2019 Multicultural Business Excellence Award finalists


Abinaya Krishnan – The Dance Touch

Abinaya the Founder, CEO, Creative Director, Teacher and Content Creator for The Dance Touch, a dance & fitness school headquartered in Perth, Western Australia. As the one lady doing everything from admin to teaching students of all ages and more, she is busy around the clock. She is a mum of a beautiful 6-month-old baby girl as well apart from being a busy and hardworking woman and well-known person in Perth. She is running her small business all by herself and does not receive any help from staff or others. Apart from teaching students amongst the jobs she does for her small business, she also performs and entertains people across Western Australia for corporate events, private events and more.



Marwa Rida – End2End Events

Marwa Rida is the Founder and Creative Director of End2End Events, an Event Design, Styling, Planning & Production Agency. Marwa is passionate about delivering a client’s vision through designing exquisite event experiences. Making their event stand out from the crowd!

Get togethers over big family meals were what Marwa looked forward to as a child. Growing up with a mother who loved hosting high teas, birthdays and special occasions and seeing the care she put into every detail from laying out the cutlery, baking special cakes, and preparing meals to suit every occasion, grew the fascination of hosting and designing events and celebrations. Speaking English as a Second language from a young age, a love of other cultures and all the different celebrations, her passion for events and bringing people together, stayed with her. The Truth is, Marwa saw a need for personalised help and design. Whatever the event’s scale and style. Large or small, loud or intimate, official or casual. Marwa wanted clients to feel that they can just relax as they know their event is in good hands



Asheeka Bhardwaj – The Saree Lane

Asheeka’s story is one that many Indian women can relate too. Born and raised in Australia, influenced by her Indian heritage and growing up with the Aussie culture is what makes her who she is today. One of her major life influences was the Bollywood industry, especially the evolving saree fashion and styles. But her love for this ethnic attire soon turned into what she calls a ‘saree phobia.’ In a nutshell, a saree is 5-meter long fabric that is literally draped around your body. How can women feel comfortable in this? How can they look a million bucks draped in a heavily sequenced saree while running after their toddler?

It was at this moment Asheeka, had her ah-ha moment and The Saree Lane was born. Her company, The Saree Lane helps women feel and comfortable and confident wearing their sarees.  Because when you feel confident, you look fantastic and light up every room you walk into.  Asheeka has created a revolutionary new product saree shapewear, a unique and innovative design on the market.



Nicoleta Stephens – Keepsakes By Nicoleta

In 2015, after her First daughter’s birth, Nicoleta decided to take her dreams and love for creating as well as the pain of losing the woman who raised her and turn them into the business, that she longed for starting all her life. Nicoleta started to make Teddy bears and blankets out of outgrown baby clothing. Word of mouth is a wonderful thing and soon, she was contacted by bereaved people who couldn’t trust anyone else until then to create precious keepsake items for them. Nicoleta found profound healing for her own pain in helping others heal the pain of losing a loved one through using the skill of sewing which she learnt as a child from her beloved grandmother.

As time passed Nicoleta’s work evolved into now creating keepsake jewellery with precious inclusions such as locks of hair and ashes of loved ones and turning wedding gowns into Couture dolls and precious pieces of art. She now teaches other people how to sew and create their own keepsakes hoping that her grandmother’s legacy will live on forever.



Reet Phulwani – K.R IMPEX Pty Ltd

Reet Phulwani is a qualified gemmologist, diamond grader & a registered jewellery valuer and mother to three of her ‘most precious gems’ “Ronith” 11, “Sienna” 5 and a 10-month-old baby “Kyra”. Taking a considerable risk, without any prior knowledge, leaving the security of a job and juggling her parental duties she followed her passion for gems to become a certified jewellery valuer.

She is registered with the National Council of Jewellery Valuers (NCJV) since 2013. As one of the few female valuers in Australia and one of the first ones from an Indian origin, in Melbourne, Reet chose to travel down an unbeaten path. She played on her strength, built her brand and dedicated a lot of time to take her business to the next level. Currently, her business is growing & showing a steady and consistent growth.



Hazel Herrington – Global African Productions

Global African Productions has worked with clients across all industries to develop, plan and execute Africa’s top conferences, seminars, workshops and more. With years of industry experience and a passion for changing lives, we are committed to producing world class events that provide the opportunity for speakers, entrepreneurs, academies and more to connect with audiences. We also believe in giving back to communities and support women and youth empowerment programs in Zimbabwe to equip women to become economically independent and self-sufficient.



Alice Orozco – DrapeCo

Alice Orozco, founder of DrapeCo, has disrupted the window coverings industry with her business that set out to change the way people buy bespoke drapery 7 years ago.  Providing an online custom drapery service, with hand-picked designer fabrics sourced direct from mills, DrapeCo have not only cut out the middleman but simplified the buying process, to produce a hand-crafted product, made by artisans worldwide.  DrapeCo is creating beautiful views Australia-wide, stitching high end home furnishings accessible to everyone from homeowners with varying budgets to time-poor executives and people in the most remote locations in Australia.



Lina Qasem – Robofun

After Lina Qasem, a software engineer, migrated to Australia she found it difficult to find a job because of her lack of local experience. During that period she volunteered in coding and robotics competitions for children. Lina noticed a similar trend to what she saw during her time at university in Jordan, there was very little female participation. Being very passionate about STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) and being a mum to a wonderful young daughter she felt she needed to do something about it. This was the start of Robofun, a robotics and coding academy for children with special tailored programs that aim to engage girls in STEM.