2019 Retail Business Award finalists


Ang Dellaway – Nest 2 Me

Nest 2 Me Founder Ang, formerly a Primary School Teacher, is a proud Mum of two school-aged children and has been a Mum in business since 2009. Starting off as a small selection of just six baby carriers added onto the product range of her other established online store, she decided to take a risk. To her delight, they began to sell well and stock levels grew and grew until the baby and parenting section of her stockroom overtook all other lines. In 2015, it was time to give it a space of its own in new store: nest2me.com.  Since then, the store has now grown to over 1500 carefully selected product lines in natural baby and parenting over 3 years. With a growing focus on local Australian brands that are eco-conscious, ethically and sustainably produced where possible. The past year has seen new Babywearing Consultant services offered and the opening of the new Sunshine Coast Showroom.



Kathy Myers – Wishing you well

Kathy founded the online gift box store ‘Wishing you well’ five years ago. She wanted to offer beautifully wrapped care packages with natural and therapeutic products for friends and family facing challenges, illness and also in times of celebration. As a qualified Naturopath and a mum of two young boys she was committed to ensure all the products were premium quality and had a purpose with health and wellbeing in mind.

She feels blessed to now be in a position to support local charities and organisations that are doing amazing work in our community by raising awareness and funding solutions and support for people living with long term and terminal illnesses. These charities include Pink Hope, The Starlight foundation and the National Breast Cancer Foundation. Kathy also loves supporting other Australian small business brands that are natural and eco friendly.



Junie Lin – Hamptons Home

Hamptons Home is an online destination for quality homewares marked by casual luxury and classic coastal style. Founded by Junie Lin in 2014, Hamptons Home is commended by the press as one of the best online stores to buy Hamptons style homewares in Australia. Originally trained as a chemical engineer, Junie decided to pursue her hobby for interior decorating as a side hustle. From humble beginnings as an eBay store, she has successfully grown her webstore into a carefully curated site where one can find a plethora of Hamptons style home decor choices.

The business has solidly stood on its strengths and has since expanded to help source bespoke furniture for builders and new homeowners, and produce its own line of cushions. Hamptons Home is based in Queensland, where Junie is building her next dream home on the Gold Coast with her husband, Gavin, and 6 year-old son, Riley.



Belinda Collins & Bianca Mammoliti – Gray Label Store

We are Belinda & Bianca. We are Gray Label. We are your everyday women. We are mums. We are Friends. We Prefer Wine over Water. We deliver on trend fashion to REAL women.

Gray Label was born out of a failed MLM business and our true passion for fashion and the desire to be able to create a fulfilling career around our young children. We now are a team of 6, who work so very hard to bring affordable fashion to our ideal customer (honestly, mums just like us).

We are online only and are still working out of a home warehouse which gives us the flexibility to spend our cashflow on the more creative side of the business that we love the most. We work hard and we would love to say play hard but we are still in the throws of the hard slog of making it all work and juggling what feels like a million balls in the air each day but as a team we are strong, we are passionate and we love what we do!



Deborah McKenna – Melbourne Cake Supplies

Deborah is a 45 year old mother of 2 boys – her 10 year old son Max has autism and is currently in grade 5 at a mainstream school, her 4 year old son Ryan is a bright and vivacious child who is about to enter his school years next year. Deborah created her business, Melbourne Cake Supplies, together with her sister Melissa 4 years ago, they had been making and decorating cakes from a home kitchen for the previous 4 years and noticed that there was a gap in the market in the North West suburbs of Melbourne and decided to open up a shop together to help target other mum bakers and provide all the supplies that they would need to create their own masterpiece. 4 years in and they now provide cake decorating classes, custom made cakes and still love what they do like it was their first day on the job.



Paulla Taylor – KySienn Accessories

KySienn was founded by Paulla Taylor who is 45 years old, and is single mum of two beautiful girls aged 12 and 14. KySienn, was created by putting Sienna and Kyra’s names together. KySienn is Trademarked and their products are predominantly based on hair accessories for the growing “Dance Industry”. They create every day products, but just add a twist! KySienn, is a Wholesale and Retail business. They service over 60 shops and dance schools all over Australia, as well as their online store, and are growing every day! KySienn currently has over 60 lines in the KySienn name.  It all started with a “Hairnet”, which leads to “The Hairnet Lady” and their success today!”



Soojin Nam – Eyecare Kids

SooJin Nam is the director, optometrist and creator of the brand, Eyecare Kids. Eyecare Kids is a brand that markets a range of optometry services to help children with vision-related difficulties. Eyecare Kids services are currently available in 6 optometry practices in Sydney. Although the brand, Eyecare Kids started in 2012, Soojin had been in optometry practice since 2001 with the Eyecare Plus brand.

Eyecare Kids is known for their holistic approach to eye care with behavioural optometry, vision therapy for binocular conditions such as convergence insufficiency and amblyopia, and myopia control management options to slow down the progression of myopia. Their competitive advantage is our focus on children’s vision. Being able to provide a comprehensive suite of children’s vision is challenging, hence it is not readily available in many optometry practices. Developing the expertise
requires extensive continuing training and delivering these services requires additional resources—both which are available at Eyecare Kids. They try to make the eye tests as stress-free as possible for the parents/carers and as fun as possible for the kids. They do this with toys, games, iPads and anything else they may have at their disposal!



Rebecca Salsbury – Sugar Boo

Bec is the Mama behind Sugar Boo Cake Toppers. A single mum of 3 with a sense of humour as dark as her black eyeliner. She had a successful career within the Automotive Industry for over 12 years working alongside the largest Automotive Dealerships and Spare Parts Businesses in the country in the Marketing sector.  She’s always had the drive & determination to succeed in every aspect of life and that feisty never give up entrepreneurial spirit. Bec is passionate about providing exceptional customer service & quality products. She spends her days rising at 5am to design, cut pack and ship cake topper orders, running around after 3 crazy kids & drinking copious amounts of coffee. Bec is continuously learning new design techniques and investing in machinery to create new & exciting products. She is skilled in many areas of marketing, design & manufacturing.



Mariana Boulos – The Well Store

Mariana is a mother to three gorgeously mischievous boys who keep her on her toes whilst juggling The Well Store. By trade she is an Assistant Principal, taking leave to nurse both her terminally ill parents in 2008. During this time Mariana began to research toxins and learnt our largest organ – the skin was by far a much more important part of our overall health and wellbeing just as much as food and water. Lists of toxin filled ingredients in daily products were impacting ones health and the environment, which led her to hunt for safer products for her family & friends, these were the humble beginnings of The Well Store. Launched in 2016, Mariana’s years of self-guided research & fierce passion for sharing safer and cruelty free alternatives led her down the path to educating consumers to safer products and choices packaged in sustainable & ecofriendly packaging.



Leisa Papa – Little Kids Business 

Nothing can ever prepare you for becoming a parent. Yet, for many career-driven women, including Leisa, as children grow, the challenge of rearing children is simply not enough.

After 15 years in the Corporate sector as a Sales Manager and Business Advisor for household Brands, Leisa was soon encouraged to jump into eCommerce feet first. She read that Marketplaces are dominating the eCommerce market, as consumers hunt for the best deals and the convenience of a one-stop-shop.

Also encouraged by statistics showing that almost three quarters of all Australian households are now shopping online, Leisa saw an opportunity to create the largest Online Kids Marketplace in Australia. Leisa now enjoys writing business and parenting articles while supporting each of her 115 Kids Brands to make sales through Little Kids Business.



Vicki McMurtrie & Amanda Barnes – Live Life Green

Vicki and Amanda are passionate eco-warriors. Concern for the state of the world their children were growing up in inspired them to start a business to change this. They believe that business can be a great driver of change and they’re facilitating the change they wish to see in the world through their online retail store, Live Life Green.

Live Life Green’s mission is to effect change in the world by enabling people to Live Life Green every day, through a curated range of quality, affordable eco-friendly products. Education about the environmental issues the world is facing plays a large role in their activities. With knowledge, people are then empowered to create change. They acknowledge that everyone is at different stages of their journey. Their Browse by Values section respects everyone’s different journeys and enables customers to easily shop according to what values are most important to them.



Angelene Bourne – Angelfish Dragonfly

As a wife and mother of an11-year-old daughter, Angelene successfully balances several businesses: music teacher (30years) / musical instrument repairer (20yrs) and for the past 10 years she has been the owner and manager of Angelfish Dragonfly baby and children’s boutique – an e-commerce store and pop-up market shop. Angelene is also an expert market pop-up shop consultant, mentoring other women in running their own successful market businesses due to the huge success of Angelfish Dragonfly within the market scene.

As an award-winning fashion designer with 30 years+ experience, this year Angelene is expanding her own ethically produced vintage fashion label within Angelfish Dragonfly as her designs have been sought after, selling out quickly. Angelene has grown Angelfish Dragonfly to be a well-known name both locally in Townsville, North Queensland and around Australia to be a ‘go-to’ for quality clothing and products for babies and children with a vintage inspired feel.