Have you been thinking about engaging a coach to help you build your business?


Lean in for five things you may not know about coaching.

i. The Real Meaning of the Word ‘Coach’

The origin of the word ‘coach’ is derived from the Hungarian word kocsi, meaning ‘carriage’. Carriages were named after the Hungarian village where they were first made. Later, in 1830, the word was applied to tutoring, when a tutor at Oxford University carried students through their exams and was affectionately called ‘coach’. Transporting people from point A to point B using a coach conjures up a journey of moving from being where one currently is, to where one wants to be. Coaches are the ultimate carriage, guiding you from your current reality to your desired outcome.

ii. Coaching Works in Mysterious Ways

Have you ever decided to buy something unique, like a blue winter coat with Eskimo fur trim only to find that you start suddenly seeing people wearing blue winter coats with Eskimo fur trim everywhere? This is known as ‘Baader-Meinhof Phenomenon’ or ‘frequency illusion.’ This phenomenon was first named by Professor Arnold Zwicky at Stanford University. Your subconscious mind starts to subconsciously and selectively attend to the new detail and you start to see it everywhere. Seeing the new object of your attention everywhere then confirms that the object has significance. It would appear that what you focus on expands and multiplies. A powerful coach will understand this powerful universal law and is trained to ask potent coaching questions which support you to focus on manifesting what’s important to you. When you are asked the right questions, it prompts you to focus on solutions and success strategies.

iii. What Coaching is Not…

Coaching is not the same as managing, which is to oversee people to ensure they do what they know how to do. Nor is it training, which is teaching people to do what they don’t know how to do. Coaching isn’t mentoring, which is showing people how it looks to be really good at something. Another thing that coaching is not and that is counselling. Counselling helps people come to terms with the issues they’re experiencing, possibly with a past focus or a biological cause. Coaching identifies the unique skills and capabilities already within you, enabling you to use your talents and gifts to the best of your ability. It focuses on your unique carriage of strengths and not your pathologies, empowering you to succeed.

iv. Why You Chose It

Originally, you might choose coaching for the success and freedom it promises. You may choose it because you could use some of the processes to better understand how to grow your life and business. The reasons you choose coaching will change as your life and business progresses. At different times, you may need a relationship coach, a health coach or a business coach but always, the aim is to use coaching to support you to move from where you are to where you want to be in a specific area of your life or business.

v. Learning and Earning

Successful business owners are curious about the art of business and learn as much as they can about growth and expansion. Coaching is an awesome way to have accountability in business for all the action steps you’re taking to grow your business. If you’re coachable, it means you’re open to learning all that you can about your business and that you retain a sense of curiosity as a way of staying open to growth and expansion. Powerful coaching will draw the highest wisdom from deep within you, which means that you are taking full responsibility for the best results possible.


So now you know more about coaching. You know the real meaning of the word and what coaching is as well as what it isn’t. You’ve seen how it is no coincidence that what you focus on expands. In the process of being witnessed and facilitated by a good coach, you’ll experience transformation and expansion and you’ll remain curious about what it takes to fulfill your potential no matter what stage you’re at. Jump in the carriage and enjoy the ride!

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