Catherine Langman is a Success Coach to Productpreneurs. Her passion is to help female entrepreneurs with product-based businesses to be more successful and in control, by teaching them how to attract their ideal customers and sell more products online.

Catherine’s coaching practice was born through her experience of launching, growing and selling her first business – Cushie Tushies.

But her journey began earlier than that. Back in 2005, Catherine became a Mum. Her first son was a honeymoon baby and boy what a life-changer he was! She thought being a Mum was the best thing since sliced bread – so good in fact that she had another son a year later.

There was absolutely no way she could go back to her previous career after that. Catherine’s background was in branding and advertising for blue chip corporate and government clients like Deloitte and Microsoft. But the ethical dilemma of designing packaging for a tobacco company and the boredom of creating advertising for a bank drove her to seek a more professionally satisfying and family-friendly role.

So 8 years ago, feeling inspired by her gorgeous boys and in an effort to strike a balance between work and family, she started her own business, Cushie Tushies, designing and manufacturing eco-friendly baby products and selling them online and through retailers.

Developing an online business was perfect for her. Being completely location-independent allowed her to spend quality time at home with her children whilst nurturing and challenging her professional, creative and business interests, and, of course, generating an income for herself!

Commercialising your own invention, building a brand and an online business, is a process. Catherine was able to build her brand from zero, into one that was stocked in retailers nationally. She also expanded her business operations into New Zealand and Europe and had stockists from Asia to Dubai to the Czech Republic and all sorts of places in between!

Probably the biggest accolades Catherine received during this time were the Telstra Business Awards and the AusMumpreneur Awards!

Somewhere between signing on stockists in Dubai and launching in Germany, Catherine’s third child (her daughter) was born. At the time, she joked that she needed a new model for her products 😉 But jokes aside, and her family now complete, Catherine found it was such an amazing thing to have her business make money for her whilst she was spending time with her baby.

After Catherine sold her business in June 2014, she was approached by other business owners for coaching and project-based work. This recognition of her skill and expertise in growing online product-based businesses encouraged her to launch her coaching practice.

Catherine now works with Mumpreneurs who are product distributors, inventors, creators or re-sellers. The common thread is they all want to make more sales through their website, but in a way that is manageable for a small or solo operator. They want consistent sales growth working smarter, not harder. And they all want to feel more in control of their business so they can enjoy it, as well as enjoy time with their family – without that constant feeling of overwhelm! Her coaching packages and online programs are designed to do just that.


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