2019 Handmade Business Award finalists


Mel Haque – Wild Dough Co

Wild Dough Co is a boutique playdough business passionate about fostering wild imaginations.

Mel, launched Wild Dough Co in September 2018 after many many months of working on and perfecting her own playdough recipe. You see, her 2 year old daughter had a love affair with playdough. However Mel got tired at how quickly the store-bought playdough dried out. Plus it was too stiff for her daughter to work with, she was always having to roll it out for her, even though she had her hands busy with a newborn.

Mel’s own playdough recipe, which is now Wild Dough Playdough is so soft that even the littlest hands can easily squash and roll it, it’s non-toxic which made her happy as a mum, knowing that there are no nasty ingredients and it’s also extremely long lasting. Meaning it can be played with and then stored over and over. To give it a full sensory experience, it’s also deliciously scented, beautifully coloured and handmade in Melbourne.



Olga Imbriano – Bellelis

Olga is mum to two brilliant girls and founder and sole owner of Bellelis. Olga moved to Australia in 2015 with the vision of changing her career and starting her own business. It took her a few years to figure out what exactly that should be. With her second child born, she realised again how quickly those tiny humans grow and remembered using handy extenders with her first daughter. A product that attaches to the bottom of baby’s bodysuits to extend the length and with that time of use. The problem was that she couldn’t find them in Australia. And that is when a newly discovered passion for sewing and a dream of having her own business came together. Bellelis was born and launched in May 2018 with the main product the Snap & Extend® baby bodysuit extender.



Tammie Pike – Earth Radiance

Through her own journey of anxiety & low self-worth Tammie went on a journey of self-discovery & self-empowerment that led her on a path of personal & professional development that is heavily focused on self-love & self-care.

Over the last 5 years I have inspired the lives of thousands of women from around the world on & offline, to breakout of the box of limiting beliefs & low self-worth through coaching, mentoring, courses, self-love & empowerment workshops. Tammie has also created a range of affirmational skincare & products to help women to create daily rituals to empower & fill up their cup so they can thrive in all areas of their life, like we all deserve to.



Jo Schoof – A Little Light

Jo Schoof lied when she told her parents that candle making was just a hobby.  Midway through a bus trip around rural Spain in the early 2000s, Jo had an epiphany.  By using wax as a sculptural medium she could create beautiful objects that were designed to be used rather than just gather dust.  Drawn to earthy colours and textures, she dived into exploring this new artistic medium, all the while firmly believing in the potential this idea had to become a thriving business.  Presenting a unique range of hand-poured candles distinguished by their rock-like texture and organic forms, A Little Light was launched in 2001. Proudly Australian made and owned, Jo now stocks over 50 galleries and homeware stores around Australia.



Taleah de Fontenelle – T-Leaf Collections

T-Leaf Collections was brought to life in November 2014 by Taleah, who was working full-time in the mining industry, while juggling her growing business. It started off as an online retail outlet, selling gorgeous handmade wares from talented small businesses all around the globe but it soon evolved into the business you know today after a trip to Europe at the end of 2015, saw Taleah struggling to find an on-trend solution to displaying her photos. It was then, that the first Memory Drops® were born!

After having her first little boy Léo in April last year, Taleah now works full-time on her business, creating unique, high quality gifts and home decor to help others display their special memories.



Kassandra Behrendt – Pagoni

Kassandra is a passionate, positive individual. She lights up the room with her presence. People are drawn to her energy. Kassandra believes we are all unique with exceptional gifts to offer the world. A survivor of domestic violence, she is passionate about encouraging young girls to pursue education, believe in themselves and never allow anyone to discourage, belittle or abuse them.

Pagoni is a couture and handcrafted jewellery range that is all about creating a statement, standing out and embracing your inner diva. Each item is handcrafted and curated with love and finesse by Kassandra in her Brisbane-based studio. Pagoni pieces are the epitome of beauty, inspired by the peacock, a graceful power animal that offers lessons about self-love, honour, integrity and the importance of facing life’s challenges as well as the unknown with courage and confidence. Pagoni pieces are intricate and detailed, capturing the elegance and grace of nature’s majesty.



Liljana Frey – Lillipop Beads

Liljana Frey is the owner, operator and head creator at Lillipop – an Australian business offering handmade teacher accessories with a specialisation in beaded lanyards. From its humble beginnings in mid-2017 as a rural-Queensland market stall, Lillipop has grown into the largest and most sought-after teacher accessory brand in both the US and Australia. It now operates as a multi-six-figure home business with customers around the globe, and each month a portion of proceeds is donated to charity.

Liljana is passionate about supporting other mums in business: she purchases wholesale handmade products from other Australian mumpreneurs, and hires stay-at-home-mum contractors to roll beads and assist in online customer service.



Shilo O’Bree – Ash & Hare Couture

Shilo is 43 and an amazing mother to 10 children (yes you read that right!) and a step son. Only one more and she’ll be ready for her own Cheaper By the Dozen Sequel!! This happy family reside in the beautiful Hervey Bay. Shilo has harnessed her amazing creativity to create a unique Vintage style of clothing called Ash & Hare Couture, which now has a cult following and boasts near 9000 followers with auction pieces fetching up to $500! Shilos ability to put together vintage fabrics & cloths and match everything so beautifully & with perfect symmetry, has earned her a mountain of followers and customers who are continually swooning over her creations. These pieces are being purchased as heirloom keepsakes which means the world to Shilo and it truly keeps her passion alive.



Julie Boundy – Positively Organic Skincare

Julie and her husband sold everything up in 2008, bought a caravan and spent the next 3 years travelling Australia with their 2 children whom she home-schooled while on the road. The constantly changing climate and water left her highly sensitive skin red, irritated, oily, dry: you name it, she had it. It was while she was in the Northern Territory, an Aboriginal guide spoke about the incredible medicinal benefits from native plants, many of which are still used today. This is when she had a ‘lightbulb’ moment! Once they settled in Toowoomba QLD, she decided to start formulating her own plant-based products which took over 12 months to perfect her formulations. She packages her products in Miron glass and ships them in containers made from compostable materials such as sugar cane pulp and corn starch. Raising 2 children, having her husband away for months at a time as a FIFO worker and with no capital, she started her business, which is now a successful online business selling her products Australia wide as well as internationally.



Rebecca Warr – Your Journey Keepsakes

Rebecca is a first time mother who is passionate about breastfeeding, is an Australian made supporter, has a creative soul, is a coffee lover and cherishes family life. Her business, Your Journey Keepsakes, was designed to help mother’s visually honour their breastfeeding bonds, pumping moments and motherhood journey with timeless sentimental jewellery pieces. Rebecca only uses high quality materials, naturally infused colours and loves to showcase the raw beauty of breastmilk, loved ones ashes, locks of hair, fabric or flowers in precious jewels. These jewels are then set in premium jewellery findings, mainly sourced from Australia to complete the one of a kind piece for her beautiful clients. Clients are attracted to Rebecca’s work because of her ability to showcase the raw beauty of the inclusion being infused.



Kezley Lucas – Relaxed Souls

Kez Lucas is a young mum of three beautiful girls living in a small country town in the Hunter Valley of NSW. Following a traumatic incident, she tended to become quite house bound, struggling to get out to do the most basic of tasks. After moving to a country town, she found a new sense of freedom despite the struggles.

Relaxed Souls is a small start-up business focussing on providing a range of natural products based on essential oils and other beneficial products alongside a range of crystal-based jewellery, run mostly through market and online sales, building a clientele of dedicated customers.



Miranda Watson – Heart and Soul Keepsakes

Miranda Watson is the owner of Heart and Soul Keepsakes. She has been a stay at home mum raising her four children, for 10 years. Heart and Soul Keepsakes was born after Miranda studied to become an accredited DNA & Breastmilk Jewellery Artisan. She handcrafts personalised elegant one of a kind resin keepsakes. By “Crafting precious memories into cherished keepsakes” Miranda helps mothers reward themselves for their breastfeeding and motherhood achievements and helping grieving families hold memories of passed loved ones forever, a circle of life.

Miranda started her keepsake business with a passion for breastfeeding. She has had a keen eye for attention to detail and an artistic flair since a young age. With a high dedication to her customers, providing an ongoing professional customer service. Passionate at perfecting each customer’s timeless keepsake while being sensitive and creatively designing timeless keepsakes.