2019 E-Commerce Store Award finalists


Uyen Maxwell, Frame This

Uyen Maxwell is a mumpreneur, growth mindset influencer and creative designer who is passionate about embracing change to encourage growth and development. After working in a highly stressful role in Injury Management Consulting she developed a throat condition and was advised a career change should be considered.

She learned that change is an inevitable part of life and that new opportunities are out there for the taking if you set your mind to it, and not to let fear stop you from moving forward in your life. By dealing with challenges you learn resilience and therefore embrace change rather than fearing them, and this is the life lesson she wants to instil in others.



Georgia Lawson, The Clean Collective

35-year-old Northern Beaches Sydney resident Georgia has a Bachelor of Commerce, is mum to a spirited two-year-old and Cofounded The Clean Collective (TCC) with her business partner Charlie Thompson in 2017. Having always felt privileged to grow up and have children in such a beautiful country, Georgia feels strongly about the health of Australia, the planet and the people in it. This passion intensified when she became a mum.

TCC is an online shop and blog, uniting the planet’s best products, ideas, information and experts on one digital platform. Every natural, organic and eco-friendly personal care, cleaning and reusable product found on TCC meet its strict and thoroughly researched Safety and Sustainability Standard. TCC exists to make living a healthier, more sustainable life as simple as possible. The fastest growing website in its industry, TCC’s goal is to help make dramatically positive changes in human and environmental health.



Jordan Mcgregor, Bare and Boho

Bare and Boho was founded in 2017 by new mum, Jordan Mcgregor, 24 years old, who had a vision of offering an innovative range of reusable cloth eco wares for Australian families, which would in turn save families money as well as save excess waste ending up in landfill.

What started as a vision, landed her a large feature on a popular widely viewed national television show “Shark Tank” Channel 10 Season 4, 2018, news networks requesting interviews and now a global following purchasing my designer and innovative range of products with mainstream supermarkets contacting for further collaborations in this field. The business growth has since substantially grown in 12 months, with wholesale stockists worldwide taking on my products in their stores, including the UK, USA, Japan, South America, Italy and a large stockist line-up based here in Australia. Bare and Boho have nurtured a strong social media following of Australian and international customers, reaching over 23,000 followers on our Instagram and Facebook pages.



Julia Foyster, Tweed Real Food

Julia is mother to Eve (7) and Sam (5). As part of a 5th generation family farming business, she lives by ‘paddock to plate’, and where possible ‘seed to plate’.

Julia founded Tweed Real Food in April 2018 to share her passion for ‘real’ food. Under the brand Tweed Real Food Julia creates incredibly delicious seasonings that bring people together to enjoy life over great meals. From nut free Avo Smash dukkah, rubs and salts, to the famous Bourbon Maple Splash Balsamic Vinegar, all unique blends are hand crafted on Julia’s farm in the beautiful Northern Rivers. The products are 100% plant based and free from Gluten and any other Nasties. Ingredients are sourced locally whenever possible, like the Hemp Seed from their neighbouring farm or the vinegar base from South Australia.



Laura Klein, Snotty Noses Australia

snottynoses.com.au is an online store, selling gadgets for good health and good sleep for babies, children and families. The Brisbane-based business began in 2013 as a part-time venture while Laura was on maternity leave from teaching and now delivers parcels all over Australia.

After using a brilliant product called the Snotty Nasal Aspirator to clear her sick baby’s nose, she decided every family in Australia needed one of these clever devices. She got in contact with the Australian distributor to become a work from home rep, and her business was born with that 1 product. In the last 6 years, the business has become the go-to destination for health and sleep solutions, with a range of health and wellness products, 1000s of monthly transactions, and a loyal customer base (20% repeat customers).

Laura left her job as a primary school teacher in 2016, and works in the business full-time, and has 9 part-time and contract staff.



Leisa Papa, Little Kids Business 

Nothing can ever prepare you for becoming a parent. Yet, for many career-driven women, including Leisa, as children grow, the challenge of rearing children is simply not enough.

After 15 years in the Corporate sector as a Sales Manager and Business Advisor for household Brands, Leisa was soon encouraged to jump into eCommerce feet first. She read that Marketplaces are dominating the eCommerce market, as consumers hunt for the best deals and the convenience of a one-stop-shop.

Also encouraged by statistics showing that almost three quarters of all Australian households are now shopping online, Leisa saw an opportunity to create the largest Online Kids Marketplace in Australia. Leisa now enjoys writing business and parenting articles while supporting each of her 115 Kids Brands to make sales through Little Kids Business.



Mariana Boulos, The Well Store

Mariana is a mother to three gorgeously mischievous boys who keep her on her toes whilst juggling The Well Store. By trade she is an Assistant Principal, taking leave to nurse both her terminally ill parents in 2008. During this time Mariana began to research toxins and learnt our largest organ – the skin was by far a much more important part of our overall health and wellbeing just as much as food and water. Lists of toxin filled ingredients in daily products were impacting ones health and the environment, which led her to hunt for safer products for her family & friends, these were the humble beginnings of The Well Store. Launched in 2016, Mariana’s years of self-guided research & fierce passion for sharing safer and cruelty free alternatives led her down the path to educating consumers to safer products and choices packaged in sustainable & ecofriendly packaging.



Mel Haque, Wild Dough Co

Wild Dough Co is a boutique playdough business passionate about fostering wild imaginations.

Mel, launched Wild Dough Co in September 2018 after many many months of working on and perfecting her own playdough recipe. You see, her 2 year old daughter had a love affair with playdough. However Mel got tired at how quickly the store-bought playdough dried out. Plus it was too stiff for her daughter to work with, she was always having to roll it out for her, even though she had her hands busy with a newborn. Mel’s own playdough recipe, which is now Wild Dough Playdough is so soft that even the littlest hands can easily squash and roll it, it’s non-toxic which made her happy as a mum, knowing that there are no nasty ingredients and it’s also extremely long lasting. Meaning it can be played with and then stored over and over. To give it a full sensory experience, it’s also deliciously scented, beautifully coloured and handmade in Melbourne.



Sam Cardone, Plane Pal

Sam is a mother of 3 (including twins)! Her love of travel began as a child. As a mother, the dream of sharing that love with her children proved to be more of a nightmare! 3 under 3 on a plane…. YIKES! Plane Pal was dreamt up at 30,000ft. Since launch in Jan 2017 Plane Pal has become a global force, available in 13 countries and with a rapidly expanding product range. The brand aims to help families enjoy the journey not just the destination. Travel impacts the traveller, the economy and those we visit and meet. It impacts our view of the world and it brings families together. It helps us to find enjoyment and adventure. Sam says, “I truly believe so many of the World’s problems wouldn’t exist if more people travelled. I want to help families remove the stress of family travel so we can create more global citizens!”



Tina Hart, Eco Party Box

Tina Hart is the owner of sustainable business Eco Party Box and co-owner of sustainable business Down to Earth Events. Eco Party Box sources products from around the world including Australia. Thes products include compostable tableware as well as other party items such as decorations, candles, party stationery, party games and small party favours that are more sustainable for the earth and come from natural resources, many of which are able to be reused, recycled or composted or last for a long time.

Down to Earth Events helps events organisers prepare more sustainable events by ensuring compostable disposable tableware and food waste is turned into compost.



Vicki McMurtrie & Amanda Barnes, Live Life Green

Vicki and Amanda are passionate eco-warriors. Concern for the state of the world their children were growing up in inspired them to start a business to change this. They believe that business can be a great driver of change and they’re facilitating the change they wish to see in the world through their online retail store, Live Life Green.

Live Life Green’s mission is to effect change in the world by enabling people to Live Life Green every day, through a curated range of quality, affordable eco-friendly products. Education about the environmental issues the world is facing plays a large role in their activities. With knowledge, people are then empowered to create change. They acknowledge that everyone is at different stages of their journey. Their Browse by Values section respects everyone’s different journeys and enables customers to easily shop according to what values are most important to them.