2019 Wellness and Wellbeing Business Award finalists


Suzi Le Fanue – Integrated Wellness Clinic

Suzi Le Fanue is Founder of Integrated Wellness Clinic, wife to Adam and Mama to Elijah and Ariella. From childhood Suzi learnt to never take good health for granted, she suffered with a severe form of asthma. As part of her exploration into healthy living, Suzi started a business of handmade beauty products at the tender age of 15. In her early 20’s she decided she wanted a career in the health field so she went on to complete Bachelor of Science (Biomedical Science) and then continued to study and qualify as a Naturopath. This has given her a blend of knowledge of both natural medicine and medical science.

In 2013 Suzi established Integrated Wellness Clinic on the Sunshine Coast. Today, this clinic is open in 5 locations across South East Queensland. Offering Naturopathy and Psychology. What began as just herself has now expanded to a team of 31 team members.



Jessica Arroyo – Weigh Less with Jess 

Weigh Less with Jess was created to target both men and women who struggle with losing weight. Those who are down and out about the way they feel and look. Weigh Less with Jess is considered the last resort before extreme weight loss measures e.g. surgery. Jess provide services including Weight Loss Coaching and Support 24/7, Counselling / Support, Creation of tailored meal plans for weight loss through clean eating and various all natural products to assist with their weight loss journey.



Leanne Cooper – Wellness College Global (formerly Cadence Health)

Leanne Cooper started Cadence Health back in 1998 as just one short healthy eating evening course she taught at a local community college. After a high level of requests for more in-depth information Leanne wrote a correspondence course, sending the course via mail to students. Demand continued to grow both here and overseas and Leanne was one of the first on the scene to offer an online nutrition course to the general public. Cadence Health now has enrolled over 20,000 students world-wide and offers over 30 different nutrition, health and wellbeing courses. Having come 2nd place in the Health Training Awards in 2018, Leanne and her team are dedicated to enable people from all walks of life to access health and wellbeing training to better their place, their community and the planet.



Dr. Alison Young – Innate Chiropractic Gladstone

Dr. Alison Young is a Chiropractor with a passion for helping her local regional QLD community of mums and children. She has opened her practice to help the local mothers with their health through pregnancy, post-partum and into family life. She has a special interest in Paediatrics, sits on the national College of Chiropractic Paediatrics and mentors emerging chiropractors throughout Australia, UK and Canada as part of The Vitality Shift. She also presents at conferences throughout Australia to other chiropractors about the potential of a Chiropractic paediatric practice and the business elements required to make it a successful venture.



Melissa Daniels – Narellan Hypoxi & Wellness Centre 

As a born leader and perfectionist, being an Entrepreneur followed by a Mumpreneur was always going to be the life of Melissa Daniels. As a career driven woman, business came first, then children and now after doing the years of hard work, they are balanced.

Melissa knew from a young age, people treat you differently by how you present yourself, so she commanded respect before she even lay a hand on anyone. This has lead her in many directions throughout the industry, most of them beyond her years. Her accomplishments are results driven and her reputation follows her. Hairdressing, Beauty, Para-Medical, Cosmetic Tattooing, Weight Loss, Coaching and being an Amazon Published Author are amongst her accomplishments.

Her most recent tributes are taking her Narellan Hypoxi Weight Loss Studio to Winning Multiple Local, State & National Business Awards, against all odds.



Aimee Brown – Dr Aimee Brown

Aimee is a mum of three, a wife, a holistic chiropractor and personal trainer, and as described by her friends “an inspirational wonder woman”.

She is passionate about holistic health, about making health simple. Simple, by significant. She loves to work with women of all ages, to peel back the layers of health, take it back to basics, put the pieces of the puzzle together and get them functioning at their best. This is why Aimee trained to be a Personal Trainer whilst on maternity leave, to give her clients more puzzle pieces! Her Chiropractic consults incorporate all aspects of health (physical, emotional and nutritional) as she knows that it’s never one thing that is effecting health, it’s normally a combination! Aimee is also a keen runner and is currently training for a 350km ultra-marathon in February. Organisation is key to doing all this and the wheels not falling her business or family!



Rachel Neate – Preston Physiotherapy 

Rachel is a mother of her adorable 18-month-old daughter, Lily. She started her Physiotherapy Practice in June of 2016. Rachel works in the practice full time as the Principal Physiotherapist, manages the practice and staff of 4 full time, and cares for her daughter, with her husband Rhys. Preston Physiotherapy started as a one room clinic within a massage practice, where Rachel worked alone treating for up to 60 hours a week as the business and her reputation grew. Now, the practice has recently moved to a larger location with four treatment rooms, a small gym and has three wonderful Physiotherapists, about to hire a fourth, and a delightful receptionist. The practice stared with one patient per week and now sees over 160 per week. In her “spare” time, Rachel is a keen cake maker, preparing fancy fondant covered cakes with handmade figurines for her family’s birthdays.



Amanda Kate, Amanda Kate Kinesiology

Amanda Kate is a highly-trained Kinesiologist who assists clients going through transformative life stages dismember who they’ve been told they should be and remember who they are as strong, resilient beings. In the process of removing labels, behaviour and thought patterns, and fears surrounding emotion, people can turn around all areas of their lives from stuckness to find freedom.

Amanda is passionate about holistic health and wellbeing and uses a variety of tools to shift complex trauma out of the body and balance all aspects of the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual Self allowing for long-lasting change to be embedded in her client’s lives. Amanda Kate wants every person to step up and claim their magnificence, live their best life and take passion and joy into their every day. Amanda knows it is possible for everyone, because she has done it in her own life.



Georgie Mahmoud – Transforming Health Hub

Georgie is a Certified Functional and Transformational Mindful Eating Coach and  mum to two young girls, Olive and Diana. Georgie is the Founder of Transforming Health Hub and a Success Coach for the Health Coach Institute. She is a master of habit change. Georgie works with women who are struggling to maintain and sustain a healthy relationship with food. She helps them create a more sustainable, loving and beautiful relationship with food, their body, mind and soul. She does this through their unique coaching and educational program: Fearless Eating and Body Freedom.



Angela Vincent – Natural State Hypnosis

Angela has been combining her passion for nurturing others as a clinical hypnotherapist and a registered nurse in Tasmania for over 4 years.  Having delivered her first Son in Melbourne and being drawn home to Hobart soon after, her need for a more natural birth led her to train in Hypnobirthing and those wonderfully encouraging happy hormones are now a signature component of her clinical hypnotherapy programs to this day.

The birth of Natural State Hypnosis happened 6 months after the arrival of her second Son.  Having experienced the magnitude of self-belief and self-worth hypnosis and hypnotherapy could instil first hand made the choice to focus on hypnotherapy and building her small business a simple one.



Sharon Wood – Emgoddess

Sharon is the Founder and Director of Emgoddess, a unique entity focused on changing perceptions and attitudes towards a topic not overtly discussed – a woman’s monthly cycle.

Emgoddess is an innovative, online, published resource designed to empower all girls and women. It is a resource that explains the different phases experienced throughout a female’s menstrual cycle and shows how to use this information to make better decision, achieve better results and boost self-esteem. The course build self-awareness and self-esteem by understanding the hormonal changes that happen in your body each month. It teaches tools and tips on how women can get the most out of each phase of their cycle.



Wendy Pratt – Baby Assist

Baby Assist is a business that provides support around breastfeeding and infant sleep difficulties. As a Lactation Consultant Wendy has extensive knowledge of all types of feeding difficulties and the infant sleep issues that often go hand in hand with this. Wendy believes that preparation is the key to understanding how to best negotiate this life changing event. She offers pre-birth classes as well as support following the birth of the baby. Wendy has a non-judgemental approach and believes that mothers should never be made to feel guilty if breastfeeding is not going well. Visits are usually done in the home, but video consultation is also available if needed. This service is enhanced by offering products such as breast pumps and other supplies. Wendy believes that empathy and kindness are key to helping families at this time.