2019 Big Idea (Changing the World) finalists


Brylee Langley, Leveler

Brylee Langley is a mum of two from the Redlands, Queensland and founder / CEO of ‘Leveler’ a social impact enterprise in the edu-tech space.

Leveler was incorporated in August 2018 and secured early seed investment of $250k to develop its technical platform. Leveler’s breakthrough learning system brings a fresh new approach to organising and identifying phonetic information, enabling young learners to become competent readers through a faster and easier process that is unique to the current market. With its innovative system, Leveler removes the barriers often associated with learning to read, making it ideal for early readers, students in the process of learning to read and those with learning difficulties such as dyslexia or memory and attention difficulties. Through the power and scalability of technology, Leveler is poised to deliver its breakthrough methodology of reading instruction to devices Australia wide in late 2019 with a view to international expansion.



Kelly Van Nelson, Kelly Van Nelson Author

Kelly Van Nelson is a mum of two, full-time Managing Director of a global organisation, and a bestselling author and poet represented by The Newman Agency. She established her literary brand, Kelly Van Nelson Author, in 2019 to create contemporary books and leverage the spoken word to raise awareness of issues such as bullying, cyber bullying, domestic violence, and suicide, as well as the power of resilience. She established the Facebook Group, Words Worth, challenging social injustice in the world and built a strong social media tribe of 85,000, to provide a platform for influencing change. In May this year she began delivering her message on stage, performing at poetry open mic events around Australia. In 2019, her contemporary poetry book, Graffiti Lane, was released, focusing on social issues. It became a bestseller within two-month of publication, driving cross-genre conversation and awareness with children, teenagers, YA, and adults alike.



Uroos Raza, Uroos Raza Khan, Uraan TV and EducateKids

Uroos Raza Khan – Blogger for raising awareness on taboo topics in Pakistani Community in particularly mental health issues

Uraan TV – Australia’s first digital Pakistani TV channel and production house currently airing program on Channel C31 for Melbourne and Geelong

EducateKids – Online marketplace for everything education for kids from Daycare, Playgroups, kinder and Schools across Australia.



Coby Stokman, The Real Mum Life

Coby is a Wife, Mum, Dad joke teller swag camping lover and espresso martini drinker from Canberra. She is a Certified Combined Therapy Cocktail (CTC) Master Therapist, Certified Neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) practitioner, Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) practitioner, Hypnosis practitioner, Reiki practitioner, Mindset Guru and Co-Founder of The Real Mum Life. She is one of the most knowledge, passionate and authentic people you will ever meet.

The Real Mum Life (TRML) exists to ‘Help the Modern Day Mum Thrive’ through The Real Mum Life Podcast, Wine, Connection & Wellness Nights (Wine Not Nights), The Thriving Mums Society (Mindset Online Coaching Program) and Transformational Therapies.



Jennene Greenall, A Spectrum Connected 

A Spectrum Connected is a diversity, inclusion and belonging consultancy founded on the knowing that inclusion and belonging happen when everyone is treated equally.  We do this through our philosophy to connect, understand and empower. We collaborate, co-create, consult, educate and deliver programs that connect people to the magic of equality and inclusion. We unite a global team of lived experience and subject matter experts from a range of fields to work in partnership with organisations to bring about a cultural change, elevated service standards and customer experience – where trust, equality and decency is fostered and embraced as core values.

Our lead program, The Unity Project, addresses the gap in customer experience often felt by people living with invisible/hidden disabilities.  We are proud to have launched this Australian first initiative with Brisbane Airport in late 2018.



Paula Hanson, Luscious Choirs for Women

Paula Hanson is an internationally trained opera singer, vocal coach and choral conductor with a passion for sharing her joy of singing – a lifelong passion.

Paula has trained extensively in Australia and holds a Masters Degree from the University of Queensland.  As a singer, she has trained internationally and by invitation with Emeritus Professor of The Juilliard School of Music, New York.

Paula is an award winning teacher of music and believes that everyone can sing and make a beautiful sound, and through more than 25 years of teaching and conducting has never met anyone that she hasn’t been able to help.



Angela Sibley, Ever So Homely

A mum to 3 girls- a 2 year old, and 5 year old twins, Ange has a passion for interiors, organisation and DIY. Ever So Homely was created on the back of a hobby-making business 18 months prior, coupled with complete rebrand approx. 8 months ago!

Ever So Homely is all things lifestyle, decorating, organisation, and inspiration; for the home.

Ange aims to inspire, motivate and help clients to transform and create special spaces within their own homes. More importantly, a home for how her clients want it to feel and be. Her goal is to exhibit the ease of transforming spaces and to ensure that those spaces are simplified, providing organising solutions, as well as a DIY approach to the home.



Lauren Cassimatis, Criminal Law Mums

Lauren Cassimatis is an Accredited Criminal Law Specialist and Principal of legal firm Gallant Law. Lauren has over 15 years’ experience as a criminal lawyer and is known for her compassion and commitment to supporting others.

In 2018 Lauren founded Criminal Law Mums, a well-being and professional development group for criminal lawyer mothers and related professionals. The group presently has 400+ members Australia-wide from all legal practices and roles including judges, lawyers and law students.



Andrea Madden & Steph Piper, Spark Girlz

Girls can’t be what they can’t see. Where are the female scientists, programmers, mechanics, engineers & techs in the public eye & on social media that young learners can look up to as role models? That’s the question that Andrea (a mother of 3) & Steph (a Makerspace creator) asked each other at a chance meeting back in Sept 2018. Spark Girlz was born from a desire (& gap in the market) to create electronic kits to infiltrate the “pink aisle” that would spark a passion for STEM in girls aged 8-12. The Toowoomba co-founders have been running school holiday workshops & are currently developing the first round of edtech kits for retail sale. These women know that the core skills of electronics can spark imagination and innovation that they can cultivate into the  careers of tomorrow.



Sara Storoy, Replenish Refill

Replenish Refill is a zero-waste concept store located in Hervey Bay, Queensland. They opened their doors in February of this year and have been overwhelmed with support from the local community. Rather than mindless consumerism, Replenish Refill provides a calm space that encourages awareness of mindful purchasing. Mum of three Sara Storoy was encouraged to open the store after identifying a lack of options in her local, regional area. Coming from 12 years in small business, and with a passion to reduce waste, she embarked on the journey to provide her community with a hub of not just products, but information. Somewhere people could go to refill household products and learn about sustainable living while minimising their impact of the environment. With an emphasis on plastic free packaging, local and Australian made products, Replenish Refill is also dedicated to supporting other small businesses who excel in environmental practices.



Jennie Thompson, The Cooks Workshop

Jennie Thompson runs The Cooks Workshop. Her personal goal is to be a disrupter in the fight against chronic disease. Wake up the community and show them that sustainable change need not be difficult.

Poor diet is the leading preventable risk factor contributing to the more than $50 billion in annual health care costs and lost productivity and it starts from the day we are born. The building of a cooking school is timely, coinciding with government and private initiatives promoting healthy diet and lifestyle in the fight against chronic disease in Australia. Australians are embracing nutritious ingredients and food styles but often find they lack the skills and confidence to use them.

The Cooks Workshop’ offers cooking programmes aimed at giving people the skills to deliver meal choices that fit their budget, health requirements and importantly tempt their taste buds.



Kate Proud, empowHER

Kate is a wife and mum of 3 beautiful Children, She started her online community empowHER about 8 months ago, by  posting a picture of Kim Kardashian (who a lot of people look up to) along side a picture of herself in the same waist trainer on social media. She did this to prove that these “reality/Celebrities” we look up to are putting out there an unrealistic body image to women of all ages. She gained international attention and ended up being interviewed by the wall street journal about her experience and mission to end body images issues for women and mums especially, that feel that they don’t fit in on social media etc because they may not have the perfect photo’s on Facebook or Instagram. She has worked hard to over come her own depression and anxiety about these issues. She is currently in Pre-Launch for her official empowHER community to help mothers and women to understand you are beautiful and any age or size.