2019 Influencer Award finalists


Angela Sibley, Ever So Homely

A mum to 3 girls- a 2 year old, and 5 year old twins, Ange has a passion for interiors, organisation and DIY. Ever So Homely was created on the back of a hobby-making business 18 months prior, coupled with complete rebrand approx. 8 months ago!

Ever So Homely is all things lifestyle, decorating, organisation, and inspiration; for the home. Ange aims to inspire, motivate and help clients to transform and create special spaces within their own homes. More importantly, a home for how her clients want it to feel and be. Her goal is to exhibit the ease of transforming spaces and to ensure that those spaces are simplified, providing organising solutions, as well as a DIY approach to the home.



Bernadette Torresan, GO Local Media Group

Bernadette is a dedicated single mother to a nine-year old little boy. After an incredibly difficult phase of life, recently divorced, unemployed due to work place bullying, all exacerbated by the distance from family, she was looking for something positive in her life and so she decided to pursue her life long dream to publish a local, inspiring lifestyle magazine.

GO Local Media Group grew out of the initial desire to only publish a magazine and by the second year of business, she hosted her first fashion show for regional Australia. Today, GO Local Media Group sets their sites on inspiring on a national level.



Emma Mogg, Toowoomba Mumpreneurs

A mother of four and a multiple business owner Emma Mogg has co created Toowoomba Mumpreneurs. A business support group for women in business primarily mothers to be part of a tribe, to collaborate, and to lift each other up to be their best in business and in life. Toowoomba Mumpreneurs empowers women to invest in them selves, to step out of their comfort zone to keep moving forward in business and encourages them to step out from behind their computers and network with other businesses.



Donna Marks, The Virtual Assistant

Donna Marks is a mother of two Madeleine and Archie, wife to Ben and the owner of The Virtual Assistant.  Donna biggest achievement in life has been her two children and the second very close behind it would be her business.  After working in corporate administration roles since she was 17 years old, and after moving to Mackay in Queensland, there was shortly after the mining downturn which out of despair the The Virtual Assistant was born.

The Virtual Assistant helps entrepreneurs and small business create success fast through socials and marketing.  The Virtual Assistant is the sidekick behind the scene that puts strategies in place for your business to be heard by your target audience and be successful.  The Virtual assistant specialises in all aspects of social media, email marketing, sales funnels and so much more.   The Virtual Assistant has just launched also a Mentorship Program to teach other aspiring VA’s to be the best they can be – it is a 4 week intensive course and teaches them everything they need to be booked out and successful like The Virtual Assistant.



Helen Edwards, Sustainable Home Hub with Helen Edwards Writer

Helen Edwards is an award-winning writer, blogger and children’s author, inspiring people to tread lightly on our planet, while tackling climate grief and eco-anxiety. She writes at her blogs, The Sustainable Home Hub and Helen Edwards Writes. She believes words are powerful. She is currently working on her children’s novels and a guide to flourishing in the face of climate grief. She lives in Adelaide with her husband and 3 gorgeous sons. With a background as a social worker, she has recently completed her PhD in Psychology. Helen believes change will happen through standing together and acknowledging our sadness, whilst we hold onto hope. She loves the wide-open road, connecting with her family, and our Mother Earth. She walks each day in nature and regularly hugs trees. She shares the message that every person matters and that if we all take many small steps, together we can change the world.



Joanne Ling & Tracey Fry, Additive-Free Lifestyle

This sister duo, Jo & Tracey are change makers. They are passionate about educating everyone (especially their own families) on exactly what is in the food you eat and the products you put on your skin.  They love teaching families how to live a life less toxic, less stressful and more joyful.  This dynamic pair has quite literally changed thousands of families lives through their online courses, membership program and Podcast show and it’s certainly their mission to keep your family as safe as possible.



Naomi Amat, Living Life On The Spectrum

Naomi is a wife, proud mum of three and a passionate individual. She has the ability to see situations in ways many people wouldn’t and loves being able to share and educate how you can learn to turn obstacles into opportunities in all that you do. Naomi leads by example. By using the challenges she is exposed to each day of her journey she puts her approach of turning obstacles into opportunities in her own life, and uses her learnings to educate coaching clients and members of her community in doing the same. Through Living Life on the Spectrum, Naomi aims to empower, teach and inspire carers/parents on the Autism journey. Naomi does this through one on one coaching sessions, blogs, vlogs thought-provoking posts and interactions in her awesome global Facebook community of over 16,000 parents/carers.



Nicole Mulholland, CORE Kids Health & Education

Nicole a Mum of 3, is the co-founder of CORE Kids Health & Education. Nicole brings over 15 years of knowledge from her extensive nursing career, which has included paediatric oncology, research, education and child and family mental health. Nicole holds a Master’s in Child and Family health, Diploma in Childhood Care and Education services, has trained in multiple parenting courses, kids yoga and mindfulness. She advocates strongly regarding the importance of developing an early secure attachment to promote long term positive mental health outcomes. Apart from her family, her other love is soccer, having played for over 20 years.

CORE Kids Health & Education offers early childhood development classes in childcare and schools, evidence-based parenting courses, professional development, education and workshops. Our focus is on Connection, Optimal well-being, Resilience and Emotions (CORE). Groups include mindfulness, soccer, yoga, music and movement, social/emotional skills and drumming – taught to children through play.



Pinky McKay, Pinky McKay

Pinky McKay is Australia’s most recognised breastfeeding expert, with more than 280,000 followers on social media. Her business is built on babies and boobs! She is a mum of five, an Internationally Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC), best-selling author with four titles published by Penguin Random House and creator of Boobie Bikkies®, Boobie Brekkie® and Boobie Beads®, all-natural foods and products to nourish and support breastfeeding mums. Pinky specialises in gentle parenting styles that honour mums’ natural instincts to respond to their babies.  Her books are endorsed by The Australian Breastfeeding Association and La Leche League International.



Sonali Ghosh, Sugar et al.

Sonali is a mum of twin boys, a visual artist and social media influencer. Though self-taught, her passion and eye for baking and art has resulted in a thriving food photography business combining the two.

Sugar et al is her creative playground where she partners with top brands, food and non-food businesses and publications to create visually stunning images, creative recipes and highly engaging content. What started as a humble food blog, gained rapid popularity and currently has a combined reach of 783 k + people (116 k+ followers).

A partner to international photography agency, StockFood and contributor to VIDA (US based fashion platform), Sonali’s work has been published globally.