grew up in Adelaide, lived in Melbourne for a few years then moved to Brisbane for the warm weather. The plan was to stay for a year, but three children and 14 years later she is still there.

Her revolutionary business is called Kooki U. It’s a cosmetics and body products business make specifically for kids, tweens and young adults, providing Australian made Mineral makeup for fun and performance. Kooki U was started by Kelly, the brand was created after she kept finding her two young daughters constantly in her make-up bag. Her girls danced in concerts commencing a love of makeup, constantly helping themselves to her makeup and ruining it in the process. After looking around for an Australian made cosmetics range suitable for kids that were created with natural ingredients and not-so-nasty chemicals, and not finding one, she decided to create one.



Malou Villarreal – Baby Loves Sleep

I am a Mum of two young boys and wife to an equally busy but very supportive husband. My business is BABY LOVES SLEEP and I am the creator of two unique (patent-pending) and amazing products for babies – SLEEPY HUGS® sleep sack for swaddle transitioning, with a unique design that gives babies the freedom to move their arms without the restriction of a tight swaddle and KOALA HUGS® clever newborn swaddle wraps, with clever built-in arms pockets to gently cocoon your baby’s arms and keep them securely inside the swaddle wrap.



Natalia Michael – No Nasties Kids

No Nasties Kids is an Australian Company who creates all-natural play makeup and soon to launch all natural, Australian made children’s hair and body care range called “SLiCK KiDS TM” which are made with high quality native Australian extracts.

No Nasties launched in May of 2015 with beautifully branded and packaged play makeup sets and has since amassed a social media following of over 10,000 as well as over 300 stockists globally and distributors in Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Chile, Canada and South Korea. With the exciting launch of SLiCK KiDS TM we have a goal of reaching a $30 million dollar turnover in 10 years focussing on exporting into Asia.



Olivia Anderson – Twincredible

Olivia twins were her third and fourth children and with a gap for a twin feeding pillow in Australia, she created TWINCREDIBLE. Having baby twins is a really stressful time and the pillow is an unique product that really makes life easier. Powered by brand loyalty, word of mouth has taken the brand from strength to strength in a few short years. The product was designed by Olivia and is currently manufactured in China, selling exclusively at twincredible.com.au. Olivia does all of the marketing, customer service, despatch and administration for the business. Only an accountant and Manufacturing Agent (for China) are used on a project basis.



Rebecca Broadfoot – Ministry of Education

Ministry of Education founder, Rebecca believes that confidence is key to achievement.  As a teacher, tutor and mother, she’s passionate about giving children the confidence they need to feel good about themselves.  Shortly after the birth of her second son, Rebecca began a tuition business.  She was contacted regularly by parents enquiring about school readiness tuition sessions.  She felt there was a better way to offer parents a variety of fun and engaging activities while also communicating the importance of play based learning for young children than through a structured tuition session.  So she began working on the Primary School Support Package.  An all-inclusive package with over 50 pages of mostly reusable literacy and numeracy activities and resources, aligned with the National Curriculum and supported by clear teaching guides for parents.



Wendy Eade – Eaden Pty Ltd

Wendy Eade was experiencing sleepless nights due to her menopause, waking 2 and 3 times a night to change her sleepwear as it was damp and uncomfortable from night sweats. Wendy recognised that having poor sleep was debilitating and was affecting all aspects of her life. This driving need to restore her sleep and rebalance her life is what motivated this mum to start her business. Hours of research, usually in the middle of the night lead Wendy to realise there was nothing on the Australian market that met her needs. Not satisfied with the lack of viable options, Wendy turned her frustration into opportunity and set out to design and manufacture sleepwear that would assist thousands of Australian women experiencing the same problem. From this Eaden was born and nine years later and with thousands of loyal customers, it remains the only Australian company producing wicking sleepwear.