2019 Women’s Business School Accelerate Award finalists


Katharine Rattray, Kat & Fox

Katharine is a pommy mother of three. Kat, as she likes to be known, exudes creativity from the interior of her home, right through to her professional practices as children’s book illustrator, author, teacher, speaker, and small business owner.

The Kat & Fox style is whimsical, and the concept for the brand is to make the world of magical illustrations available to all for personalised gifts/memento’s, business branding, and wonderfully written children’s stories. All this presented to customers
under the distinct categories of; ‘Characters by Kat’, ‘Name Arts by Kat’ and ‘Kat for Authors’. Kat is presently working on building up ‘Kat’s Academy’, created for those desiring to learn to draw, through to assistance in stepping into professional
illustration. Kat & Fox pride themselves on their ability to work with, and for others, by adding a smile to their lives through the use of colour and line.



Isla Brook, Isla Brook Consulting

Isla Brook is a Business Consultant and proud mum of two daughters, with over 10 years’ professional experience working with some of the world’s fastest growing Inc500 businesses, Online entrepreneurs and Corporate businesses in Australia, USA and around the world.  She is CEO and Founder of Isla Brook Consulting and The Executive Assistant Academy.  Isla has experience in running projects, managing and leading worldwide global teams, training professional and personal development workshops, managing projects at an Executive level. She consults by implementing her Strategic Blueprint for Success which includes tools that help businesses save time and money and build strong foundations and systems so that the CEO can focus as the visionary.

She is very passionate about empowering and giving others the tools and resources to do what she has done, she helps other CEO’s recruit and train Executive Assistants and also gives others opportunities to work virtually and become Executive Virtual Assistants through her Executive Assistant Academy.



Ally Kelly, Mind Blank Ltd

Ally Kelly is the Chief Executive Officer & Founder of Mind Blank Ltd, aiming to reduce the risk of suicide in schools and communities through interactive theatre. She has led the Health Promotion Charity through eight years of service.  In this field of work, she has focused her energy on designing tailored mental health programs for schools and the community, as well as supporting marginalised communities members and people from disadvantaged backgrounds. Her efforts in the mental health sector have been recognised in winning the 2017 Mental Health Matters Award for Mental Health Promotion, and the 2018 Mental Health Services Award for Mental Health Promotion or Mental Illness Prevention; a collaborative effort working with TeamHEALTH for providing engaging mental health activities to youths across the Top End of Australia.



Jovana Kuljaca, Specialist Hub

Jo has always wanted to make a difference and help those who are less fortunate. Alongside her corporate career, Jo spent time volunteering, raising awareness and fundraising for various causes, to fulfil her passion in fighting for equity. For over ten years, she had a dream to run a business which will help fund projects to achieve global health, education, gender, social or economic equity. She is also a mum of 5-year-old twins, who gave her the motivation she needed to take the leap and establish the Specialist Hub.

Specialist Hub is a full-service medical co-working space for specialist doctors. The Specialist Hub team establish and manage the doctors’ private practice, so that the specialists can focus purely on patient care. Specialist Hub’s vision is to fund projects in Australia and around the world to help achieve global health equity.



Nicole Hurkens, Allstyle Business Solutions 

Nicole is a mum of two little girls and a wife to a fourth-generation farmer. She not only runs her own business but also manages her father’s business since he was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer. Nicole is passionate, stubborn, caring and driven. The combination of these characteristics means that Nicole can get the best outcomes for all herself, her family and clients.

After being told by her previous employer that you can’t succussed in your career if you have a family and replaced three weeks postpartum with her first child. Nicole realised starting her own business, being her own boss and setting her own rules, she could deliver her purpose of helping people connect back with their business.

Allstyle Business Solutions is a resource available to destressed business owners. We offer chief financial officer for hire and financial business coaching services to established and new businesses, setting them up for success.



Shae Wissell, Dear Dyslexic Foundation

Shae is a Doctoral Candidate and a passionate advocate for those with dyslexia. She is a qualified Speech Pathologist with a Master’s degree in Public Health and Health Administration. Shortlisted for Telstra Business Woman of the Year 2018, Shae has worked extensively over the last 13 years in the health sector as a clinician and manager. She’s worked on major Federal and State health projects, within the Not-For-Profit and Community sector and more recently has been working and connecting with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Communities to improve their access to health care services.

Shae is the CEO and Managing Director of the Dear Dyslexic Foundation. Her Doctoral research is investigating the social and emotional wellbeing of those with dyslexia in the workplace and how they can be better supported through improved HR practices.



Jannine Mcfarlane, JvB Photography

Jannine is a mum of two boys and a wife of an awesomely kind man. As a South African who moved to New Zealand and now living in Australia, She’s had her fair share of starting again and trying to connect. That is why her purpose through photography is to help people connect in an honest and truthful way and to treasure their stories, celebrate who they are.
Whatever that means to them.

She’s a social media content photographer, helping businesses to create social media content to post every day on all social media platforms so that you can focus on what you do best. She also tells wedding stories. There is so much more to a wedding than “the day”. She captures every memory filled with emotion and love.



Michelle Mullins, aromaLife Group

Michelle is a creative entrepreneur, change maker with a big vision and a rebellious streak. She challenges conventions and is driven to live her soul’s purpose and help others to live theirs. An intuitive empath and a mother of a highly sensitive boy, she found her path to guiding sensitives to discover their own gifts. Michelle founded the aromaLife Group, the umbrella brand for aromaZen – Restorative Healing and aromaWild Women’s Retreats. She created the aromaZen healing journey as an answer to the overwhelming amount of stress and disconnection she was feeling in herself, and in the community and worldwide.

aromaZen Facilitator Training Program was initiated to support new and emerging wellness leaders and educators with the creative and unique healing modality to share with their own families, clients and communities.

aromaWild Women’s Retreats deliver a carefully curated program to nourish, heal and restore the feminine life force; to inspire an empowered future.



Emma Richards, Safety Glasses Online

Emma is a passionate advocate of eye health and vision protection.  She started Safety Glasses Online in 2013, to enable easy access to quality, inexpensive eye protection.  She is also a registered practicing Optometrist.

Emma founded Children’s Safety Glasses in 2017, in an effort to educate people about the importance of protecting children’s vision.  As she had seen in her home state and locally at the beaches that people are getting better at wearing sunglasses but not necessarily providing them for their children. She started these businesses in an effort to make a difference, to help protect people’s vision and also improve her work life balance through increased flexibility.  Flexibility certainty isn’t available, while working 9-5pm in a practice.



Astrid McCallum, Ryett Healthy Habits

Astrid is the founder of Ryett Healthy Habits and is a qualified Nutritionist (Adv.Dip/Nut.Med) and Life Coach. Focusing on women finding their healthy body, mind, healing from burnout through food, exercise, and mindfulness practices. Balancing the “business” of life so they can live in their most happy and comfortable self.

She is a passionate advocate for getting back to whole foods, nutrition education and believes that physical and mental wellbeing can all start on your plate. As a wife and Mum of two boys, she understands taking small easy steps and just keeping life real. Astrid herself has struggled with food, exhaustion, anxiety, self-worth issue and she committed to overcoming these, which has enabled her to let go of the anxiety, weight issues and adrenal fatigue that once ran her life.

Astrid and Ryett Healthy Habits offer programs and services including individual consultations and coaching, grouping coaching, speaking engagements and retreats.



Mim Jenkinson & Sara Keli, Mum Collab

Mim and Sara are copywriters and content marketers, specialising in creating content that resonates with mums. Both successful bloggers and influencers in their own right, Sara with Kid Magazine and Mim with Love From Mim, they are experienced mumpreneurs and wordsmiths. They are both mums with four young kids between them. If there is a parenting product on the market, they’ve heard about it. If mums are talking about it, they are part of the conversation.

Mim and Sara live and breathe writing for mums and have over a combined 13 years in writing marketing copy for mums who trust and respect their knowledge and advice. In fact, you won’t find a pair of copywriters in the country who know more about Aussie mums.



Bronwyn Joyce, Education Elevators

Bronwyn is an Edupreneur whose vision is that educators should be empowered innovators and students should be the change makers of the world. Specialising in Curriculum Innovation and Critical and Creative Thinking. Bronwyn brings the world into classrooms. With 16 years’ experience teaching in classrooms, she has taught some of the toughest children in her town. Having a Masters in Special Education Bronwyn specialises in inclusion in mainstream classrooms and differentiating the curriculum. Her expert areas are autism and challenging behaviours. Bronwyn in addition to teaching and consulting uses the connection of social media to mentor and globalise teachers and classrooms internationally. She has travelled the world speaking about the importance of preparing students to be future ready. And is an advocate for the United Nations Sustainable Goals. Bronwyn believes we live in a world where we should be learning together. Her Our Global Classroom Education Network mission statement is simple – One World, One Classroom.

Education Elevators will educate educators on student lead learning, inquiry strategies and the importance of student voice, while providing pathways and forums for students to amplify their voices on the big issues affecting the world.