As humans, we are designed to run away from things that scare us. We are programmed to run away from things that cause us pain.

We are less inclined to move towards those things that give us pleasure.

It has something to do with our reptilian brain. The oldest part of the human brain.

You know the one. When we are faced in the dessert, or the forest, or the ice with a sabre-toothed Tiger (not sure where this thing lives), it’s this part of the brain that kicks in and says to us “Run!! Your life depends on it! Get going girl otherwise you are tonight’s dinner!”

At the core of it, our brains are wired to keep us safe.

Now, fortunately for most of us we are no longer faced with the dangers of the gnarly teeth of a tiger, or a lion or being sat on by an elephant.

In fact, in our modern world, we are for the most part pretty safe.

So why then are we still so scared?

Why are we so afraid of listening to that voice within us inviting us to chase our dreams?

The simple answer is our Ego. It comes from our reptilian brain!

There are 2 parts to us – our true self, also known as authentic self or higher self.

It is that self that tells us we have a dream.

It is the true self that gets us thinking about the things that we want in our life. The adventures we want to go on, the places we want to travel to, the cars we want to drive, the places we want to live, the difference we want to make in the world.

Then our ego mind steps in and brings with it fear, self doubt, worry, anxiety and puts on the breaks!


The ego mind feeds off control. Ooh yes, this beast loves to be in the driving seat. You see, it thinks if it isn’t, it will die! It’s whole reason for being is to keep you small and playing a “safe” game.

Your ego tells you that you are not good enough, people might judge you, they might not like you, it tells you that you are scared or that there is some unforeseen danger around the corner. Watch out!!

It makes you doubt yourself. It keeps your butt stuck firmly to your seat.

But it’s not REAL. I know it seems real, it feels real, it looks real.

I get it I really do. I have spent the last 7 years running my own business in some shape. And let me tell you, I have spent a lot of the past 7 years being scared!

And that is just the way your ego wants it to be. It wants to you be scared, to question and doubt yourself because that is the only way it survives!

But it’s not why you are here on this Earth. You are here to do great things and to be fully you and to live a fulfilling life.

There is absolutely no reason why you can’t or why you don’t deserve it!

My goal is to sit back on my rocking chair celebrating my 100th birthday, telling stories to my great-grandchildren about the amazing life I lived! A life that was deeply satisfying, a life that positively impacted the world a life lived in the way I was meant to come here to live it!

Is that what you want for yourself too? Do you want to be happy, fulfilled and without regrets when you are facing your final days?

If it is then we need to declare war on our ego.

It needs to be exposed for what it is – A LIE!! Your ego is not real. It is not the truth, unless you allow it to be.

The way to zip the mouth on your ego is simple and gets to be done everyday.

Simply, become aware of that ego voice in your mind.

Every time you say I can’t, I’m not good enough, I’m scared, this won’t work, people won’t like me……anything along those lines, that is your ego talking. Pick yourself up on it, become aware of the voice and call it out!

Tell it to shut up and then inform it that in fact you CAN do it, you ARE good enough, this WILL work, YOU like you.

Flip the conversation from a disempowering one to an empowering one.

Just like meditation, this is a daily practice that will get easier and easier.

Your life of happiness, satisfaction and no regrets depends it!!

The Universe has your back baby!

(As an ironic footnote – the whole time I was writing this article my Ego brain was trumpeting load and clear! Offering up words of doubt, fear and questioning as to the quality of what had been written!)

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