2019 B2B Business Services finalists


Emma Hannigan, Curly Top Media

After more than a decade as a senior reporter at SBS, Emma Hannigan founded Curly Top Media with a vision of bringing more authenticity to the corporate world through storytelling. She believes that knowing your story – your why, your inspiration, your path and your lessons – enables you to connect more authentically and that has positive implications not only for your business but for your life as a whole. Emma works with CEO’s and Business Leaders around Australia helping them to articulate their story in an engaging and authentic way. Emma was the driving force behind the establishment the Emerald Women’s Leadership Group, providing support and mentoring to emerging Irish Australian women leaders.



Annette Densham, Publicity Genie

Annette Densham is a big believer that everyone has a story. It’s the reason she became a journalist. For over 30 years, she’s been fascinated by the journey of life, dedicating her life to telling people’s stories, their experiences, insights and wisdom.

Through Publicity Genie, she’s created a platform that connects stories with people who want to be inspired, motivated and uplifted. Her agency has a reputation as the go-to public relations agency in Australia for micro, small businesses and start-ups. With a vision to ensure it’s not only the big end of town that has its voice heard in the media, Annette encourages people to tell their stories and use awards as a way of getting recognition. She has made public relations affordable to smaller businesses who are doing excellent work, have a great story to tell and are looking to make an impact.



Chamaine Lovett and Suzan Temizer, Three Birds Do Wine

Three Birds Do Wine was launched in January 2018 by three women brought together by their children, sharing a special connection through challenges of motherhood. A wine club emerged as a platform for support and escapism and with diversity in skillsets a unique business concept emerged. Their purpose to curate experiences, fundraising events, sell emerging wine brands then widened into B2B service offerings to support the local wine and gin industry. They act as the business champions for local producers to find their niche in the marketplace.

They foster the collective experience in diverse communities and demographics with limited access due to location, social isolation or gaps in the marketplace. Responding to emerging consumer trends in Australia, they build strategic collaborations, bridge at-risk communities to existing regional initiatives/programs, and mentor small business with access to our experience in global business, hospitality, customer service, IT, marketing and media to help grow a sustainable brand.



Jasmine Kratz, Inspired Impact

Not only a Business Coach and Brand Strategist, among the many hats she wears she is also as a mother-of-two, who is on a mission to help as many entrepreneurs and businesses as she can. Owner of Inspired Impact, Jasmine has a team of professionals to move businesses from the past to the present. With a marketing strategist, photographer, videographer and brand designer; we can look after everything in one package, from logos to building your custom website.



Jenny Boymal, Your Ideal Customer

Jenny Boymal is the founder of Your Ideal Customer. She is a marketing strategist with 16 years of business experience, Jenny founded Your Ideal Customer 6 months ago to support female business owners who are struggling to attract the right type of clients.

Your Ideal Customer is a Marketing Strategy Service working with businesses to attract high quality customers.



Jessica Ndenda, Olive Louise Social

Olive Louise Social is comprised of 7 passionate working mothers lead by Jess, a mother of 4. Jess and her team have a culture of pushing each other even when its uncomfortable, knowing that they can achieve it all. And they are. They are now in their fourth year and have a full-service digital marketing agency with over 40 clients across 4 countries.

Jess doesn’t have a university degree or a long list of accreditations. She just works incredibly hard to be the best at what she does. She attributes the businesses success to treating each of her clients like it’s her own business and mastering the art of working collaboratively. Whilst her knowledge of algorithms, consumer psychology and marketing techniques is extensive, it is her passion for setting and achieving goals and fierce drive to see results for her clients that makes her stand out in a very crowded marketplace of digital marketers.



Krys Hiscock, Affinity Clinical Research Services 

Krys Hiscock is a clinical research nurse with over fifteen years of specialist experience in many facets of the industry. In 2015, she could see many people becoming frustrated with the traditional model of conducting clinical research in large institutions that are slow to adapt to the rapidly changing pharmaceutical and biotech industries. In 2016, Affinity Clinical Research was launched to assist clinicians wanting to conduct research by providing the logistical and regulatory support needed. Moving this burden enables clinicians to focus on providing their patients with the best care available.

Affinity runs two stand-alone clinics in Perth, including a dedicated cancer research unit, that conduct research studies in a variety of therapeutic areas. Affinity collaborates with other research units to provide nursing and regulatory support on a regular and ad-hoc basis.



Lucy Green, Baby Berry Collective 

Lucy, a mum of 2, is the business owner behind Baby Berry Collective, an online directory for parents. Baby Berry gives mums (and dads!) the opportunity to discover useful products that will help them during their parenthood journey. Baby Berry is more than just a directory, it’s more like parenting hub. There is also a panel of experts who write regularly for the Baby Berry blog on all those important parenting topics. Sleep, health, play, communication, nutrition etc. It’s a place where mums and dads can go to learn tips and tricks that’ll help them parent plus, of course, discover all the top boutique stores to shop with!

The other side of the business is the support Lucy gives to those brands (all small businesses) who list on her directory. They gain exposure via the directory listing, shout-outs on social media, newsletter mentions, feature articles, giveaways and other marketing methods. Lucy does everything she can to promote them to her followers and help them in turn make sales and build their brand in the process.



Mel Daniels, Meld Business Services

Mel Daniels provides virtual assistance through her business Meld Business Services. She specialises in content creation which includes copy writing, email marketing and social media management.

Mel had a successful corporate career in finance before taking a career break to raise her two children. Throughout her life she has thrived on being able to help people. She also knew early on in her #mumlife that going back to the corporate grind was not an option, so providing other women in business with the help they needed to build their own businesses was the perfection solution. This strong sense of empowering others to succeed has always been a large part of her DNA, but it wasn’t until recently that this transformed into a business. She is now influencing a new breed of mumpreneurs by providing flexible virtual working opportunities that give them the chance to apply learnings to their own mumpreneurial journey.



Pip Meecham, ProjectBox

ProjectBox is all about helping businesses to look at HOW they do the things that they do. So, their systems, processes and workflows with a view to making them more efficient, more effective and to make it easy for customers do business with them and for them to do business.

Pip is all about empowerment, about passion and about no boxes. It is these things that are allowing her to build a business that will support her bigger dream of opening a NFP mentoring academy where she hopes to provide the school leavers of South East Queensland with paid, practical, real world experience that they can then use to gain permanent employment.



Sonali Ghosh, Sugar et al.

Sonali is a mum of twin boys, a visual artist and social media influencer. Though self-taught, her passion and eye for baking and art has resulted in a thriving food photography business combining the two. Sugar et al is her creative playground where she partners with top brands, food and non-food businesses and publications to create visually stunning images, creative recipes and highly engaging content.

What started as a humble food blog, gained rapid popularity and currently has a combined reach of 783 k + people (116 k+ followers). A partner to international photography agency, StockFood and contributor to VIDA (US based fashion platform), Sonali’s work has been published globally.