2019 Sustainability Award finalists


Kayla Mossuto – Crema Joe

Kayla Mossuto owns and operates growing online social start-up Crema Joe; which sells eco-friendly coffee pods and other sustainable coffee machine accessories. Crema Joe is an enterprise endeavouring to significantly reduce the consumption and environmental impact of single-use coffee pods within domestic and corporate environments.

Since launching in 2014, the business has endeavoured to provide well designed, ethically sourced, high quality products that allow their customers to do good and enjoy their morning cuppa at the same time. Creating a profitable business is not the only motivation that drives her. The desire to establish sustainable business practises and enable a healthy & cohesive workspace is a passion and lies at the heart of every business decision she makes.



Pearl Chan – Resparkle

Resparkle is a range of 100% plant-powered, waste-free, toxin-free cleaning products. Although washing the dishes might not seem like an action worthy of a knighthood, Pearl believed it’s these small daily actions that stack up and make a big difference for our health & planet.

Pearl created Resparkle’s game changing products that break the rules of cleaning as we know it. She believes that sparkling ovens don’t need to rely on harsh chemicals; she believes that easy use spray bottles don’t have to contribute to plastic waste; she believes everyone deserves a chance to choose to live in a toxin-free home. Instead, Resparkle offers a 100% natural homecare solution that actually works and do not pollute the planet. Resparkle’s zero waste mission rallies our customers to play their part in keeping our refill pouches from land fill by either sending back for reuse or dropping them at our partner’s REDcycle bin across Australia.



Georgia Lawson – The Clean Collective

35-year-old Northern Beaches Sydney resident Georgia has a Bachelor of Commerce, is mum to a spirited two-year-old and Cofounded The Clean Collective (TCC) with her business partner Charlie Thompson in 2017. Having always felt privileged to grow up and have children in such a beautiful country, Georgia feels strongly about the health of Australia, the planet and the people in it. This passion intensified when she became a mum.

TCC is an online shop and blog, uniting the planet’s best products, ideas, information and experts on one digital platform. Every natural, organic and eco-friendly personal care, cleaning and reusable product found on TCC meet its strict and thoroughly researched Safety and Sustainability Standard. TCC exists to make living a healthier, more sustainable life as simple as possible. The fastest growing website in its industry, TCC’s goal is to help make dramatically positive changes in human and environmental health.



Leanne Tubby – Baby BeeHinds 

Baby Beehinds is spearheading the growth of reusable modern nappy options in Australia & overseas with a mission to educate & inspire new parents on how they can reduce their environmental footprint starting at the beginning of their parenting journey.

They are passionate about providing a premium range of modern reusable nappy products to suit every parent & baby. An expanding range of customisable, convertible nappies plus other reusable alternatives the not only save money, but also provide a reduced environmental impact for the better of our planet.



Pippa McCreery – Peekabee Australia

Peekabee was founded in 2017 by Pippa McCreery, a Queensland mum passionate about helping busy parents feed their littles quality homemade food.

The Peekabee product range was designed to help reduce the stress that comes with feeding little people, minimise the toxic load on little bodies by using high-quality food-grade materials, make feeding a positive and fun experience, and be durable and reusable, to empower families to reduce their household waste.

Peekabee’s first product back in 2017 was a custom-designed reusable food pouch pack. Fast forward to 2019 and the range has expanded into a suite of non-toxic, smartly designed feeding products, including silicone suction bowls, plates, reusable kids silicone straws, fresh food feeders and silicone baby food storage containers. Peekabee sells Australia as well as in the USA on Amazon.com.



Sandy Abram – Wholesome Hub

Following a diverse career from Nursing to Asia Pacific Marketing Manager for Adobe, Sandy started her first organic business in 2005, passionate about helping people live a healthier life on a more sustainable planet. Two years ago, Sandy launched Wholesome Hub, a wholeheartedly organic, ethical and eco-friendly marketplace that seeks to be a voice for our planet, making it simple and second nature to buy responsibly and sustainably.

Sandy is a big believer that choices create change and with each product and brand, Wholesome Hub is helping to address some of the biggest challenges we face today; air and water pollution, plastic pollution, climate change and deforestation, Wholesome Hub is focused on educating, inspiring and empowering.

Sandy is Mum to two beautiful eight year olds. She is happiest outside exploring nature with her family, pottering in the garden, cooking or enjoying a family battle of Yahtzee on a Sunday morning.



Helen Edwards – Sustainable Home Hub with Helen Edwards Writer

Helen Edwards is an award-winning writer, blogger and children’s author, inspiring people to tread lightly on our planet, while tackling climate grief and eco-anxiety. She writes at her blogs, The Sustainable Home Hub and Helen Edwards Writes. She believes words are powerful. She is currently working on her children’s novels and a guide to flourishing in the face of climate grief. She lives in Adelaide with her husband and 3 gorgeous sons. With a background as a social worker, she has recently completed her PhD in Psychology. Helen believes change will happen through standing together and acknowledging our sadness, whilst we hold onto hope. She loves the wide-open road, connecting with her family, and our Mother Earth. She walks each day in nature and regularly hugs trees. She shares the message that every person matters and that if we all take many small steps, together we can change the world.



Tina Hart – Eco Party Box 

Tina Hart is the owner of sustainable business Eco Party Box and co-owner of sustainable business Down to Earth Events. Eco Party Box sources products from around the world including Australia. Thes products include compostable tableware as well as other party items such as decorations, candles, party stationery, party games and small party favours that are more sustainable for the earth and come from natural resources, many of which are able to be reused, recycled or composted or last for a long time.

Down to Earth Events helps events organisers prepare more sustainable events by ensuring compostable disposable tableware and food waste is turned into compost.



Nicole Urbanski – Urban Upcycle

Whilst being a single Mum to one son, Nicole has been fortunate enough to turn her passion for the environment and sustainability, into a business when in 2015 she became the co-founder of Urban Upcycle along with her sister, Angela. In July 2018, Nicole became the sole proprietor.

Urban Upcycle provides a clean waste collection and drop off service for businesses and households in the Geelong and surrounding areas.  All waste items are then repurposed, used and sold as art and craft supplies to members of the general public, including childcare centres, kindergartens and schools, for further use in their educational practices. Through this process, plus additional services such as incursions, crafting sessions, parties, events and school holiday programs, Urban Upcycle are increasing awareness of the importance of rethinking, refusing, reducing, reusing and repurposing when it comes to our waste, resulting in a reduced negative environmental impact.



Emma Avery – Cloth Baby

Emma Avery is a sustainability entrepreneur, founder and owner of Cloth Baby, a business to help parents use modern cloth nappies easily and successfully.

When she first became a parent, Emma was dismayed by the level of plastic waste disposable nappies create, with each baby using over 6,000 nappies. She found it difficult to find succinct information about cloth nappies.  With a background in delivering sustainability and waste programs, her lightbulb moment struck: if she was finding it difficult to source the correct cloth nappy, then others must be too.  This led her to start her business.

Cloth Baby not only sells modern cloth nappies, it helps new parents understand their family’s return on investment when they choose cloth nappies and the positive environmental impact.  Emma reaches out to parents via demonstration events, online consultations and has developed “how to” resources to help parents achieve waste free living.