2019 Product Design Award finalists


Courtney Treacy, The Lip Lab

Courtney is 28 years old and the mum of 2 young girls aged 6 and 7. Her business started with 1 store in 2015 and now boasts 14 stores across Australia and overseas. They are in Canada, Malaysia, London, Kuwait, Phillipines and soon to be Qatar, Dubai and Amsterdam.

The Lip Lab is an innovative new beauty concept that is literally going to change the way you buy lipstick. Located at Paddington, they have become the very first company of its kind offering custom blended lipstick solutions. Yes you heard it right, in conjunction with one of their professional lip colour consultants you will be able to choose, mix and apply your own shades.



Eleanor Cullen, We Might Be Tiny

Eleanor Cullen is the founder and designer behind the beautiful children’s tableware brand, ‘We Might Be Tiny’. Melbourne-born and based, Eleanor is a mother of two (4.5 years, 21 months), wife, student, entrepreneur and senior digital manager.

Since launching her business in November 2015, she has received overwhelming interest across the globe for her range of tableware, which features a unique minimalistic, yet functional design for the modern home. She has developed a range of the most adorable silicone placemats, snack boxes, plates, grip cups, icypole moulds and bibs featuring signature animal silhouettes that children and adults alike have fallen in love with. The brand has grown worldwide in just 3.5 years. We Might Be Tiny now has ten exclusive wholesale distributors, over 400 retail stores and is stocked in 37 countries around the world.



Sharon Hunter, Emondo Kids

Born and raised in Italy, Sharon’s passion for food, friends and family is in her DNA. Her desire to share her passions with the world is what led to the inception of Emondo Kids.

After spending several years living in London and travelling the world, Sharon relocated to Australia in 2011 with her husband Nathan. They now live on the beautiful Sunshine Coast with their creative four-year-old daughter Ellory, who has been the main inspiration for the brand. Sharon’s experiences as a mother gave her valuable insights into fussy eaters, and freelance work as a Brand Rep gave her the foundations and connections she needed to start her own business.

Emondo Kids offers a range of ecofriendly children’s dinnerware made from 100% sustainable bamboo. Each product is uniquely designed to create a fun and interactive experience for kids during mealtimes.



Cristina Pell, Ekokidspaced In

Cristina is the designer behind Ekokids brand. Originally from Lisbon, Portugal came to Australia in 2007 after finishing a degree in Industrial Design. Ended up finding love and marry to an Australian man to whom has now two daughters. After living in Sydney, the couple moved to his home town in Nambucca Heads, in the Mid North Coast. Ekokids was created from love of Design and creating for children, where possibilities are endless. Ekokids ethos sits in Sustainability, Playfullness and easy assembly.



Emily Jones, Zoozaro

Emily is the creator of the patented Zoozaro Pram Bag. She has a feisty four year old and a very independent toddler! Motherhood was an eye opener for Emily to the difficulties of getting out of the house with young children. There was never enough storage room in the pram. With nappies, creams, wipes, changes of clothes, food, raincoats, etc, everything was jammed under the pram. Hanging bags would make her nervous as the pram tended to become unstable.

The Zoozaro Pram Bag won’t tip the pram or stroller over, even when it’s full, in fact, it will hold over 5kg of items! There is even a little pocket for a phone and keys so they don’t get lost. Light and portable, yet strong and durable, the Zoozaro Pram Bag fits most popular pram brands and is perfect for any type of outing.



Kylie Skelly, Belle and Grace Boutique

Belle and Grace Boutique is a boutique keepsake business ran by 33-year-old Mother of one Kylie. Belle and Grace Boutique has just one goal in mind: to offer the most elegant, yet practical keepsakes for parents, parents-to-be, and anyone who has these people in their lives.

Kylie started Belle and Grace Boutique after her daughter Annabelle (who the brand is named after) was born and being someone who loves to record those special moments in life, she was unable to find a journal that wouldn’t date or that was able to capture a lot of “firsts” along with family information. It was something that Kylie wanted her daughter to be able to look back on in years to come. When Kylie discovered nothing like that was on the market- she created her own and Belle and Grace Boutique was born.



Elizabeth Morris, Brilliant Frames and Co 

Have you broken a nail on those little black pins removing the back off a picture frame? Well a Brilliant Frame is the solution to one of life’s toughest jobs.

A Brilliant Frame is a unique picture frame that opens from the front like a cabinet allowing you to easily change out artworks, photos and keepsakes securing them with magnetic fixtures. Additionally the versatile design allows you to write notes, quotes and to-do lists on the magnetic whiteboard.

Elizabeth is a married mum of 3 who lives in North Queensland who has designed this new picture frame branded as a Brilliant Frame. Brilliant Frames were created in 2018 after years of working in the custom picture framing industry and realizing there was no other picture frame on the market that could offer such a convenient framing solution. Brilliant Frames are made overseas from a sustainable recycled material.



Niki Kavanagh, Nesk Kids

Niki is the founder of Nesk Kids. She’s a mum of two amazing girls, a wife, an ex-corporate gal and now the owner of Nesk Kids. For over 15 years, Niki led digital product innovations for high-growth organisations and although she loved it, she took a career break to raise her girls which got her thinking, what else could she do where she can be more creative. Nesk Kids is all about organising, sorting and playing.  They provide sustainable educational and creative products for children (wooden boxes and kits).



Natajsa Wagner & Sara Capacci, Alkimista

Sara is the founder of the Connection project and works with women in inspiring them to reconnect to themselves through spirituality and wellness practices. Tash is Psychotherpaist who believes that relationships form the basis of our emotional health and wellbeing. Together they share a love of human connection, spirituality and personal growth.

Alkimista combines the finest quality organic essential oils with intentional energy so that people can bring more modern-day alchemy into their daily life. Our philosophy reflects our belief that simple acts, habits and rituals can profoundly impact on the essential aspects of our lives, namely our emotional, physical and spiritual health.



Jodi Napoli, Cheeky Patch

Cheeky Patch, created by Jodi Napoli, is a unique, compact, waterproof picnic mat for one! With a sewn in elastic loop, its all in one roll-up design is perfect to throw in your bag, bike or pram to let you picnic anytime, anywhere. Although simple in its design it packs a big punch in what it stands for at its core; positive Well-being. Cheeky Patch encourages people to practise self-care & taking a break to get outdoors to recharge and refresh, whatever your day may hold.

Advocating for better mental health in the workplace and spruiking the benefits of taking a lunch break to boost mood, stress less and promote community. Jodi through Cheeky Patch wants to campaign businesses to encourage regular lunch breaks for employees to help their bottom-line by increasing engagement and productivity of staff, reducing absenteeism and the number of any stress leave claims.



Rebecca Cullen, Love your Tribe

Love your Tribe’s owner, Bec, creates dainty, minimalist keepsake and breastmilk jewellery. Juggling her career as a high school art teacher as well as being a mum to two beautiful girls under three, Love your Tribe creates fine jewellery that has a bohemian aesthetic for the modern woman. All while the jewellery is inspired by the ocean which she has until recently lived near her whole life. All pieces are as ecologically sustainable as possible, using Eco friendly resin, sometimes using recycled silver and featuring charms that are handmade by the Karen tribe in Thailand. Love your Tribe thrives to use their jewellery creations to help others, by supporting small, handmade businesses within their label.