2019 Women’s Business School Ignite Award finalists

Emma Heuston, The Remote Expert

Emma Heuston is a lawyer, author and Founder of the Remote Expert, Australia’s only law firm exclusively working in the remote and flexible workspace. In 2018 Emma released her book, “The Tracksuit Economy – how to work productively and effectively from home”. The book, a practical blueprint to help Mum’s achieve work/ life balance reached number 1 in home based business on the Australian Amazon charts in its first week of release.

Post book launch, Emma was inundated with enquiries from employees and employers looking to do work differently. The Remote Expert is the result. Through the Remote Expert, Emma has created 11 template documents to help organisations implement remote work practices. Available on a one off basis or as part of a retainer package with the Remote Work Handbook ©, the Remote Expert seeks to liberate human talent, freeing up business owners to drive profit and growth in their business.



Corinne Wilson, Empowered Team Training

Corinne Wilson has united her exceptional customer service skills with her personal and professional experience in inspiring others in her start up business –  Empowered Team Training (ETT).

ETT, currently in pre-launch, is poised to deliver motivational training camps and workshops to people with disabilities. Breaking the mould in disability support, Corinne encourages people with disabilities to achieve their life dreams by using non-traditional methods. She does this by her signature programs including the ‘Get ready for work’ program, health and wellness classes and soft skill training incorporating motivational speakers. The secret to ETT is Corinne’s passion to make a real difference in the disability space. Corinne motivates and inspires her program participants by partnering with some of the worlds most influential disabled people and providing ongoing support to through a dedicated Facebook group, regular phone contact and meet-ups.

Corinne is a passionate and caring soul who lives her motto ‘Disability – the ability to achieve your dreams’.



Karthika Sivarajan, Embrace

Karthika Sivarajan is an eco-conscious, kind and compassionate person. A Mother, she has had a colourful career, playing roles as diverse as Product Development Engineer, Software professional, Primary school teacher, Educator and now an Entrepreneur who has started a social impact venture called ‘Embrace’.

Her start-up ‘Embrace’  is all about embracing and empowering women, particularly those from the disadvantaged sections of society. Embrace promotes eco-friendly, sustainable products like hand-stitched cotton/jute handbags, lunch/laptop bags etc. made by mentally challenged women in rehab-shelters and women from lower socio-economic sections of India.
She has seen from close quarters the way disadvantaged women are treated in developing countries (India) and the enormous difficulties they face to be financially independent in a patriarchal and abusive society. Her resolve is to promote their products and empower them. Her vision is to expand her business to empower disadvantaged women in Australia.



Mel Wojtas, Hive Village Project

Mel is an engaging Speaker, Advocate, start-up Founder and single mum of two. After discovering her life’s purpose (following 10+ years in Corporate office support roles), Mel has remained purpose-driven in utilizing her lived expertise with varying forms of abuse, violence and trauma to create impactful and positive change for others.

Mel is creating long-term housing with integrated support services for human and animal survivors of Domestic & Family Abuse, in regional Australia. Each self-contained villa will be freestanding, pet-friendly, accessible and come fully furnished, right down to the toothbrush. To do this, Mel took a chance and went back to school (16 yrs. after leaving Yr. 10) and has been gaining relevant industry qualifications to equip her to run her organisation, Hive Village Project.