2019 South Australian Business Excellence Award finalists


Joslyn Hutchinson – The Engaged Space

Joslyn Hutchinson is the Managing Director and Principle Consultant of The Engaged Space, a HR and Business Consultancy that delivers HR projects and ongoing advisory service packages. Joslyn is an experienced HR and Business Operations executive, with a strong track record across a broad range of industries. She recently completed her Masters of Business Administration that provides a holistic and integrated business perspective to her HR strategies. She has also been appointed to the board of Toc H and volunteers her time to enable the delivery of services to vulnerable communities.

Having started as a culture and employee engagement analytics business, The Engaged Space quickly expanded to deliver a holistic solution for business owners who do not have in-house HR expertise required to navigate a complex Industrial Relations landscape. Underpinning all work is the drive engage employees, create great workplaces and build high functioning teams.



Rojina McDonald – Soul Publishing

Rojina McDonald is the CEO and founder of Soul Publishing – and mother of Orion, almost 4. Rojina’s interest in food and wine started at a young age, growing up on her family’s olive grove in McLaren Vale. Her first small business ‘Cupcakes by Rojina McDonald’ saw her awarded the Basic Patisserie Scholarship at Le Cordon Bleu London in 2014 – bestowed to only one applicant worldwide each year. In 2017, she was awarded Young Entrepreneur of the Year by the McLaren Vale Business Association, and a scholarship to participate in the Fleurieu Future Leaders Program.

Rojina started Soul Publishing in 2017, with a vision to produce high-quality books showcasing the food, wine and faces of Australian regions. She launched her first book Faces and Food of the Fleurieu in 2018, and is now at work on her second, Wine, Beer & Spirits of the Fleurieu, with a third in the pipeline.



Lisa Rosser & Belinda Wilton – Bellis Unique Upcycling & Giftware

Bellis Unique Upcycling and Giftware is the brainchild of Lisa Rosser and Belinda Wilton, two busy mums who made a decision to strive for a career which allowed them to apply themselves around their busy schedules as full time wives, home managers and mothers of active teenage (and tweenage) children.

Their idea was to turn items that are old, pre loved and outdated, into items that can be re-used, re-loved and re-gifted, both driving a recycling culture and reducing landfill. The reduction in waste footprint is a key motivator for their business model and is the predominant driver in their creations. They support the local community by locally sourcing old items to re-purpose. They also have a range of new items they have selected by asking their local community what they would like to see in the town. In tune with local history, culture, industry and tourism, their suite of handiwork includes such pieces as Bowls made from LP records, Dreamcatchers from local vine prunings, silverware windchimes, shabby chic vintage furniture, drum kit coffee tables, vintage suitcase pet beds, glass jar vases, doily and old wool wall art and jewellery just to name a few. Some of the products need to be seen to be believed.



Danielle Peterson – Living on Trend Australia

Danie is Canadian born who fell in love with an Aussie while traveling Australia nearly 10 years ago. She is a mum to one boy – Harvey, who was her inspiration to start her business whilst on maternity leave. As the owner and solo employee of Living on Trend Australia, she is passionate about her business and connecting with other like-minded mums in business. Living on Trend is a luxurious and affordable one stop shop for personalised accessories for women, babies and wedding gifts.



Sharni-Marie Barney – Forj Marketing

Sharni-Marie Barney has constantly defied the odds throughout her life, and her business is no exception. Forj Marketing was birthed on a small island in the South Pacific – Norfolk Island – and quickly grew into a business that supported the community who were lacking digital skills, to now having clients all over the world and still turning a reasonable profit, almost 4 years on. Sharni-Marie grew her business from nothing, with very little support or initial cashflow, struggling with health issues, and she ended up travelling for the first two years of business to learn the digital environment in each country her clients were in. Building a business is hard – travelling and growing a business is incredible difficult, especially with 2 small children in tow and a husband who was home-schooling (so not working).

Forj Marketing recognises that the fast-paced digital world is difficult for a lot of small business owners today and has made it their mission to support and educate as well as offer fully-tailored digital marketing solutions to small business owners. Forj Marketing prides itself on honesty, exceptional customer support and creative endeavours that build sustainable brands and help drive growth in the businesses they work with.



Katharine Crane – Crane Creative

Katharine Crane is many things, first and foremost she is a woman. A woman destined to roar.

Crane Creative started in 2016 when Katharine took a leap, finished her agency job at 3pm and launched her business at 3:15. In the first two weeks, she had two retainer contracts on the books and there was no looking back. Katharine loves working with businesses impacting their social media marketing, to ensure they are seen by the right people, and in doing so increases their sales through brand awareness. She leverages her personal brand to help facilitate networking opportunities in her region through SA Woman. Katharine maximises her connections t o bring fellow businesswomen together, reducing isolation that working for yourself can bring and creates a meaningful community.

Katharine also donates her time on an annual passion project to positively contribute to a worthy cause with her advanced marketing and events skill set.



Kathryn Jones – Beautiful Muslimah Academy

Kathryn’s mission in life is to make a difference in the world for Muslim women and children by leading them from oppression to success & purpose in life, through her online and in person programs around emotional resilience. She is particularly passionate about addressing the tough subjects, such as depression, child abuse, domestic violence, bullying, abusive parenting and other topics that are often swept under the carpet.

She is a mother of five children who have experienced the challenges of growing up Muslim in Australia post September 11. Despite being 8th generation Australian from their mother’s side they have experienced constant discrimination as politicians and the media paint a narrative of fear around Muslims. These challenges have only inspired Kathryn to work harder at building resilience in the Muslim community globally.



Allison Schleef – The Treasured Memory Trove

A perfectionist by nature and her own biggest critic, Allison is the sole operator of The Treasured Memory Trove. Originally starting out crafting keepsake trinkets in 2014, her business direction took a pivotal turn in 2018 when she obtained accreditation after Graduating in the world first inaugural Baby Bee Hummingbird Breastmilk and DNA Jewellery Academy. A married mum to 2 amazing premmies, qualified Chef by trade, a published author and homeschool educator to her children; Allison is also fiercely dedicated to raising awareness for Mental Health / PND, Meningococcal Disease, Prematurity and Lung Cancer – all which she has either experienced personally, or vicariously through someone very close in her family. Allison’s business ethics stem from her desire to connect emotionally with her customers on a personal level, to deliver them not just a product, but a validated and venerable journey.