This week’s Ambassador Feature is with Jess Ndenda, Olive Louise Social

2019 AusMumpreneur B2B Business Services Award – Gold winner


Jessica Ndenda is an award-winning business owner, public speaker and women in business activist. Leaving her reputable corporate career in Learning and Development and sales, and building Olive Louise Social in 2015, she has successfully built one of Brisbane’s most recognised boutique marketing agencies, leading a team of 7 hardworking mothers, whilst raising her own tribe of 4 children. She is passionate about educating women to recognise they really can have it all if they are intentional about changing their thinking and learning practical tools to help them succeed. Jess is known for working the hardest, laughing the loudest and dreaming the biggest.  

She is infamous for wearing her weird and wonderful frocks. When she is not at work you will find her at church or cooking for her friends and family. Jess is a self-confessed foodie and workaholic who speaks fluent hashtag. #becauseitsfun.



Tell us the story behind why you love what you do and why you’re so passionate about sharing your message.

Olive Louise Social was built to be the mum who can have it all. I love working and motherhood but it is rare that those two worlds coexist in harmony when working a traditional job. So, my business partner and I combined the skills we have and built Olive Louise Social and I still pinch myself everyday that this is possible.

I am so passionate about empowering more women and business owners to fight imposter syndrome and know that we can really have it all. In no way is it easy, but if you are intentional about learning the skills you need and recognising where you need to grow, we can have it all.

We need to let it be ok to be mothers who WANT to work. We do not have to; it is ok to want to.


Tell us a story about a challenging time you faced, how you overcame it and what lesson/lessons/wisdom this experience has taught you about life and business.

Before AusMum conference I was struggling greatly with imposter syndrome. I would over deliver, make myself over busy and feel endless shame about taking customersr money for services. AThrough the process of self-reflecting and telling my story, I realised this is not an accident. I am successful because I work darn hard to be. I learnt that despite being a Mum of 4, and total chaos following me wherever I go, it is ok to want to be successful. It does not make me less of a mother or a businesswoman.

I began to understand I wasn’t alone in how I process things or feel. There are hundreds like me! I realised that as a woman, we fit a different mould of business owners and we do not have to try to squash and pull ourselves into someone else’s mould. I even went as far to research why we think, react and are this way. I love the brain and have studied it before, but this blew my mind understanding that we are built differently.

This fuelled me to start talking about this, to everyone who would listen. I am even hosting an event to talk about it more! #nutsiknow

But recognising if we are intentional about understanding the work we need to do in our own headspace, then these differences are our biggest superpowers in the business world.

#rantover #illgetoffmysoapbox


What are 3 pieces of advice you would give someone starting out in business?

1.       Learn to be productive and present. These two P’s are my life. I have a system for productivity which means I can achieve the most in every single second of every day. This means when I am working I am completely present and focused when you are with your family then your presence is with them. This is the first step to having it all.

2.       Find your squad. Business is lonely. Connect and share with like minded people. As cliché as it sounds, they will become a life source of inspiration, tips, and someone to just clear you head. If they are not living courageously and jumping out of the box too, then they really cannot speak on what you are doing. So make sure you find your own people. #hubbywontdo.

3.       Do your work. 3 years ago, I thought self-development was a total crock. You would have never seen me go to a conference that taught resilience or courage. Furthermore, I would openly criticise anyone who did. But now, I eat my words, these are a crucial part of my journey. Understand how your brain works and do your work to become resilient, authentic and strong.


What is your proudest business achievement? Why does this mean so much to you?

Well, again, I am going to waltz right down cliché street, but winning the Ausmempreneur Award for me was my proudest achievement. Not just the award itself, but the process of self-reflection and telling my story and having women I admire speak on it, was a total game changer for me. It not only showed me that I am brilliant, but having to walk into that conference without the security blanket of my business partner, team or husband showed me I am brilliant because of me. That I have done this on my own and I am worthy. This fuelled me to take on a couple of projects that had been weighing on my heart for some time, but I was terrified to do it alone. It also taught me how desperate we all are for someone to tell us we are doing a good job. I vowed to get better at doing that for myself, and other women in my circle that day.


Image credit: Alexandra Anderson, Jam on Your Collar


What’s next for your business?

Oh boy, so much! Olive Louise Social is expanding our team and capacity to work as a full-service agency, we are also exploring becoming one of the first resources to educate people on how to practically market in the digital age.

I am also looking to continue the Blind Date for Women business events to keep the conversation going in Brisbane about women in leadership and business.

And of course, making sure our clients reach their goals each day.

Lots of public speaking events, collaborating, learning whilst trying to keep the 4 little people alive and one day, getting to the bottom of my laundry pile. #maybe


If you could change the world, and money was no object, what would you do?

Make understanding self-love and how to train your brain to listen to your heart a requirement before graduating high school. Our young women are hurting, and they are cruel to each other as a result. We have to be intentional about stopping the pattern of sabotage, comparison and judgement and lift each other up very soon, or life as a woman in the workforce will get a lot worse before it gets better for the generation of our daughters. I will leave that there or you will get me on another rant.


Finally, what do you believe is the secret to success?

There are no secrets here… handwork. There genuinely is nothing you cannot do. No skill you cannot learn. It is at your fingertips if you are willing to work your butt off for it.


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