2019 Product Innovation finalists


Deborah Roeger – Mumento

Deborah, a mum of two, designed and created a lifesaving medical and allergy alert wristband for babies and kids to alert and warn those around of life-threatening information. Faced with a parent’s worst fear, Deborah watched her six-week-old baby’s health decline rapidly.  Later diagnosed with FPIES a severe allergy to Cows Milk Protein, Deborah was unable to find any suitable alert products for such a young child, so decided to make her own. This amazing and innovative product has been designed so kids want to wear it and gives parents just a little bit more peace of mind when out and about, personalised to their requirements. Made from fabric it’s soft and machine washable for those active and adventurous kids. With emergency phone details on the inside this wristband speaks for those who may not be able to communicate, making it the most imperative product that could save a life.



Jade Kingston – Wrap’d

Jade is a married Perth mum to three sons, who has developed the perfect solution to storing and serving normally messy flatbread wraps. After coming up with the unique concept in February 2016, Jade sought the guidance of an industrial design
company who professionally navigated her through the product development stage, and were instrumental in bringing Wrap’d to life. In February 2018, Wrap’d was launched on Instagram and Facebook. It now has stockists in Australia and New
Zealand, and Jade has recently welcomed a Canadian distributor on board. Wrap’d is made from fully reusable soft silicone, is eco friendly, dishwasher safe and fun and novel to use. It peels just like a banana, revealing only a few bites at a time. Wrap’d
keeps your wrap fresh until its ready to be eaten, and can be resealed to save some for later.



Nicola Bardis – Silky Tots

Silky Tots was founded in 2018 by Nikki Bardis to share her solution for baby bald spots and knotty tots. Silky Tots initially launched with one product, the Silk Cot Slip, which was available online in Australia, fast forward one year and Silky Tots has grown to have 9 different product categories, Aus, USA, UK and EU stores and have a turnover of $500k in the first year of trading.



Kate Curry – inchargebox

Kate is a Melbourne Mum of 2. She loves to dance, sing, travel and spend time with family and friends celebrating this one life! Kate designed and developed inchargebox in 2016 as was tired of looking at kids & adults wasting time hunched over their iphones and iPads and staring into screens while playing PS4 games. Inchargebox is a stylish lockable tech charging safe box that charges up to 10 devices at once. It really helps set boundaries with tech and brings more peace and harmony into family life! Kate knows that tech has its many benefits but also wants to ensure that there is a balance with screen time so that people can look up and enjoy all of the other pleasures of life!!



Nicole Gibson – Soka Australia

Nicole Gibson, Registered Nurse, wound specialist and director of Brisbane based company Soka Australia, developed a compartmental unit that saves at least 5 times the amount of water when hand washing and soaking soiled clothes in the laundry. It also saves detergent and space, better for manual handling, reduces skin contact with chemicals, encourages organisation, increases practicality and functionality of the laundry sink and versatility around the home.

The Soka tub allows you to separately soak delicate, coloured and soiled clothing items all in the one tub using different laundry solutions with the ability to drain waste water without skin contact. It allows you to easily recycle waste water on the garden and has a tight fitting lid preventing little hands from exploring. The Soka Tub is stylish, versatile, practical, sustainable and is Australian made.



Rachel McGrath – Baby Station

Rachel is a mum of three young boys and a Speech Pathologist in a large Melbourne hospital. Rachel is also the creator and director of Baby Station. Baby Station is Australia’s first service selling essential baby care products from a vending machine. In the past 4 years, Baby Station has grown from just two trial machines to a service with a range of machines boasting state of the art technology and the capacity to attract a strong additional revenue stream. To date, Baby Station have received requests for their machines from over 150 shopping centres and venues across Australia.



Sandra Ebbott – Mizzie The Kangaroo

Sandra is a proud mum to Isabella (7yr) and Hugo (2.5yr), 8 years married, and although she is well and truly Australian now, Sandra was born and raised in the French part of Canada, with some Portuguese Heritage. Before Mizzie, Sandra worked in senior marketing roles all over the world with a few Global brands (at BMW’s Global HQ in Germany where she launched the new MINI globally, at Pepsi in the UK/Ireland to re-launch Pepsi Max / Diet Pepsi, and at Reebok at the European HQ).

Sandra is the founder of Mizzie The Kangaroo, Home of Australia’s Original Natural Teething Toy and Educational Toys. They are passionate about developing baby to toddler toys, that will develop children through fun. Mizzie distribute to over 300 stores across Australia, a few overseas, and they are currently expanding globally to sell their products in Europe, USA/Canada, then to Asia.



Rachel Mead – Olie Pure Skincare

With over 22 years’ experience in the beauty industry, working as an esteemed hair stylist in cities like Auckland, Sydney and London and more recently as a Senior hair and makeup artist in some of Sydney’s leading television networks; Network Ten and Channel Nine, plus a skincare line to boot, Rachel Mead has clearly spent her life and career dedicated to making women look and feel beautiful.

4.5 years ago, Rachel made a tree change move from the city to regional NSW to raise her family. This didn’t stop her business at all. She quickly became the regions premier hair and makeup artist, specialising in wedding’s and special events, often booking out up to a year in advance. All while busily starting a skincare line that is ethical, sustainable, natural and luxurious.



Kelly Lavery – Strucket

Kelly Lavery is a perpetual motion machine. When she is not assisting her husband in his chiropractic clinic or parenting three children, she is looking for ways to make life easier for others. When she had her third child many years after the first two, she was thrown back into a world of nappies and spit rags. Faced with buckets of soaking mess and limited time she thought there had to be a better way of getting items out of buckets. So began the journey and evolution as an innovator and inventor. The Strucket was born (PCT patent international rights pending) – a combination of a bucket and strainer. Through Kelly’s tenacity and nous, the Strucket has been picked up retailers, featured on TV and is becoming an Aussie icon.