2019 Business Coach Award finalists


Aimee Paananen, The Elegant Life

The Elegant Life, located in south Windsor, in Sydney’s west is not just a regular beauty salon. It’s run and owned by Aimee Paananen ( a mum of 2 girls herself) who concentrates on helping other woman build a home based beauty business to be able to perfectly balance work and family life. The Elegant Life helps mums, mums to be or one simply dreaming to work for them self – develop a enjoyable business with repetitive income from the ground up so that work can be around the hours they need to bring in extra income to help support the family.



Alicia Hagen, Mint Peach Media

Wanting to leave the corporate marketing world, after the birth of her second child, Alicia set out to help small to medium sized businesses launch, scale and increase their profits by opening her boutique marketing agency in July 2018. In September 2018, she had news her husband had been made redundant. So using her business skills, launched into dramatically scaling her own business to support the family and is set to turnover $500,000 in it’s first year; successfully tripled her husband’s income and hired 4 additional employees (all while having her 2 kids at home with her).



Jasmine Kratz, Inspired Impact

Not only a Business Coach and Brand Strategist, among the many hats she wears she is also as a mother-of-two, who is on a mission to help as many entrepreneurs and businesses as she can. Owner of Inspired Impact, Jasmine has a team of professionals to move businesses from the past to the present. With a marketing strategist, photographer, videographer and brand designer; we can look after everything in one package, from logos to building your custom website.



Jessica Ndenda, Olive Louise Social

Olive Louise Social is comprised of 7 passionate working mothers lead by Jess, a mother of 4. Jess and her team have a culture of pushing each other even when its uncomfortable, knowing that they can achieve it all. And they are. They are now in their fourth year and have a full-service digital marketing agency with over 40 clients across 4 countries.

Jess doesn’t have a university degree or a long list of accreditations. She just works incredibly hard to be the best at what she does. She attributes the businesses success to treating each of her clients like it’s her own business and mastering the art of working collaboratively. Whilst her knowledge of algorithms, consumer psychology and marketing techniques is extensive, it is her passion for setting and achieving goals and fierce drive to see results for her clients that makes her stand out in a very crowded marketplace of digital marketers.



Jessica Ritchie, Brand & Connection Expert

Jessica is a busy Mum of boy’s, a wife, business owner, and a juggler of all the hats that women wear in life.

Jessica creates connected personal and business brands through strategic marketing, self-care, and work/life integration. Another word for integration is balance, but that can feel elusive!

With 13 years’ experience developing and working with Australia’s leading and recognised brands, Jessica is obsessed with helping women to gain clarity, connection and confidence in their business, career and life, and is about to publish her book. What makes Jessica different to other marketers is that she is also a Reiki and Neuro-Linguistic Programming Practioner, so she has the enviable ability to harness the energy and essence of a person or business and amplify it across all the branding and marketing collaterals.  This is what allows Jessica’s clients to stand out and ‘make their mark’ in the noise of their market.



Jessica Symes, Symes Group

Jessica Symes is the founder and CEO of The Symes Group, which is a leadership and coaching consultancy. SG combines the principles of creativity, the science of personality and the foundations of evidence based coaching psychology. SG designs and delivers development programs within organisations, providing the skills, knowledge and practice in the ‘people skills’ essential today and tomorrow. SG also produces and magazine focused on the future of work and showcasing incredible women doing amazing things inside and outside of work. SG manufactures a product called ‘Career coaching cards’ for anyone wanting to change, transition or supercharge their career. SG is currently in the development stage of the creation of a digital coaching platform called ‘Coach me digital’. SG is a service based business, a content and publishing producer, a product producer and a digital platform with one common focus – ‘To support individuals to live and work at their best’.



Nicole Hurkens, Allstyle Business Solutions

Nicole is a mum of two little girls and a wife to a fourth-generation farmer. She not only runs her own business but also manages her father’s business since he was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer. Nicole is passionate, stubborn, caring and driven. The combination of these characteristics means that Nicole can get the best outcomes for all herself, her family and clients. After being told by her previous employer that you can’t succussed in your career if you have a family and replaced three weeks postpartum with her first child. Nicole realised starting her own business, being her own boss and setting her own rules, she could deliver her purpose of helping people connect back with their business.

Allstyle Business Solutions is a resource available to destressed business owners. We offer chief financial officer for hire and financial business coaching services to established and new businesses, setting them up for success.



Nicol Heard, Courageous You

Nicol is best known as the Biz Bestie®. She holds an array of credentials under her hat which work alongside her unique abilities to lead with conviction and an admired down to earth approach Nicol has been in business since 2000 with her husband in the time she gave birth to 3 amazing children until 2016 when she created her business. She is a courageous soul and someone who loves being her boss alongside the highs, lows and excitement that come with being self-employed.

Nicol helps women who love their business build trust with their audience — encouraging her clients to connect with them by communication consistency and clarity. Her clients are ready to stop watering down their expertise by scattering their message. Nicol wants women to embrace their brilliance by genuinely serving a group who align with them. It’s time to see it as a blessing, not a constraint.



Tess Crawley, Dr Tess Crawley & Associates

Tess Crawley is a clinical and forensic psychologist and business coach. She commenced her private practice as a sole trader, seeing one client a week after her full-time job as a prison psychologist. After close to 20 years of business ownership, Tess’ practice has grown into a multi-location mental health business servicing the Tasmanian community in Hobart, Launceston and various rural outreach locations, employing 14 staff and winning multi-million-dollar funding contracts.

Tess’ business interests have diversified to include a separate mentoring business, where Tess focusses on mentoring mental health professionals and increasingly business owners in other fields to overcome the psychological barriers to business success. She has written a book on how to build a mental health team in the private sector and has provided clinical and business coaching to over 500 mental health professionals.



Ush Dhanak, Ush Dhanak EQ

Ush began her career in London as a Barrister, and moved to Sydney 14 years ago. After working in the corporate world for a number of years, Ush took the leap of faith to start her first business, Collaborate HR which supports businesses with HR strategy. Following this, Ush started her second business, Ush Dhanak EQ, which is a coaching and training business based around Emotional Intelligence, coaching and training individuals and businesses. In addition, a subsidiary of Ush Dhanak EQ launched this month (June 2019)  – EQKids, in which Emotional Intelligence is being shared in schools, and parent/child workshops. Ush is also a global key note speaker on all things EQ.