2018 Women Will Change The World finalists


Allison Davies – Brain Care Specialist

Allison Davies lives in rural Tasmania, is a Mother of 2, a wife, a Neurologic Music Therapist, a guest speaker and is autistic. For 12 years she ran a private music therapy practice before launching ‘Allison Davies, Brain Care Specialist’, an online platform for Brain Care education, in 2016. She now creates resources and runs nationwide workshops, educating parents and teachers about their child’s brain, how it functions, why it experiences anxiety and how to support it to function at it’s best. She is determined to spread the message that every child’s behaviours are a bi-product of what their brain is telling them to do, and that the sooner we support our children’s brain to function at their best, the sooner we will see a reduction of the problematic behaviours that are inundating our homes and classrooms.



Caitlin Barrett – Love Mercy Foundation

Caitlin Barrett is the founding CEO of Love Mercy, an organisation committed to creating 20,000 female farmers in Uganda to restore hope to a region devastated by 20 years of civil war. Love Mercy provides micro-agriculture loans to women to kickstart their farming careers. It also runs a maternity ward in a remote and rural area where women were giving birth in their huts. Caitlin started the organisation as a development studies student in second year university with a passion for social justice with a vision to help women break free from poverty. She has a young family with two children ages 2 and 5 and juggles work and motherhood from Thirroul, south of Sydney.



Kelly Boateng – Adinkra Designs

Kelly established Adinkra Designs in May 2017. Adinkra Designs imports décor from Ghana for the home and baby nursery. All Adinkra Designs products are ethically made from sustainable, eco friendly materials. Adinkra Designs prides itself on working direct with the artisans to ensure that they are provided a fair income and adhere to Fair Trade practices. Giving back to the communities they work with is at the heart of everything they do. Every sale made helps to fund improved educational resources for children in Ghana.



Kim Oakhill – Helpful Love

After becoming a mum, a passion was ignited within Kim to create a legacy for her children to be proud of. She ventured down a new path of creative, soul fulfilling ventures and became a very successful modern marriage celebrant.

In February 2016, following the death of her friend’s little girl, Kim founded Helpful Love; a for profit for impact social enterprise which offers practical domestic services in lieu of flowers. Kim’s mission is to grow the Helpful Love movement across Australia and once established and blossoming beautifully, successfully touching lives across the globe.



Kirilee Furlong – Wonderful Me

Wonderful Me started in 2015 with personalised story books, written in rhyme from start to end for each child. The message of the books was always to encourage, empower and make sure that each child knew that they were special, unique and worthy!

As time went on The Hug children’s book was birthed, with an accompanying soft toy. The heart behind The Hug remained the same; to instil confidence and help grow resilience in each child who hears the powerful words that are spoken to them in The Hug. Kirilee has a strong belief in the power of words and the role they play in establishing a child’s view of themself, especially in the first years of their life. She uses her love of the written word and passion for supporting children to learn through play to help children everywhere develop a strong, positive, unshakeable inner voice.



Krissy Ballinger – The Inspired Little Pot

The Inspired Little Pot is on a mission to inspire people to live a natural life, free from unnecessary toxins. Recipes for do-it-yourself skin care and cleaning are plentiful online and within the pages of two beautiful recipe books.  Gorgeous, pure and raw ingredients are also available online, making DIY simple, achievable and fun.

Krissy Ballinger, the founder of The Inspired Little Pot, and former Health and Physical Education teacher, is passionate about education and empowering individuals to live a life less toxic, therefore improving their health and the health of the planet. She has made it her mission to spread the word that natural living is possible in this fast-paced and convenient world.



Lucy Good – Beanstalk

Beanstalk is an online sanctuary of light-hearted conversation, practical advice and targeted resources, designed to reach out and empower the lives of Australian single mothers and their children.

Founder, Lucy Good, discovered a unique position in the market as there was no other resource which inspires single mums whilst giving them knowledge to navigate every stage of single motherhood. Through her commitment to Beanstalk and her desire to help single mothers, Lucy sits at the centre of the think-tank of modern-day single motherhood. She is a social commentator on single parent issues and has appeared several times on national television, speaks on national and local radio and writes articles for parenting, news, lifestyle and business communities.



Melanie Tate – Puddle Jumpers Incorporated

Melanie Tate is a loving wife and dedicated mum to three boys, as well as the CEO and Founder of a charitable organisation of approximately 500 volunteers and employees. Melanie and Puddle Jumpers provide services to children and young people in South Australia, primarily those who live away from their birth parents. Puddle Jumpers runs camps and activity days that give children who may never have been away for a holiday, and has expanded to providing free food, clothing and household items at their weekly Community Food Nights. Puddle Jumpers also has an op shop on South Road which boasts some of the lowest prices in South Australia. Melanie started Puddle Jumpers 6 years ago from her kitchen table and since then the organisation has moved into premises owned by the Department of Child Protection with support from the government and many other private and public sponsors, including Jayne Stinson MP.



Natalie Roberts-Mazzeo – Miracle Mama

Natalie Roberts-Mazzeo from Miracle Mama is incredibly passionate about human potential, and what that means for us as women (or children) to reach our highest potential in this lifetime, despite what challenges may come our way.

Natalie works with heart-driven women who want to create conscious change for themselves + their families + the world. Natalie achieves this through  1:1 coaching, speaking, events, writing, advocating  and creating community.



Prue Gilbert – Grace Papers

Prue Gilbert is a wife, mother of three children, and the founder and CEO of Grace Papers. Grace Papers was founded over 10 years ago to equip new & expectant parents with education, tools and strategies to make informed decisions about
career, care & economic security. They work with business & government to support employees to navigate parental leave and embrace workplace flexibility in a way that models care for self, care for the workplace community, and care for others. This is
orchestrated through an online digital platform, one on one consultations and various workshops. All their programs are evidence based, drawing on expertise from lawyers, psychologists, neuroscientists, and social change experts. In 2014, Grace
Papers was awarded the Australian Human Rights Business Award for empowering individuals to address pregnancy-related discrimination, experienced by 1 in 2 women, and 1 in 4 men. They were recognised globally and showcased at UNESCO/UN Women Mobile Learning Week, 2015.



Rachelle Panitz – So Brave – Australia’s Young Women’s Breast Cancer Charity

Rachelle Panitz is currently Managing Director of So Brave – Australia’s Young Women’s Breast Cancer Charity, which she founded in 2016 following her own breast cancer diagnosis at 32. So Brave: – empowers young women who’ve faced breast cancer; – raises awareness across Australia that young women need to be vigilant in their breast health and; – raises funds for research to better prevent, diagnose, treat and monitor breast cancer in young women. Rachelle has built the charity from an idea to empower young breast cancer survivors to proven concept and registered health promotion charity operating across Australia. In 2018, So Brave will launch its third flagship fundraising Calendar and is thrilled to launch its Research Grants Program to directly fund breast cancer research.



Rochelle Courtenay – Share the Dignity

Shocked to learn that vulnerable women suffered unthinkable indignities during their monthly period, Rochelle Courtenay decided to do something about it. In 2015, she collected 500 sanitary items and donated them to a local charity. What happened next is a testament to Rochelle’s drive, compassion and desire to help others. She created Share the Dignity, a charity that has since distributed more than 1,200,000 sanitary items and established over 3,000 collection points around Australia. Her “It’s in the Bag” campaign has collected and distributed more than 250,000 handbags filled with some of life’s essentials, including soap and shampoo, toothpaste and tampons. Starting with just 10 supporters, today Rochelle has amassed a team of more than 4,100 dedicated volunteers. She’s also developed a Dignity Vending Machine, which is currently being rolled out throughout Australia. Rochelle’s determination and intelligence in her advocacy work to see the Removal of the Tampon tax now sees the Greens and Labour being supportive of the removal of the tax with a bill yet to be passed. The self-proclaimed ‘crazy pad lady’ is an inspiring hands-on leader who is determined that all women should have the opportunity to live with dignity.