2018 Western Australian Business Excellence Award finalists


Candise Adams – Safe Counselling Australia

Candise Adams is the mother of 3 children aged 4, 10 and 11 and is a FIFO wife with a Masters in Counselling and Psychotherapy. In January 2018 Candise decided to open Safe Counselling Australia. For the last 10 years Candise worked with children impacted by trauma (Drugs, Domestic Violence, Bullying and Child Sexual Abuse) and often heard parents say “I wish we had known about Protective Behaviours”.  The guilt the shame of child sexual abuse on a parent is devastating so Candise decided it was time to work preventatively as well and developed training programs on Body awareness and Body Ownership (Protective Behaviours), Cyber safety and Trauma informed Practices for schools, day-cares and organisations.



Dr Kirsty Black – Infinitive Health Wellness Centre

Kirsty is the very proud mother of two children, Lace and Logan. Lace is currently studying at Curtin University completing her undergraduate in psychology, and Logan is in year 12 and has recently been nominated for the Beazley Medal (VET) and is looking forward to getting an apprenticeship in carpentry.

Infinitive Health Wellness Centre’s tag line is “Regain and Maintain Optimal Health”. With this motto in mind a six-room centre was designed to provide a range of healthcare practitioners from different disciplines to assist patients to regain their health and teach them how to maintain it. As an integral part of growing the family business, both Lace and Logan work part-time at Infinitive Health as reception staff. Kirsty’s dream for Infinitive Health is to develop across Australia, then grow internationally with the hope of changing lives for the better, for individuals and their families.



Dr. Bailey Bosch – Mums who Study

Dr. Bailey Bosch is a psychologist, author, researcher and academic but her favourite and most treasured role is that of Mum to five children under 11. Bailey started Mums Who Study to address the lack of support women face when undertaking further studies in Australia. As part of this journey she has written a children’s book to help Mums explain to their kids more about what ‘Mum does’ and has started a Facebook community that now has over 2000 members. In addition, she provides pro-bono support and coaching to struggling Mums who Study.



Janine Leafe – Informed Loans

Janine Leafe launched Informed loans in March 2018 when she saw a gap in mortgage broking sector for financial education. With 10 years of experience in personal finance she saw the same common mistakes being made time over by her clientele. She has created a business that assists her clients by placing them in the best financial position possible through debt minimalization, good structuring and financial education. Through her passion to help others she grew an online following of 24,000+ on LinkedIn in less than a year from 2017 to 2018. Through an educational series of videos on relatable topics this assisted in a business relationship forged with a CEO of a real estate company that she now collaborates with.



Jay Crisp Crow – Crisp Copy

Jay Crisp Crow is a business owner, messy mother, and ex-showgirl who used to sing on the back of monster trucks before having children and getting ‘sensible’. She spent far too many years working in private school communications believing she couldn’t make a living as a writer before having an epiphany and taking her own gig on the road.

She somewhat surprised herself by becoming a multi award-winning copywriter, editor, and copy coach working with brands and business people around the globe. Building an incredible career based on the art of writing words that sell, Jay has turned her love of stories and people into something she never thought possible – a sustainable, thriving business. She regularly teaches, presents, and speaks in Perth and online on everything copy and words.



Joanne Beedie – Helping Little Hands

Joanne co-founded and runs “helping little hands”, a charity supporting families of premature babies in Western Australia on their journey through the neonatal intensive care units at King Edward Memorial and Perth Children’s Hospital. Helping little hands provides practical, financial and emotional support to the 3,000 premie families per year who travel through King Eddies and PCH with the specific aim of enabling parents to spend time with and care for their babies.

Joanne is a passionate advocate for families of premies and sits on a number of hospital executive groups, committees and research projects ensuring that the parent voice is represented. All of Joanne’s work is voluntary and 100% of donations to helping little hands go directly to supporting families of premies.



Kate Freebairn – South West Mums

South West Mums is an online community for Mums and families in the South West of WA. Run by FIFO Mum of 2, Kate Freebairn, South West Mums aims to provide local families with ideas on things to do and what’s on in the South West region. But more than this, the online community aims to provide a safe space for Mums in the region to explore friendships and have their questions around motherhood answered.

South West Mums also establishes relationships with local businesses in the South Western Region with the aim to provide an advertising and marketing platform that is easily accessible and highly targeted. This approach provides local businesses with affordable and effective advertising options and strengthens the economy of the region.



Kosoula Chase – Complete Approvals

Since completing her studies, Kosoula has been working in the building and renovation industry for over 15 years. She has a passion for design and drafting, and loves what she does. Kosoula’s work has seen her on projects of all sizes, from small patio extensions, to large scale housing renovations and new homes. The desire to see the look on her client’s face when they fall in love with the finished product is the same, no matter the size of the project. This is a major part of why she loves what she does. Since opening Complete Approvals Kosoula has added quite a few services to the business’s range. Coupling this with council approvals, Complete Approvals really are something unique in the market place. Clients have the choice to utilise as many or as few services as required, which means they really do become the one stop for Complete Approvals.



Melinda Vaughan – Mozeek

Melinda is best described as being resilient, personally and professionally. In her 10 years of business, Melinda has had to constantly evolve as her clients either went out of business, were taken over by larger companies, or because of changes within the industry. Her ability to never give up, constantly want to keep learning and continue to form genuine connections with people, will ensure that she remains respected amongst her team and her peers alike. Having provided over 1000 people with a casual job over the years, Mozeek has been an important addition to the small business network of Perth. Mozeek supply fun casual work for Uni students, Mum’s that want flexible work, or just people who really love to work in the Brand Ambassador and Promotional industry. Mozeek supports other businesses by promoting their product or service in the way of Promotional Personnel.



Nara-Beth Bonfiglio – Little Fusspot

Nutritionist and founder of Little Fusspot Beth Bonfiglio understands the impact that poor eating can have on the physical and mental health of children. She also realises that unfortunately, children are the target of marketing for some of the unhealthiest foods on our planet. Stressed parents or carers who have a child who doesn’t eat often resort to feeding these unhealthy foods to fill this gap. As a mother of two children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) who each have their own eating issues, Beth made it her mission to learn what causes a child to be fussy and develop strategies to help children with sensory related food issues. She has worked with leading occupational therapists and psychologists in Western Australia to develop a hugely successful three-week intensive program that now boasts helping families worldwide.



Pieta Sharpe – Perth Happenings

Pieta Sharpe is a single Mum to two boys with a genuine passion for her others.  Working within the Community Service and Not For Profit sector led her to recognise there was no online forum for Perth that culminated and promoted smaller, community focussed events offering new residents to Perth a place to find and engage with their local area.

Although the structure has changed, Perth Happenings was designed to be different. Working with only locally owned and operated businesses, Perth Happenings provides a place to find your local markets, food trucks and events. With eight community pages including “Out of Town,” the website is a place for locals and visitors alike to live and breathe what is special about Perth.



Tracey Vermaak – WA Settlement Services

Tracey is a mum of 2, self-confessed fitness fanatic and enthusiastic Mumpreneur.  She struggles to sit still and between running a household, organising 2 little girls aged 4 and 5, working out and running her little business, she couldn’t be happier!

Tracey is a Settlement Agent, also known as a conveyancer, who is fantastic at dealing with the 2 things that most people hate – numbers and stress!  She prides herself on handling these things with ease, which makes her an amazing Settlement Agent. Tracey’s focus is on exceptional customer service and building a reputation of being trustworthy, reliable and efficient.  She has 1 part-time employee who compliments her business and they job-share, working together with ease and efficiency. Tracey is looking to expand her business over the coming year and wants to create a dynamic team to fill her office space.