Most of us have been there before: a super productive morning ticking off all our tasks, even squeezing in some housework before you leave for work or take the kids to school, then the clock strikes 3:00 and you might as well pull down the shades, throw on pyjamas, and hop into bed.

It’s completely normal to feel super tired once the afternoon rolls around. Circadian rhythms (our sleep/wake cycle) affecting your sleep patterns, may be to blame for this slump.

Your amount of sleep or should I say quality of sleep is not the only factor effecting your energy levels.  It can be what you eat, your hydration level, and how much time you are spending staring at the screen and/or phone.

Hands up if you hit an energy crisis once the afternoon hits and it’s like your body is complete led, you brain is a fog and you want to start reaching for all the coffee, chocolate, lollies….any quick fix that will give you an instant energy boost, but unfortunately in the end leaves feeling even more lethargic and run down!

This is completely normal to feel super tired when the afternoon rolls in.  In fact, your sleep cycles hit during the afternoon (as well as during the night) so this explains why you are looking for that cosy couch for a little afternoon siesta.

According to recent research two-thirds of women crash in energy around the 3pm mark!  Despite the obvious self-care that optimises vitality like getting enough sleep, fueling your body with GREAT nutrition and keeping off the “booze” midweek, there is other really great steps you can take to beat the afternoon slump

Check out my 7 super easy shifts you can make to bring back that energy and pick you up for the rest of the afternoon 😊.

1. Get tapping.

Tap lightly on the very top of your head.  This pressure point increases blood flow to the brain, improving your concentration. A great little trick for just before the afternoon meeting.

head tapping
protein for breakfast

2. Nibble on protein.

Adding in a high quality protein into your breakfast every day has a huge impact on your energy levels mid-afternoon.  Why not try an egg on sour dough or a yummy frittata for a week and see what impact it has on your day. 😊

3. Hit your natural high.

What brings you happiness naturally?  If you love music, plug your airpods in and crank up your favourite high-energy tunes.  If you are more visual, look up an inspiring fitness/dance clip on youtube and feel your groove coming back.

Another great natural high is adding B12 vitamin into your daily routine to give you that extra boost.

4. An apple a day will keep your yawns at bay.

With 13g of natural sugar an apple is going to give you that sugar hit you’re looking for without the low.  Apples are a GREAT source of slow-release energy, PLUS they contain Vitamin C & B as well as potassium to give you that much needed boost.

5. Make hydration a priority.

Mild dehydration can make you feel lethargic and “slow”.  Aim to drink 2-3L of water a day to keep your body hydrated and full of energy….we are 80% water so it is essential for our wellbeing.  Another great alternative is to swap out your coffee and replace it with ginseng tea.  This tea has been used for centuries to fight fatigue so is a great addition to bypass your 3pm crash.

glass of water
get moving

6. Get moving.

Even if you just have 10 minutes.  Get outside, soak up the vitamin D and go for a quick brisk walk to bring in your feel good hormones and energise your soul!!!

7. And breathe.

When you increase your oxygen, you increase your energy levels.  Try the breathing technique called “forehead shining breath” to help clear the fog sitting in your brain.  Firstly, sit up nice and tall and inhale naturally, then exhale forcefully through your nostrils in a short, sharp blast while you pull in your lower body (I tell my clients to pull their belly button to their spine 😉).  Continue these breaths 10 more times AND don’t worry about any odd looks you’re getting, you’re going to be the one powering on for the rest of the afternoon!


Feeling foggy, slow and lacking of energy is a totally natural when self-care is lacking, however we can shift this quite effortlessly.

By adding in just a few of the above tips into your daily routine, you will not only prevent the afternoon slump, you will be taking preventative measures to skip it entirely…now wouldn’t that be a dream 😉.

Do you have any hacks that you do, to keep energised throughout the day?  I’d love to hear what you do.  Let me know


Love and light,

Danni x