2018 Tasmanian Business Excellence finalists


Brenda Tsiaousis – Brenda Tsiaousis International

Success mentor, courage igniter and #1 best selling author of Courage to Bloom, Brenda supports and empowers individuals to realise their full potential as leaders in life, business and entrepreneurship. Through her coaching and consulting services she helps entrepreneurs, emerging leaders, and women in business who desire growth and real connections to have the confidence and courage to market their business and create a unique brand.

Founder of Courage to Bloom and Market You…with Confidence, Brenda has developed a transformative series of services and programs enabling others to “be heard” in the online space. Her gift is a natural ability to portray someone or their brand in a way that connects with others and then inspires them to have the courage to share this with the world.



Jes Jackson – Young Mums Unleashed

At the age of 16, Tasmanian rock n ’roll mama to 3, Jes Jackson, fell pregnant with her first child. Young Mums Unleashed was born from her desires to see young mothers supported, engaged, motivated and loved; free from the weight of societal stereotypes and alive with the light of new life.

Her aim is to create a movement of free thinking, strong and driven young mothers who are keen to blossom into their personal power and rid themselves of negativity in that new chapter of their lives. With the creation of unique & dynamic content that is easy to follow and even easier to love, Jes is creating safe spaces where young mothers are free to be themselves and grow under the guidance of an invested advocate in a global community of teen mothers.



Michelle Williams – House of Dance Tasmania

Michelle is an energetic, motivated, and dynamic leader, businesswoman and mother. Initially a performer, she began The House of Dance to teach young people the love of dance. In 2019, Michelle celebrates her 20th year as owner and creative director. Michelle’s husband and two children share her love of performing arts.

The House of Dance provides quality dance training for students 18 months to adult, with four main business streams: The House of Dance – over 350 students from 5 to adult, teaching jazz, tap, classical ballet, contemporary, acrobats, Pilates, musical theatre; The Dance House – a non-competitive stream for recreational dancers; Angelina Ballerina Academy – the largest preschool program of its kind in Tasmania with over 150 baby ballet students 18 months to 4 years; Tasmanian Youth Classical Ballet Company – open to serious ballet students. Established in 2016 it now has 40 members from across Tasmania.



Sarah Purvey – Sarah Purvey Psychology

Sarah is a Clinical Psychologist and Hypnobirthing Australia Practitioner. Over 18 months she has started her own psychology practice, with three subcontractors. Sarah loves helping adults make sense of their minds, and support them to change their lives and learn from challenge, via clinical psychology sessions. Sarah has attracted three other powerful women to work with her, a fellow clinical psychologist and two clinical hypnotherapists, who are equally dedicated to helping Tasmanians cultivate healthy minds and meaningful lives.  For mothers about to give birth, Sarah also runs Hypnobirthing Australia childbirth education classes. Sarah is passionate about empowering women to trust their instincts and to have powerful and fulfilling birth experiences. Sarah knows that if mothers can have a birth that makes them feel like superwoman, no matter how their baby enters the world, then they can have a confident start, to the most important job in the world.. parenting.