2019 Health & Fitness Business Award finalists


Jennelle McAppion & Melissa Sole, Mums Exercise Group Australia (MEGA)

MEGA is a social enterprise empowering mothers and helping them to improve their social, emotional and physical wellbeing. They aim to ensure that no mother is isolated from the community and that every woman is empowered to look after their health and wellbeing. Through very low-cost fitness and wellbeing training options, MEGA aims to give every mother across Australia access to fitness and wellbeing classes that will improve their health and provide the resilience and support they need to thrive in life.

Directors Jennelle and Mel are at the helm of this organisation, leading a team of over 350 volunteers and nearly 30,000 members nationally. They too are volunteers of MEGA, committing endless hours all while working full time jobs, juggling 6 kids between them and working to establish other business ventures in connection to MEGA.



Alisha Hill, Tactical Fitness

As a single mum the only thing Alisha wanted to show her daughter and future children was that strength conquers all. Even in her weakest states the attitude of do whatever it takes always came up on top.

Finding love again and beginning a new journey led to the creation of Tactical Fitness, Tactical Fitness is a health and wellness studio that focuses on reconnecting women to their true selves, bringing back the attention and focus to their mental and physical health which is something as women we can loose on our journey into motherhood, Alisha is in advocate for mental and physical wellbeing through connecting women in a community to ensure they are able to feel like they are on a new self exploration of finding themselves. With her daughter poppy (5) Son Theo (1) and amazing fiancé Jayson Tactical Fitness is the essence of a true family ran business.



Anna-Rose Klaus, RunBaby

Anna-Rose Klaus is a mother of two beautiful babies, a wife to Andrew, a helicopter pilot, and Boss of RunBaby.

RunBaby is a health and fitness business in the Hunter Valley NSW. What differentiates it from other fitness groups is that it is specifically designed for women, and is built on the ethos of empowering and supporting each other. It is a little fitness business with that big country community heart. At RunBaby we know being a mumma can be a tough gig. We know just how important that little bit of “ ME” time is – It is essential in maintaining a healthy body , happy mind and a soul that sings. Our aim is to accommodate mothers with babies and little ones, by providing amazing Sitters free of charge, and creating a village atmosphere. All of this in the great outdoors, it is a total win/ win situation!



Kate Gibson, The Hike Collective

Kate Gibson is a personal trainer and lover of nature. She started her business, The Hike Collective through her personal experience with nature and movement as a powerful opportunity for mental health, creating hiking experiences to benefit both her community, and the environment.

The Hike Collective is a Perth Hills based eco-tourism business creating inclusive and authentic hiking experiences on local hike trails. Our mission is to provide safe, and low-impact hikes while promoting mental health through movement and connection in and with nature. With an environmentally responsible and altruistic approach, we provide an exceptional opportunity to experience achievable, and mentally and physically rewarding hiking experiences in beautiful destinations around Western Australia.



Laura Colless, SAMA Studio

Laura is SAMA Studio’s founder and Principal teacher. First introduced to yoga around 10 years of age, Laura has fond childhood memories of playfully hanging upside down or putting a leg or two behind her head. Drawing on her background working in Allied Health, Laura’s detailed interest in functional anatomy comes through in her yoga teaching. She sees it as her work to support students to heal, strengthen and condition not just touch their toes through the process of discovering the practice.

Laura’s vision for SAMA Studio was formed on the basis of creating and strengthening Kula – Community of Heart. Having first-hand experienced the support of Yoga in times of trauma, illness and injury, Laura also inspires to connect all students to the wisdom and intelligence of their own bodies and to feel and know the resiliency and courage of one’s own Spirit.



Tiffany Constable, Tribe Boxing Health and Fitness

Tiffany Constable is a single mother of two delightful young girls aged seven and 10 – Tiffany is also the owner of Frankston small business, Tribe Boxing Health and Fitness. Tribe Boxing is a small gym focused on teaching the skill of boxing along with building self-discipline and confidence. In recent times Tiffany has also developed the STRONG-INSIDE & OUT Program to support people struggling with mental health.



Jacki Ashpole, The Bar Health and Fitness

Jacki Ashpole is a mum of 6. 3 step kids, 2 kids of her own and a puppy named Harley. A wife, and a small business owner.  She’s a Health and Fitness coach who owns and operates The Bar Health and Fitness, a women’s only gym in a small town in Port Stephens, NSW. Her aspiration is to empower women to find the soul and self they yearn to find, through being strong and fit, physically and mentally.

When Jacki isn’t busy being personal trainer, entrepreneur, nappy changer, chief cuddler, cook and puppy day carer, she is busy planning her family’s next caravan adventure.



Mhairi (Vee) McShane, The HIIT Factory Bairnsdale

Multi-award-winning fitness business, The HIIT Factory Bairnsdale, which is owned by single mum Mhairi “Vee” McShane. The HIIT Factory is specifically designed to help busy people exercise regularly, by providing short, sharp and effective workouts. Its unique family-focus ensures that kids are welcome in all sessions, which eliminates the barrier for so many people who feel they can’t exercise because they must look after the kids. We service the town in Bairnsdale but also other towns local to us.

McShane is a single mum of two teenagers who are now in their teens and a full time career to one.

Today, The HIIT Factory has successfully changed thousands of lives via its transformation programs, and as a direct result of McShane’s innovative and community-minded thinking. McShane’s leadership has seen her establish and support events in Bairnsdale and its surrounding areas, including Parkrun, the Colour Run, Mother’s Day Classic, Relay for Life, Tour de Cure, Metung Fun Run, and the Australian Adventure Festival.



Leah Chandler, Kids-Fit Australia

Kids-Fit Australia was started in 2016 with the support of her husband, Garrith.  Their aim was to help kids and families cope with everyday life by providing the appropriate fitness and wellbeing tools.  Leah saw that many kids were obese and had high anxiety and that families were very disconnected.  There was also a noticeable increase in ADHD, Autism and many other disorders at that time, which included two of their children.

Leah and Garrith develop and deliver a variety of fitness, yoga and mindfulness programs in mainstream schools, special schools and early learning centres for kids, families and educators. These run in both the Northern Territory and Queensland and have now released their signature family fitness program ‘Family-Fit Online’. This is an amazing toolbox available to all Australian families to teach families how to connect and be well using these tools.  This is inclusive for all families including those touched with special needs.



Nicole Mulholland, CORE Kids Health & Education

Nicole a Mum of 3, is the co-founder of CORE Kids Health & Education. Nicole brings over 15 years of knowledge from her extensive nursing career, which has included paediatric oncology, research, education and child and family mental health. Nicole holds a Master’s in Child and Family health, Diploma in Childhood Care and Education services, has trained in multiple parenting courses, kids yoga and mindfulness. She advocates strongly regarding the importance of developing an early secure attachment to promote long term positive mental health outcomes. Apart from her family, her other love is soccer, having played for over 20 years.

CORE Kids Health & Education offers early childhood development classes in childcare and schools, evidence-based parenting courses, professional development, education and workshops. Our focus is on Connection, Optimal well-being, Resilience and Emotions (CORE). Groups include mindfulness, soccer, yoga, music and movement, social/emotional skills and drumming – taught to children through play.



Michele Corasaniti, Be Alive Fitness

Michele Corasaniti is the proud owner of Be Alive fitness. Michele has created a fun, friendly, team environment. Michele’s regular fitness classes, specialised Fitmumz sessions (returning mums safely to exercise) and award – winning health and well-being challenges are offered all year round. Keeping, her rural community motivated and accountable with time efficient sessions, effective classes structured for all fitness levels helping clients reach their true potential. Michele also has been appointed Hiitstep Master Trainer for Australia and Asia. Delivering a new concept of training to other professional Fitness instructors and Personal Trainers.  Michele, is also proud to be a part of the Body Beyond Baby Affiliate team, collaborating with other professional trainers in the fitness industry from Australia and New Zealand, spreading the word of the importance – safe return to exercise for new and seasoned mums. Michele is very passionate, enthusiastic always striving to do her very best.