This guest article was written by Jenine Dilts-Bayman, The Mums Fitness Expert: Founder of the New Mama Lifestyle Program



It’s the time of year when resolutions are rife, and fitness plans for the foreseeable future are a hot topic. Many of us use the New Year to redefine what we aim to achieve, who we are and what we want to become. And as we should! A New Year is seen as a time of rebirth, and if done right, the changes you undertake now can make a serious difference on the longevity, and positivity, in your life.


But in this time of focused energy and renewal, you will be bombarded with marketing messages that may cause you to take action based on negative self talk, rather than positive.  In reality, if you are going to make lasting change in your life, it is absolutely critical that you start with the positive, and deeply understand why you want to make changes…


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So I’m going to set you a task. A mission on which to commence 2019, and ensure you stick with whatever programs you go with. When setting your fitness goals, consider the following:


1)    Start with the positives.  Always, always, always! Begin with deeply connecting with all of the positive aspects that living a healthier, more active life will offer you and your family. There will be many! Write them ALL out in a journal or on a piece of paper you will see often, then go back through and highlight the ones that stand out or have the deepest meaning for you.  Re-visit this piece of paper often. It will help keep you on track in times of doubt!


2)    Consider your health and previous injuries before committing to anything long term. For example, if you’ve had knee injuries in the past or experience any form of pelvic floor incontinence, and have not taken time to strengthen those muscle groups to support yourself, then signing up for a marathon or weekly netball training is not going to be something you can stick with, no matter how much you love it (sorry!). The potential for longterm injury and the severity of that injury is just too great.  That isn’t to say you couldn’t return to training in a few months, but we’re talking about where you are right now. And if right now you haven’t set your foundation fitness, or rehabilitated correctly, then starting back into those activities would be a disaster. Always consider what injuries you’ve incurred in the past, before you commence your training program. If you’re in doubt, seek professional guidance! It could save you a lot of heart ache down the track.


3)    Be (somewhat) realistic.  It’s great to have a goal like training at the gym five days a week, or that you want to run a marathon, or you want to eliminate carbs from your diet completely, but first let’s look around at what else is happening in your life.  If you have a young baby or child, you’ll need to consider their needs, where your body is at in it postpartum recovery, and what you need to arrange in order to make your goals happen.  Have you seen a women’s health physiotherapist to ensure your core & pelvic floor are switched on? What support will you need to source for your child, in order to start training?  And is 5 days a week a time frame you can actually fit in, or is perhaps two to three times a week more manageable?  I would always recommend allowing yourself to ease into any fitness regime, especially if you haven’t completed one before. Your body will be happier as you won’t be going too hard, too soon, and the DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness) you experience won’t be as severe, so you’ll be more likely to enjoy it more & thus more likely to go back!


4)    Find a support network you enjoy hanging out with. This one is super important! If you have a group or training buddy you can lean on for support, who can share in your wins, your losses, and who can cheer you on, you will be far more likely to stay the course and achieve what you set out to. This can be online, such as the Healthy & Happy Mums With Bubs Fitness Support Group (free to join), or something more local to you, or even a friend who shares similar goals.  The point is, find those people, connect with them, share your goals, and then share the journey together.


5)    Participate in something you enjoy!  This enjoyment can come through the activity itself, how it makes you feel, the community around you, or even the sense of achievement you feel when completing it. If you’re not sure where to start, consider what activities you used to love when you were younger – no matter what age you were. Write them out, find a club or group that offers them, and then tap into the feelings you experience before, during and after each time you train. How does it make you feel? Are you excited? Can you feel your blood rushing through your veins? Do you feel the rush of endorphins and the high that comes afterwards?  Document this. Give yourself time to really connect with the feeling of how movement makes you feel, and you are far more likely to make it a regular daily habit that you look forward to!


This truly is a great time of year to reflect and renew, to create the dream life you want to have and to use our collective energy for good.  It is something that should be celebrated! Give yourself the chance for change, using the tips above, and take action. Because a year from now, you’ll wish you had started today…



About Our Guest Writer

Jenine Dilts-Bayman is The Mums Fitness Expert: Founder of the New Mama Lifestyle online program, The Healthy Live Collective, and Mums With Bubs Fitness. Her aim is to empower, educate and support women towards better health, connecting them to their bodies, their babies & their communities!

Jenine holds over 16 years industry experience, her Certificate IV in Fitness, an Honours degree in Sports Management, and specializes in pre and postnatal training. She is enthusiastic about the positive difference her programs make to strengthening families, both physically and emotionally.

“It’s about getting active every day, and making it a social, fun activity to do with your kids.”

Jenine is a Canadian expat living in Perth, Australia, Mother to her 6 year old daughter, and 4 year old son.

For more information on programs and locations, check out  or you can find her on Instagram & Facebook at @MumsWithBubsFitness