I was recently a panellist at the Women’s Business School in Perth hosted by the amazing Peace and Katy from Ausmumpreneur.  They kindly invited me to join them for the whole day and it was an amazing experience. We worked through lots of amazing business enhancing exercises and I learned lots. I was challenged outside of my comfort zone in a safe way and it worked wonders. I left so excited about the new way my business is growing and even though I am taking on some huge projects I am excited about each of them and I know that this is largely because of the support, encouragement and knowledge I receive from the Ausmumpreneur network. Thinking big isn’t as frightening as it could potentially have been.

 When business is broken down into small steps it doesn’t seem such a huge endeavour.

During the day we were asked to partner with someone to share our three Why’s. These are the essence of what we believe in and gift us with our heart-centred goal for our business. Our passion, our drive, our enthusiasm comes from these core beliefs so this exercise is simple, yet very powerful when embraced whole-heartedly.

My 3 beliefs are :-

1. I believe that we all can make magic happen.

2. I believe that we all can have a positive impact on each other’s lives.

3. I believe in the power of the written word.

When the third belief flowed through me and out of my mouth it came with such intensity that my partner went “Wow”. I knew that she felt the energy that was emitted with each word. So when everyone was asked to share their beliefs – and with a little nudge in my back from my partner – I said “I believe in the power of the written word.” Again, gasps, these words that came straight from my heart-centred core were having the impact I had hoped for.

power of written word_Karen

It was through writing my first book The Visitor that I learned how effective writing with this energy is. Every word in that book was penned through the same heart-centred intensity. I have had many people connect with me expressing how they don’t know exactly but the book had reached into their heart’s and gave them the answer their heart’s longed for.

I know without a shadow of a doubt that it is the same energy I founded Serenity Press with. Every endeavour that I pursue utilising this magic attracts the most beautiful people my way. Unexpected things happen and everything falls into place just as it should be. It is a very fulfilling feeling to know that the business you created through your heart-centred goal, with not much more than the knowing feeling that you are doing the right thing, is embraced by the people you hoped to embrace.

Serenity Press has turned the page and started a new chapter. Amazing things are happening in a big way, with an amazing heart-centred team supporting us. We are grateful, we are ambitious and we are excited. We are determined to make a difference by creating publishing opportunities for authors. We are doing it in a way that we are not just a flash in the pan, we are here for the long haul. With strong foundations now in place that we are hard at work building upon to create our empire.

All of this has been possible because of unwavering belief. I believe and through the actions I take instigated through that belief, others begin to believe too. When you are part of an uplifting group of like-minded people like the Ausmumpeneur network and with the support we have from the amazing Australian writers community.

We hope that you find the same for your business and your heart-centred goal.

About our Ausmumpreneur Expert :

0681a9a5-3760-4628-a832-c58f1ef8860dKaren is founder of Serenity Press, a boutique publishing press based in Perth, WA that services clients with their established global distribution link. She is passionate that a publishing experience should be a positive one and likes to manage things at a personal level with her amazing team. 2015 was a big year for Serenity Press and 2016 is going to be amazing. Karen would love for you to join Serenity Press on their journey as they grow from strength to strength bringing amazing books to the world. Everyone has a story within themselves that deserves to be told.