2019 Product Award finalists


Jade Kingston, Wrap’d

Jade is a married Perth mum to three sons, who has developed the perfect solution to storing and serving normally messy flatbread wraps. After coming up with the unique concept in February 2016, Jade sought the guidance of an industrial design company who professionally navigated her through the product development stage, and were instrumental in bringing Wrap’d to life. In February 2018, Wrap’d was launched on Instagram and Facebook. It now has stockists in Australia and New Zealand, and Jade has recently welcomed a Canadian distributor on board. Wrap’d is made from fully reusable soft silicone, is eco friendly, dishwasher safe and fun and novel to use. It peels just like a banana, revealing only a few bites at a time. Wrap’d keeps your wrap fresh until its ready to be eaten, and can be resealed to save some for later.



Deborah Roeger, Mumento

Deborah, a mum of two, designed and created a lifesaving medical and allergy alert wristband for babies and kids to alert and warn those around of life-threatening information. Faced with a parent’s worst fear, Deborah watched her six-week-old baby’s health decline rapidly.  Later diagnosed with FPIES a severe allergy to Cows Milk Protein, Deborah was unable to find any suitable alert products for such a young child, so decided to make her own. This amazing and innovative product has been designed so kids want to wear it and gives parents just a little bit more peace of mind when out and about, personalised to their requirements. Made from fabric it’s soft and machine washable for those active and adventurous kids. With emergency phone details on the inside this wristband speaks for those who may not be able to communicate, making it the most imperative product that could save a life.



Kylie Martin, GF Oats Australia

The journey of food intolerances began for Kylie and her family over 25 years ago when she started her family and realised that they and their children had intolerances to various foods such as dairy, corn, soy, gluten, wheat to name a few.  During this time, it was literally impossible to source specialty foods to cater for dietary intolerances.  So, it was into the kitchen trialling recipes with new and incredibly hard to source ingredients. She launched her first range of health food pre-mixes in 2000 into health food and in 2009 started importing Gluten Free Oats into Australia. She is based in regional Queensland, Toowoomba, where she is now the biggest supplier of Gluten Free Oats throughout Australia and New Zealand.



Louisa Williams, Kooshy Kids

Louisa is mother to Mila, 6 and Jack, 4 and started Kooshy Kids in April 2017. Kooshy Kids is a business specialising in innovative and exciting products that are designed to take the stress out of family travel.

Louisa’s best-selling products include the Kooshy Kids Kooshion – an inflatable cushion used to create a flat space between the seats of a aeroplane, KontraBand Headphones – cordless headphones in the form of a comfy headband and the Kooshy Kids Travel Tray – a portable, hygienic tray that stores children’s belongings (pencils, iPad, drink bottle etc.) and contains them on the tray whilst travelling. Kooshy Kids is Australia’s only one stop shop for all things family travel and Louisa regularly develops new products to add to the popular and unique range of goods.



Liljana Frey, Lillipop Beads

Liljana Frey is the owner, operator and head creator at Lillipop – an Australian business offering handmade teacher accessories with a specialisation in beaded lanyards. From its humble beginnings in mid-2017 as a rural-Queensland market stall, Lillipop has grown into the largest and most sought-after teacher accessory brand in both the US and Australia. It now operates as a multi-six-figure home business with customers around the globe, and each month a portion of proceeds is donated to charity.

Liljana is passionate about supporting other mums in business: she purchases wholesale handmade products from other Australian mumpreneurs, and hires stay-at-home-mum contractors to roll beads and assist in online customer service. Liljana also runs social media workshops for other women in business.



Nicoleta Stephens, Keepsakes By Nicoleta

In 2015, after her First daughter’s birth, Nicoleta decided to take her dreams and love for creating as well as the pain of losing the woman who raised her and turn them into the business, that she longed for starting all her life. Nicoleta started to make Teddy bears and blankets out of outgrown baby clothing. Word of mouth is a wonderful thing and soon, she was contacted by bereaved people who couldn’t trust anyone else until then to create precious keepsake items for them. Nicoleta found profound healing for her own pain in helping others heal the pain of losing a loved one through using the skill of sewing which she learnt as a child from her beloved grandmother.

As time passed Nicoleta’s work evolved into now creating keepsake jewellery with precious inclusions such as locks of hair and ashes of loved ones and turning wedding gowns into Couture dolls and precious pieces of art. She now teaches other people how to sew and create their own keepsakes hoping that her grandmother’s legacy will live on forever.



Mel Haque, Wild Dough Co

Wild Dough Co is a boutique playdough business passionate about fostering wild imaginations.

Mel, launched Wild Dough Co in September 2018 after many many months of working on and perfecting her own playdough recipe. You see, her 2 year old daughter had a love affair with playdough. However Mel got tired at how quickly the store-bought playdough dried out. Plus it was too stiff for her daughter to work with, she was always having to roll it out for her, even though she had her hands busy with a newborn. Mel’s own playdough recipe, which is now Wild Dough Playdough is so soft that even the littlest hands can easily squash and roll it, it’s non-toxic which made her happy as a mum, knowing that there are no nasty ingredients and it’s also extremely long lasting. Meaning it can be played with and then stored over and over. To give it a full sensory experience, it’s also deliciously scented, beautifully coloured and handmade in Melbourne.



Rebecca Cullen, Love your Tribe

Love your Tribe’s owner, Bec, creates dainty, minimalist keepsake and breastmilk jewellery. Juggling her career as a high school art teacher as well as being a mum to two beautiful girls under three, Love your Tribe creates fine jewellery that has a bohemian aesthetic for the modern woman. All while the jewellery is inspired by the ocean which she has until recently lived near her whole life. All pieces are as ecologically sustainable as possible, using Eco friendly resin, sometimes using recycled silver and featuring charms that are handmade by the Karen tribe in Thailand. Love your Tribe thrives to use their jewellery creations to help others, by supporting small, handmade businesses within their label.



Sherrie Adams, Honeybee Wrap

Honeybee wrap was created after the birth of sherries 5th child ,whilst living on a farm in the hills of Byron bay .Sherrie was looking to find away to reduce.

The use of single use plastic .Honeybee wrap was born an Eco friendly organic cotton beeswax wrap that cuts out single use plastic and keeps your food fresh for longer. Perfect for wrapping fruits and veggies ,cheeses ,covering a plate or bowl .simply wrap,rinse repeat.



Shilo O’Bree, Ash & Hare Couture

Shilo is 43 and an amazing mother to 10 children (yes you read that right!) and a step son. Only one more and she’ll be ready for her own Cheaper By the Dozen Sequel!! This happy family reside in the beautiful Hervey Bay. Shilo has harnessed her amazing creativity to create a unique Vintage style of clothing called Ash & Hare Couture, which now has a cult following and boasts near 9000 followers with auction pieces fetching up to $500! Shilos ability to put together vintage fabrics & cloths and match everything so beautifully & with perfect symmetry, has earned her a mountain of followers and customers who are continually swooning over her creations. These pieces are being purchased as heirloom keepsakes which means the world to Shilo and it truly keeps her passion alive.