2019 Digital Innovation finalists


Jo Burgess, Life Sorted

It’s not easy to discover a gap in the market, but Jo Burgess has always had an entrepreneurial streak, becoming the owner of two businesses by the time she was 23. But it wasn’t until she faced one of life’s greatest juggling acts – motherhood – that she came up with a genius app idea.

Most families struggle to manage and coordinate their busy lives. Jo has created a shared family organiser app that keeps everything in one central place, reducing stress and improving communication. Life Sorted is a mobile and desktop family organiser app, among the highest rated in the app stores. Life Sorted is, designed specifically to reduce stress and overwhelm around family scheduling and improving communication. Packed with features, Life Sorted includes a shared calendar, birthdays, shopping lists and to-do lists. It takes the family’s everyday tasks and combines them in one easy-to-use app that everyone can access.



Amberlea Henriques, #AdSocial

When it comes to business Amberlea Henriques has the midas touch. Whilst her smaller yet established advertising agency was already generating an income in 2014 ; Amberlea launched what became an award winning ecommerce store Spoil’em, Ausmumpreneur finalist (Retailer Award) which interimly took the majority of her focus.

However, in January 2015 she decided to pull her attention back towards her passion and sold her online store, passing the reins to another mother looking to earn an income from home. This decision did not come lightly, however Amberlea believes that to be profressionally satisfied you need to enjoy what you do and advertising was the fuel to her fire. Now 5 years from its conceptualisation, Amberlea leads a team of highly dynamic social media marketers at her agency #AdSocial. #AdSocial are specialists in paid strategy, and stay at the forefront of technology. They are currently expanding into artificial intelligence and virtual reality services.



Andrea Farley, Book The Whitsundays

Andrea launched her tourism accommodation directory service after years of experience in the holiday letting industry in the Whitsunday Region. The local website was developed to help families and other travellers find bookable tourism experiences in the Whitsundays including accommodation and tours. This booking platform displays a strong passion for the region and why it’s a wonderful place to live and come visit.



Annie Kendall, Hello Mojo 

‘Hello Mojo’ is a highly secure, user-friendly, global App that provides users with a quick and easy solution for capturing, organising and storing every important detail about their relationship, breakup, separation, divorce or co-parenting journey. The App helps turn a potentially negative, shameful and fear-driven experience into one where the user is empowered and organised. It’s a tool to lighten administrative, legal (and potentially financially crippling) burdens while protecting financial, parenting and emotional interests. It allows people to focus their attention on healing and the future. The App is supported by Hello Mojo Magazine, a digital publication that takes readers on a mindful, inspiring journey through and post separation/divorce. The App and Magazine aim to cultivate a positive mental mindset – to help get your ‘Mojo’ back.



Chelsea Baker, Flexi Flow: Activating Creative Learning Cultures

Chelsea started Flexi Flow so children can learn lifelong skills for vibrant wellbeing and multi sensory learning through mindful play – informed by traditional health practices, all the fun of circus, creative embodiment and the latest neurobiology research. Chelsea has extensive & diverse professional experiences spanning education, human services, community development, arts & cultural productions and creative therapies. Flexi Flow was intentionally designed to provide preventative & responsive programs that empower and nurture young learners and their communities. For Chelsea, it’s all about the vision. Chelsea sees a revolutions of joy based learning and everyday wellbeing coming into life as families, education and care professionals meet to talk about the futures of the children they know and love. Chelsea is an astute communicator and strategic collaborator presenting with a passion for inclusive communities, commitment to progressive education design, innovative business development and the entrepreneurial spirit to bring sufficient energy to co-create magic wherever she goes.



Irene Becker, 99aupairs

Irene Becker is a working mum of 2 children and the founder and director of 99aupairs.com. Irene created 99aupairs with three things in mind: 1: She believes in the value of the Cultural Exchange, 2: She wants to bring more women back into the workforce so they can push through with their careers or simply get their sanity back, and 3: She wants to help make the experience of finding and shortlisting of both Au Pairs & Host Families’ perfect match an easy one and be able to pass on the great experiences to the next generation of Au Pairs and Host Families. 99aupairs offers a stress-free, safe, and secure and proprietary recruitment process through a unique system that has been based on in-depth research in the last 5 years. 99aupairs is where busy working mums find affordable and flexible childcare alternative they desperately need.



Erika Cramer, The Queen of Confidence

After overcoming a life full of trauma, physical and sexual abuse, near-death experiences, breaking her back and being widowed, Erika Cramer found herself drowning in pain and sadness trying to numb everything she had been through. These life-changing experiences finally lead her to life coaching where she went on a deep path to personal growth and healing.  Erika is a mother of 2 and a Confidence coach who is here to remind women of truly powerful and worthy they are.  Her podcast, social media platforms and Youtube channel are all created to help guide women into living a life where they empower themselves with awareness, education and action.  Where they seek progress, not perfection. Having just recently launched her business she has innovated the coaching industry by creating the ability to coach women globally via Instagram DM with her #lovingbitchslap offering and her controversial unedited, unflitered podcast on the go; The Confidence Chronicles, where she give her listeners all the tools, techniques and exercises to change their lives.  She is on a mission to revolutionise the way women connect, share and do the inner work. This year Erika launched the ‘Sistahood’, her in person, live coaching group that currently has 46 Aussie women (& counting) who do the inner work and meet as a tribe and community. Erika is taking a bold stand for women to own their Queendom throne and reclaim their self-confidence.



Raeleen Kaesehagen, mudputty

Drawing on her background in IT, Raeleen Kaesehagen founded mudputty.com, an online community of classes, workshops and activities for women, men and children of all ages and interests, including outdoor and adventure, technology, health and wellness, food and drink, language and culture, entertainment and business. As the mum of two, Raeleen understands the power of community. In a world so connected, yet disconnected, so many are lonely and seeking their ‘village’. When she became a mum, she found a support network was vital and started looking for classes to connect with other local mums and learn something new. What she found was that many people were closing down their classes due to lack of attendance and the hassle of administering a business.With all of her years in business, she set out to  fix both problems, launching mudputty to help people connect, learn and grow socially and help those wanting to run classes, share their skills and knowledge.



Serena Ryan, Serena Dot Ryan

Serena Dot Ryan® is a digital marketing agency founded in 2014 by Serena Dorothy Ryan, a digital marketing strategist who believes the key to potential online is through knowing your numbers. With financial education, goals are clearer and so are results.

Serena’s passion for effective digital marketing led her to document her knowledge in checklists, hire and develop staff for her agency. Serena works at Social Media Marketing World in San Diego each year; is a contributing writer for Social Media Examiner (the largest global Social Media Education Platform); hosts the “Adding Up” and “See Digital Clearly” Podcasts; is a keynote speaker, workshop facilitator and has online courses, focusing on working with clients to optimise their digital marketing. Serena’s logic is, ‘if you haven’t made the most of what’s available to you for free before doing paid advertising, you’re leaving money on the table.’



Suzanne Deeming, WorkScore

Suzanne is a health and wellbeing thought leader with specialization in operations and change management. She has 15+ years of versatile leadership experience and driving cultural change. In 2017 Suzanne co-founded WorkScore to provide businesses with employee wellbeing insights and make cultural change that results in productive, happy and healthy workforces.

WorkScore is an online platform that measures the wellbeing of employees across 5 key elements: Work | Body | Fuel | Fitness | Mindset and provides employees with deep understanding of their wellbeing strengths and areas for focus, along with digital advice and support on setting wellbeing goals. This data is then collected and provided, in real time, to employers on a company dashboard for deep insights into employee wellbeing. Weekly check-ins and goal setting for employees allows businesses to track and respond to the changing needs of their employees, thus enabling more targeted wellbeing programs, with a greater return on investment.



Sharon Zacharia, DanceAus Connect

Sharon began dancing at the age of 4 years and continued for over 20 years including entry to a Bachelor of Arts in Dance at the Uni of SA. ​In her professional career, Sharon gained 16 years’ experience in the Automotive Industry, progressing from Sales to Finance to Operations Manager, with staff across 9 Dealerships. During this time, she successfully completed a Master of Business Administration (MBA) and Diploma in Management in her 30’s.

After discovering a need in the dance community as a Mum, Sharon left her career to develop DanceAus Connect. An App solution with the ability to connect dancers direct, with competition and workshop organisers. The App solves the issue of searching the internet and social media individually.  All information is provided instantly in the palm of your hand in DanceAus Connect. Unlike other social media and web-based platforms, the App brings together the information in a simple to use mobile solution.